Must Know Makeup Techniques


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Makeup Techniques

Makeups can be tricks even for the most experienced person. It can give a woman more adorable, as well as change her overall look completely. Makeup can give any woman more inner confidence, which can really boost up any work they want to do. So here, are some makeup techniques that you must know and follow while applying makeup.

Makeup Techniques

1Turn your pencil liner into a gel

Turn your pencil liner into a gel

Try to hold your black, green, or burgundy, kohl eye pencil (which can create a thin, as well as hard-to-apply borderline), under a flame for a second. Then let it cool down for fifteen seconds, and watch it consistently change right before the eyes. Finally, glide it on your newly made gel liner for an instant smudge formula of makeup techniques.

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2Cover the eyelid with white liner

Cover the eyelid with white liner

If you want to make your sheer or even less pigmented eye shadow to appear more colorful on the eyelid. Then first take a white eyeliner pencil in white, and run it all over the entire eyelid. This opaque consistency in the liner can intensify any type of eye shadow shades and make it an instant pop against the skin.

3Use a spoon to create a winged liner

Use a spoon to create a winged liner

First hold the stem of a spoon, against the outer corner of the eye, then draw the very straight line as a first step for the cat-eye. Then, try to flip the spoon so that it can hug the eyelid, and then uses the rounded outer edge and create a perfect curved wing effect and that is called makeup techniques.

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4Create a hashtag for smoky eyes

Create a hashtag for smoky eyes

If you want a super-easy smokey eye, then first draw a hashtag symbol right before the outer corner of the eye and then blend it with the smudger on the other end of the liner. Remember to draw a slanted hashtag at the corner of the eye, and blend it for an instant smokey effect.

5Saline solution for a flaky mascara

Saline solution for a flaky mascara

Your mascara is not supposed be for more than three months, because beyond that it can start collecting bacteria and can sometimes also lead to many eye infections. However, if the mascara dries up within these three months, you can revive it with a couple of saline drops.

6Cleaning Your Brushes

Cleaning Your Brushes

Some creamy products like the foundation and the eyeliner builds up the makeup tools, and the brush can cause skin problem. So try to clean the brushes with soap, and shampoo. Try not to get it all out at once. Instead, you can put many drops of your waterproof eye makeup remover in a cup or in the palm of your hand. Swirl the brush to loose all the old makeup. Then, rinse. Swirl the brush into the drop of a face wash to remove the makeup. Then, Rinse again. Extra credit: Try to comb the brushes with a fine-tooth comb and even remove more product.

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