7 signs that show that you are over exercising


There are a lot of benefits of overdoing certain good things. Too much good can turn out to be bad sometimes. When you concentrate on reducing weight, you do not get to know where you have to draw a line. You go so far away from the line that now the line is just a dot to you. You don’t know when to stop and by the time you know, it might be too late. There is a point where you get tired of something. If you are working harder at work, your business grows, if you are working enough on your personal self, you are bound to be in a lovely and happening relationship.

But when it comes to exercise and fitness, when you over exercise, it may lead to a lot of unnatural health problems. If you are reducing weight by natural means, it wouldn’t affect you as much. But when there are machines involved and it is happening through unnatural means, you fall into the trap. Women who are putting all their efforts and time on workouts and those who do set after set after set, do not reduce as much as the ones who do the right quantity. You are confused on what goes wrong and end up doing it all wrong. You will realize that the more effort you put into it, will only result in making you either look the same or put on more.

We have put up signs of over exercising in other words a list of over training symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these, it plainly means you should sit back and relax.

Signs Of Over Exercising/Over Training

1You can’t finish what you started

finish what you started

There will be a gradual decrease in your energy levels when you over workout. What happens is your metabolism gets used to a particular thing and anything more will be flushed out in other ways. You are bound to feel more tired than usual and you wouldn’t be able to do the number of sprints or sets that you did a few weeks back. Your extra energy is pulled into all the additional workout you are doing.

Even though you hit the gym every day, there would not be a single day, you would feel fresh and rejuvenated when you are done with your workout.

2You only grow fatter each week

grow fatter

Isn’t it just shocking when you check your weight and find out that you have become fatter by 2 pounds? Why wouldn’t you be? When your hormones are normal, reducing fat is easier than when there is an imbalance in your hormone levels. Your hormones are thrown out of the belt. This is an internal issue where your muscle tissues break into various levels and only add pounds to your body. The end result though is extremely saddening.

3Extreme thirst

Extreme thirst

Not able to quench your thirst even after drinking gallons of water? This is because, your throat gets extremely dry from the exercise you do. When you workout, your body stays in a catabolic state. Even after your workout, your body remains in the same state. This is when you feel thirsty. If you are not able to parch your thirst with water, just relax for a while and lay down. After some time, dry water or juice, which will keep you clear from dehydrating. Feeling thirsty is the first symptom of dehydration in your body.

4It re-aggravates your forgotten injuries

forgotten injuries

Yes, this is a very shocking symptom of over exercising. Over workout actually brings out lost, forgotten injuries that you no longer remember. If you had a head injury when you were young, the over exercising, has the power to bring out the pain back into action. This is because, your body concentrates on weakend parts and tries to cure it. The internal injuries come back into live action causing a lot of pain. So, to avoid similar experiences, try to keep a balance between your workouts. Alternate between tough and light workouts and take a lot of breaks in between.

5You are not able to sleep

not able to sleep

You will have broken or disturbed sleep in the nights. When you over exercise, your body is over activeand tends to be very active for long hours. That is why they say, you should have at least 2-3 hours of gap before your routine kicks in an your exercise time. If that is the case, you wouldn’t have problems with sleep. The hormones are super active even in the night, causing a lot of disturbance in your sleep. Always try to get your workout done in the morning or at least by early evenings to avoid this.

6You often fall sick

often fall sick

When your body is over trained and flushed out, your immunity system also weakens. This result to having you more prone to bacterial and viral infections around you. If you get sick often, that is your sign to slow down and take a break from the excessive workout.

This is the time you should try lesser workouts and move in meditation or yoga if you want to keep the routine going. Or completely take a break from the gym. Once you are on your feet, try to hit the gym and gradually increase from basics and remember not to over do it again!

7You are never satisfied after a good workout

good workout

There is a constant irritation that follows after a what would be a good workout session. When you workout normally, you Endorphnins levels kick in and makes you feel excited about the exercises you have been doing. It also weirdly gives you a satisfaction of losing pounds, though you may not have necessarily lost. But, when you are over training, that is never the case. You feel extra irritated, you feel drained out and you are not satisfied because you get tired even before you complete your routine.

Fortunately, handling over training is very simple. Once you stop it, all you need to do is take some time off the gym.

All said and done, there is a simple fix to the obsession. Just stop what you do! Yes, you heard that right! Just stop your workouts and go ahead with not doing anything for a while. It is a proven process when you decrease your over training.

Do very little cardio if possible. Getting proper food, sleep and basic things like fresh air, healthy talks to people you love will make you regain the lost health. Maintain a sincere diet and do not overeat. Keep your cravings to yourself. Do no overplay or underplay! After a few days of rest, get back to working out. Only this time to be more cautious!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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