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Stretch Marks Reducing Foods

Sometimes we don’t like some things in life, and one of the thing is stretch marks on our body. But, stretch marks reminds us of our growth, or sudden weight gain or Pregnancy marks. Stretch marks are the tearing up of the mid layer of the dermis and mid layer of the skin because of our skins elastic and flexible nature. They are often seen as pink or purple lines. Stretch marks can appear in the skin due to hormonal changes in the body that can happen in the body due to pregnancy. Other reasons can be sudden weight gain and loss or due to workouts.

Basically stretch marks appear mostly on your thighs, butts, lower back, upper arms and hips. But with some healthy diet food which can reduce stretch marks from your body by promoting growth of collagen fibers in the skin. Read on to know more stretch marks reducing foods for our beautiful looking body.

Foods To Reduce Stretch Marks



Our skin is made of seventy five percent of collagen, which are responsible for making it elastic and smooth and to make collagen in your body we need enough protein in our diet. These proteins can be found in low-fat foods and cholesterol sources through legumes and whole grains like lentils, beans and peas.

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Tea can also be beneficial to melt away stretch marks. Tea fluids are hydrating, it plumps up cells that can help look skin fuller, less withered and more supple. Also, some nutritionist said that it contains a lot of powerful antioxidants that can fight damaged cells and can keep cells healthy for stretched skin. Tea can also slow age processing and can also fight wrinkles and can make your skin look younger.

3Zinc rich foods

Zinc rich foods

Nutritious minerals are needed for removing stretch marks. Zinc are more essential products for collagen production in the connective tissue of skin. Zinc is also necessary to remove skin wounds. Zinc rich foods include meats, turkey, brazil nuts and fish. In plant based food zinc can be found in peanuts, nuts, oatmeal, beans, tofu, tempeh, lentils and seeds.



Hydration the most important part in maintaining elasticity of the skin. So make sure to be well-hydrated all the time. Some doctors suggests to consume a minimum of half of your body weight of water every day. Emphasizing more on water-rich foods like vegetables and fruits on diet. It can improve hydration as well as can add fibers and nutrients.



We all known and have heard that how vegetables are healthy for our body. We must eat at least nine servings of vegetables every day to meet all our needs. Vegetables contain an abundance of key nutrients for skin like vitamin A, which can be found in orange, and green foods. Vitamin C can be found in melons, berries and citrus foods and vitamin E can be found in avocados and leafy green vegetables.

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We know that fish oil or Omega – 3 is very important nutrients to our body and skin. Omega – 3 nutrients have essential fatty acids in them that can be essential for a healthy diet. They can help in promoting skin repair and growth and can also moisturize the skin by reducing inflammation.

7Blueberries and Gojiberries

Blueberries and Gojiberries

According to some studies Blueberries and Gojiberries can have various vitamins and other nutrients which are rich in antioxidants properties, which can protect our bodies from radicals which are partly responsible for causing stretch marks. They are also available in supplement forms. But it is better to maintain nutrients in diet for healthy skin.



Cucumbers are an all round champions. They have high water content that can help us in staying hydrated and also promotes collagen formation in the skin and skin elasticity. Also by staying hydrated it can help in flushing out toxins and can help in maintaining skin complexion. They are also great in de-puffing undereye circles.



Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which can also help in collagen formation. Collagen can help in maintaining skin elasticity by making less stretch marks. Tomatoes also have rich lycopene, which can act as a natural sunscreen. Sun makes more damage to the skin by making stretch marks worse. One amazing tip about tomatoes is that cooked tomatoes are richer in lycopene than raw tomatoes.

With some of these lycopene rich hydrated foods you can reduce your stretch marks formation and look gorgeous every day.

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