13 Backless Blouse Designs-The Best Collection of Designer Blouses


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Backless Blouse Designs
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Look into the fashion in a unique way to come with the elegance. You will be admired you are experimenting on fashion. You must raise up in a crowd with your style. You need to get out of the routine and cliche ideas of outfit.

Do you have any favourite blouse designs or collection? Fine! Firstly, to have favourite blouses designs, you must have explore the options. So, to have the quick favourite blouse design and a fashionable collection, you must look into the options.

Now, imagine yourself wearing a backless blouse with a fashionable design. Bring that attractive look for your whole outfit with a backless blouse. You have multiple options to pick some of the backless blouses designs and add into your favourite list.

You can go with confidence of looking dignified, fashionable and elegant wearing backless blouse with these designs.

Backless Blouse Designs-Let The Ethnicity go Modish

1. Backless Blouses with Dori

Backless Blouses With Dori
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A backless blouse with simple dori is elegant. The dori can be fashionable with hangings which look traditional. You can choose the hangings that matches your saree. You can tow dories for your back neckline and at the waistline which is a variation of dori design. There many such trending styles of dori designs for backless blouses.

2. Backless Blouses with Net

Backless Blouses With Net

Backless blouse with net is a smart design. You can choose a cape blouse which is netted. You need not worry about dropping the ethnicity with the design. You can still stay traditional and fashionable. The way net covers your back is lovely and it looks decent too.

3. Backless Blouse With A Bow

Backless BlouseWith A Bow

Backless blouse with a bow is a pretty design. A bow can make the outfits look pretty. The no fussy look with a bow is the coolest. Let the bow be made with traditional fabric for your traditional sarees and if you wearing a fancy saree, you attach a bow made with satin fabric.

4. Backless Blouse with Multiple Straps

Backless Blouse With Multiple Straps

Blouses with straps are trending as it makes the blouse look modish. The fancy and semi-ethnic saree look pretty when paired with these blouses. The multiple straps make your blouse look well designed.

5. Backless Blouse Designs with Hangings

Backless Blouse DesignsWith hangings

Backless blouses with hangings make the blouse look breathtaking. Hangings coming on sleeves is a routine style. So, you can add the hangings at the back. Your elegant back the delicate hangings is pretty. Let the hangings be traditional in golden or silver colour. Such embellished blouse must be paired with a simple saree.

6. Backless Blouse Designs with Halter Neck

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Halter neck blouse is the lovely design for many of the saree styles. A modern woman must try a halter neck blouse to look classy. Halter neck design for backless blouse suits the fancy sarees. You can also wear halter neck blouse which is well embellished. The strap around your neck and at the waistline make your back look simply elegant.

7. Backless Blouse Design with Lace Straps


The backless blouse with the lace straps is the lovely. The lace straps make the blouse look delicate. You can choose the beautiful coloured lace. Golden lace straps look lovely with traditional saree and lehengas. You have many straps with mirrors, floral work, sequins and many. And the coloured straps look pretty with fancy sarees and lehengas.

8. Backless Blouse Design with Spaghetti Straps

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Spaghetti straps are the coolest for ethnic wear. The strap style blouses are trending spaghetti can top the list. When you want go fully fashionable, then you can get a spaghetti strap blouse. It is an alluring design for women who want to a an out and out fashionable blouse. When you want it to keep simple and stylish, spaghetti straps blouses become your favourite.

9. Backless Blouse Design with A keyhole


A blouse with the keyhole looks simply pretty. A wide keyhole at the back of the blouse can make it a backless blouse. The keyhole shape of the blouse can be of your wish. You can go for the round or square shaped keyhole for your backless blouse. Keyhole is design is a suitable one for lehenagas and sarees. Keyhole design can fit in with the ethnic or modern outfits.

10. Knot Style


Knot style backless blouse is an elegant design. A simple knot can make the blouse look chic. You can also pair the knot style backless blouse for your ethnic sarees and lehengas. It is unique style of blouse which suit for brides as well.

11. Hook Style


Hook style for backless blouses is a graceful design. The hook style keeps your blouse less designed but extremely attractive. You can have the hooks at neckline and waistline to make make the blouse backless look modish and nice. The hook style is the most preferred style, but here you are making it look unique with deep cut. A single hook at top and low part of the backside of the blouse makes it stylish.

12. Hook and knot Style

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Knot style is the most the delicate kind of backless blouse. The hook can be fixed at the neckline and dori at the waistline. Delicacy in your blouse can suit your light weight and fancy sarees and lehengas. An embellished saree or lehenga with a knot style backless blouse looks like ethnic and voguish at the same time.

13. Backless Blouse with A Deep Cut

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A backless blouse with a deep cut is lovely. The backside of the blouse would covered with minimum fabric and at the end with a thin strap at waistline. This can be your favourite which is routine design with many variations. You can attach a bow or a knot for your deep cut backless blouse. The deep cut can be in a lovely shape like triangle, round or square. You can also join the lace around the blouse to elevate the blouse design.

The backless blouses will make your ethnic wear look fashionable. You can carry the elegance in your style. You have various designs and style for backless blouse which also keep your fashion with dignity. A woman with fashion and ethnicity is well dressed woman. Let the ethnic wear look attractive with the latest designs but not boring with the routine.

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