9 Feasible Fitness Tips For Working Women- Some Good Habits


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When you see fitness tips and are asked to be a little health conscious, you take it as impractical free advice. But everything that you are finding on the internet is not impractical. Fitness tips for working women are simple and need your little efforts.

The hard work and efforts you are applying at work are impressive. You need a slight push to care for your fitness and health.

Being a busy woman with a load of personal and professional work is not as easy as the world says or we think. The modern women are inspirational with the time management skills they show off by balancing family and work. But not when you are giving least care for yourself. Your inspirational work must last with your fitness and health.

Fitness Tips For All Modern Working Women

Until you try something, it is hard to believe. Even the simple thing seems like a bundle of burden. Here is something that motivates you to try the fitness tips- you are straining your body with mental and physical tasks. It is like using a machine thoroughly and not giving it a break to rest for the next task. This kind of treatment to a machine can damage it forever. Then, imagine what can happen to your body imaging it in place of a machine. So, these fitness tips which are a must for women are like recharging methods.

1. Have healthy breakfast

Have-healthy-breakfastFor your day to go smoothly, what do you do? Preparing your next day plan, the tasks at home and workplace. Now, tell if you are giving any importance to your breakfast?

I guess, anything that is available to go instantly in your tummy is great for breakfast. This is how you give tough time to your body. You eat less in the morning and heavy at once. The uneven food habits and the diet timings are changing the natural functioning of your body.

Have a rich breakfast! Rick doesn’t mean the food which is expensive and fancy. Something that is nutritious and vitamin oriented. It is a must and healthy suggestion for working women to have heavy breakfast.

A good breakfast that is a bit heavy is never a problem. Soon after breakfast, you run in a hurry to reach the office. Meanwhile, your body gets a chance of digesting the eaten food. It also keeps you energetic until the next meal. If you are someone like me, who is far from heavy breakfast, then have little food. Carry a box to your office and have it in between. This is how I manage my diet to be healthy and fit as a working woman.

2. Go for a brisk walk

Go-for-a-brisk-walkSitting at one place for a long time is not a good idea. If you want to help yourself with fitness, you must start going for short walks.

You will be able to complete your work in time. But also check how efficient the style of working it is. This makes you feel exhausted at once. Your body will not be able to take the risk of sticking to your chair all the time. So, breaks are a must for working women. You can go for a brisk walk of 5-10 minutes for every 2-3 hours. This doesn’t delay your work or stop as well and moreover, you can excel at work.

When you are feeling tired or want to refresh, go for a walk within the office campus or corridor. Taking some fresh air is the best way for quick refreshment.

After lunch going back to your work desk is a habit that you must change. Make a habit of walking after lunch, This helps in improving your digestion.

3. 30 Minutes morning exercise

30-Minutes-morning-exerciseHave you heard that exercising is a must for modern women? Why did exercise become so important all of a sudden? It is not a new thing that women are adding. It is an old part of women’s life but we forgot it totally.

If you see, your mothers and grandmothers, they had sufficient physical activity at home itself. The household chores were the exercises for their fitness. We working women eliminated the habit of managing our own work at home. Technology and busy life took away these good habits.

You are a modern working woman who only has time to accomplish the office work and make some time for family. So, take out some time for fitness and dedicate at least 30 minutes for your health. Kick start your every morning with a workout session of half an hour.

4. Have food in small quantities but multiple times

Have-food-in-small-quantities-but-multiple-timesHaving food in heavy quantities at once can make you feel uncomfortable. This makes your feel drowsy and dizzy in between your work hours. I guess, many of us have heavy meals and take time to get out of the sleepiness.

This is not the way you feed your body at work, especially. Finding yourself inactive after meals is not a wonder. You are also creating a barrier for the digestive system this way. You are eating heavy meals and challenging yourself with heavy food and digestion.

To be honest, you eat but you sit and work all day. No body movement after meals is a cause for weight gain. So, it is always better to have smaller meals. Instead, you can have healthy snacks and healthy beverages in snack time. This keeps you energetic and active at work.

5. Stay hydrated throughout the day

Stay-hydrated-throughout-the-dayAre you taking adequate water at work? If you are not staying hydrated, then it leads to many health issues. You face digestion problems and your body gets dehydrated.

It is better to realize the importance of drinking water enough. Water pushes out the toxins and impurities from your body. Having less water stores the toxins in your body and there is a chance of weight gain, unhealthy weight, urination infection. If you are experiencing any of these problems, then identify the cause as drinking less water.

Not just water, you can also choose to drink fruit juices that are freshly made. Infused water is a great source of hydration. The fruits like orange, watermelon can also provide hydration to your body.

When you are taking water properly, it keeps your body and brain active. After this, start taking the quantity of water that your body needs and you will find a difference.

6. Body movements at desk- Mini workout


While you are engaged to do all your work in a shot, you hold your muscles in one place. This can stress your muscles and increase the physical stress.

You have the quick exercises that you practice at your desk. Pick the simple exercises that include hand, neck and legs movements. The light stretches at the desk can help you a lot in relieving the stress. This is great to kick off your tiredness instantly. It is like a recharge to your body within a few seconds.

When you are less stressed, there is a less risk of weight gain. The same way over stress can result in weight gain.

7. Choose to drink healthy beverage- Not coffee

Choose-to-drink-healthy-beverageWorking people try to stay active in order to complete the tasks. Taking beverages like coffee is a common habit. But we are asking you to get out of this habit. Replace coffee with green tea which is healthier.

Caffeine in green tea helps you stay awake and fit. You also regain the energy instantly with the antioxidants that are naturally inculcated in green tea. Pick the best green tea to be part of your working hours.

This also keeps your metabolism active and you can stay fit. When your metabolism rate is high, it is easy to stay fit being a working woman. A cup of green tea after lunch promotes digestion. It clears the digestive problems which are common as you are stuck at one place throughout the day.

Green tea is not a good replacement for unhealthy beverages but contributes as the best drink for women during periods. You can take green tea in your diet to reduce period cramps.

8. Eat fresh fruits and veggies

Eat-fresh-fruits-and-veggiesWhat do you do in your leisure at the office? Let me tell you what working people generally do during break. You dutch in and have a mini treat everyday and enjoy the junk food. Going for junk food and partying with food once in a while is fun. But don’t let the fun spoil your health by over doing it.

Pack a box of healthy snacks and share it with your colleagues. Sharing healthy is the true fun that you must do daily. You can replace the junk with nutritional food items. Almonds, raisins and walnuts are the healthiest snacks that you have to eat.

This also gives you the energy instantly and a health benefit in the long run. The nuts are the essential foods that contain low calories and several vitamins and minerals. This also helps you maintain a healthy weight.

9. Take stairs

Take-stairsAre you healthy and fit? Then, lifts are not for you. For you to be fit and healthy further, you must take stairs. Until you are suffering from blood pressure and physical weakness, you don’t have to take lift.

If you are aiming to maintain fitness or become physically fit, then stairs are the best option that you have. It reduces the number of calories. Also make sure you go by walk when it is a walkable distance.

You must utilize every opportunity of being fit. These small changes and habits are well understood by modern women. A small distance walking is great for weight loss which is similar to an exercise. And also climbing stairs comes into this category that we are not taking seriously. This may not result in major weight loss but at least keeps you fit compared to not doing anything at all.

These are the doable tips for working women. You don’t need hours of time to be fit and healthy as a working woman. You also don’t need to modify your lifestyle which makes it strange for you. You can be yourself and carry on with your professional life making these beneficial habits.

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