11 Super Ways Walking for Weight Loss – Not Less Than Any Workout


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Walking for Weight Loss

You choose tough exercises and make workout plans to lose weight. As a busy woman you tend to cancel heading to gym. When you are not able to make it all possible, you go for walking. As it is just walking, you get some doubts on losing weight with walking.

To have a healthy life, you must have exercise daily. You may not be able to go to the gym and do weight lifts. But your body needs minimum movements to stay fit and healthy. Physicals activities not only give physicals fitness but also improves your mental health.

Walking is one of the possible ways to lose weight. As it is just walking, your mind triggers a set of questions. Walking is one of the simplest ways to lose weight. There are many benefits when you go walking. Here, you will get clear answers about walking and weight loss.

Ways to Lose Weight by Walking?

1. Go for 20 Minutes at Thrice a Day


You know the importance of three meals of the day. So, it is similar to walking three times a day. As you may not be able to walk for 45 minutes a time, you walk for 20 minutes breaking into intervals. Make it a habit of walking thrice a day. Your blood sugar levels will be in control when you have walking habit.

2. Have Green Tea After Walking


Take a cup of green tea after walking as it is proved in a study that consuming 3 cups of beverage in day, reduces the cell damage. Green tea will help you to recover from walking as soon as possible. As green tea also boosts your metabolism, you can take a hot cup of green tea after walking. Green tea also gives you anti aging benefits and as a woman, you will green tea for this benefit.

3. Have a Walking Partner


Walking is all alone is boring and may make you walk back home in half the way. So, join your friends and go for long steps. Having a friend beside, walking is easy as you will not feel the boredom. Your talks take the time off by making your walking fun.

4. Keep Drinking Water while Walking


You must drink water before and while walking as you need keep your body hydrated. As you get dehydrated, you will feel the thirst. You need not force yourself but keep sipping when you are thirsty. Drinking water before and while walking, let you flush out the toxins from your body.

5. Don’t give up Diet but Balance it


If you are aiming to lose weight by walking, keep healthy by taking nutritional food. Also you need to balance your diet. You must not consume more calories than what you are burning per day. So, it is important to count your calories consumption. Try to take low calorie and protein oriented food which makes easy for you to lose weight by walking. You can take nuts in snack time as it is low calories, vitamins oriented.

6. Swing Your Arms


You are moving legs actively while walking and keeping hands still. Rather, you swing your arms which will increase your walking space. If you swing your arms while waling, you will be able to gain good upper body. It also strengthens your arms. Swing your arms in a rhythm and naturally.

7. Trek to The Hill


When you are walking up the hill, you will be able to burn more calories. If you have ever noticed, trekking up the hill is exhausting than normal walking. It increases your metabolic rate and you will be able build your muscles. It is suggested to lean forward and slow down the walking pace. It is better to give breaks on the way walking up to the, just to relax your muscles.

8. Walk Whenever Possible


As you want to reduce your weight just by walking, take a chance of walking whenever possible. Take steps instead of lift, go by walking instead of car. You must also go forward to do the easy walking tasks. This burns your calories and helps you maintain healthy weight. Be a active woman and try doing the household chores which let you walk and lose weight.

9. Take your Doggy with You


If you have a pup take it for walking along with you. Puppies don’t allow you to stand or relax their owner. They make you walk even when you don’t want to. Your doggy can be your best walking companion. While you are running and controlling your dog, you lose good number of calories.

10. Add Some Music

Add-some-musicIf you are music lover, put on your headset and on the playlist. This makes your walking enjoyable. You will be able to walk the long time when you are listening to music. You can have a pleasant time with soothing music while walking.

11. Go for a Walk During Daylight


Walking during the daylight is efficient. Firstly, in the morning time, you will have less pollution. And post walking in daylight and sun, you will eat less. Your body also gains vitamin D by walking in daylight.

Benefits of Walking

Improves heart and lung health

During walking, the hearts works better and pumps blood to all the organs. By walking for longer time, you can stay away from heart diseases and strokes. It is more helpful; for adults around 50-60 years.

Boosts your mood

You will be able to reduce stress and anxiety with physical activities. Walking also contributes its part in improving your mood. Walking is a moderate intensity exercise. When you can go for a morning walk, it is pleasant and a good start of the day. You get to take fresh air and your mood relaxes this way.

Improves body balance and stronger bones

You need body balance and stronger bones, which is possible achieving with walking. As your bones strengthen, it automatically improves the body balance. Daily walking can strengthen leg and back muscles.

Burns the calories

By walking you can decrease your body fat percentage. The only equipment you need is a good pair of shoes. You will able to reduce belly fat and other areas by walking on every day.

How much to walk per day to lose weight?

As you want to lose weight, walk for 30-90 minutes. It is not needed to walk for the same time every day. For example, if you are walking for 40 minutes today, you can walk for 30 minutes tomorrow. Walking most of the days in a week at least for 30 minutes improves your metabolism. That way you can reduce an extra 1000 to 3000 calories in a week. Every day walking is more healthy and you can maintain proper weight by balancing the consumption and burning calories.

Let walking be secret of winning the weight loss goals. You can make walking your favorite way of losing weight. The above ways of walking to lose weight make it easy for you. When it is easy doing, you must miss trying it.

Now it is not just healthy but happy walking with these amazing ways.