Best Makeup Tips For Indian Skin Tone


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Makeup Tips And Tricks

Despite of the fact on “fair skin obsession”, it is fading day by day, so when it comes to looking glamorous, many women still believe that dark skin complexion can not do much makeup with colors. This is, however, far from being the truth.Makeup can actually flatter the dusky complexion, as it did for many actresses as well as models. For example Freida Pinto or Priyanka Chopra, who are very much admired worldwide for their “exotic Indian” skin. Also, if you are an admirer of dusky divas like Deepika Padukone, or Kajol, or Chitrangada Singh, then you can’t agree more that dusky complexion looks quite stunning with makeup. So, if you are blessed with a lovely tanned or even olive complexion, here are some makeup tips for Indian skin tone, that you must try.

Makeup Tips For Indian Skin Tone

1Know the skin type

Know the skin type

This is the very first thing that you must be working on. First try to identify the skin type, as it is one of the utmost important part to determine your makeup. If you do not know, about your skin type, then you may end up using the wrong products for your make-up. You can have oily skin if you are having large pores and you are also more prone to breakouts. So, if the pores are hardly visible and if the skin feels dry or stretchy, then you might have a dry skin. If the T-zone, forehead, nose, and chin, tend to shine more, but the other periphery of the face make you feel stretchy or dry, then you might have oily T-zone. An amazing makeup tips and tricks for Indian skin tone.

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2Know Your Shade And Undertone

Know Your Shade And Undertone

Mostly Indians are very much obsessed with looking fair than their actual complexion is. Always remember to identify your skin undertone in just four easy steps. Once when you have done that, try to go for a true match. Always buy a foundation that can perfectly blend with the skin tone. It must match with your skin. If in doubt, then go for a little bit darker tone because it can make your skin look sun kissed but never ever go for a lighter shade. You will end up looking more funny in the pictures. The same also goes for the concealer. But the one that can truly match your skin. Makeup tips and tricks, for everybody.

3Liquid liner is not omnipotent

Liquid liner is not omnipotent

Some women insists that black eyeliner is must for Indian girls. Instead, you can try the opposite, mascara with no liner, that is then combined with a very shimmery white shadow. It can help in keeping your eyes looking more bright through a long day, and also makes eyeliner a more distinct nighttime look. Colored eye pencil, looks lovely during the day because its matte effect and a dark skin can take all the shades, like blues, yellows, greens and browns.

For the night, kajal, or the Indian liner, can make for a more sultry, or earthy look that is available at every Indian stores or in the beauty shops as kohl pencils. Smudging your regular liner can create a very similar effect.

Try not to be afraid of a simple eye though, especially if you are wearing standout lipstick. The Indian aesthetic is mostly to go out, that is painted face, that is topped off with earrings, a necklace and with two arms of bracelets.

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4Try not to lighten your skin with makeup

Try not to lighten your skin with makeup

A right foundation is just like the holy grail, because it is very hard to find. If you are preferring to wear a base in the makeup, then take some time to find a shade that can match your complexion. Try to avoid lightening the skin with a makeup. Not only it looks odd, it is also entirely unnecessary. Dark skin is basically a generous canvas, where you can wear prints, the brightest white or every color on the planet.

5Choose the perfect color for your blush

Choose the perfect color for your blush

For a blush, try to go for more shades like rose, or deep orange, or coral, and try to avoid other shades like the brown, or beige. Women who have darker skin tones have the option to choose from dark rose for a day, and other shades like the plum, wine and the bronze for your evening. For evening parties, you can use shimmers with gold tones, as they can work wonders for any dark complexion.

Remember not to get too much excited with the bronzer; if you go overboard, it can take you from tanned to charred.

6Highlight your eyes

Highlight your eyes

Women who have dark complexion are mostly blessed with very deep, dark eyes, as well as with dark lashes. You can use this part as the highlighting part of your makeup.

Try to go for a cream based eyeliner, rather than same liquid ones. Most creams based liners are pretty easier to blend, as well as look more natural.

Choose a dark shade like the browns, or the prunes, or copper and burgundy as your eyeshadow, rather than the lighter colors like the pink or the purple. Other dark metallic colors can also be used.

Remember to use a lot of mascara, to make your eyes stand out.

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