Tips For Good Skin Using Mustard Oil


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Tips For Good Skin

As the name says, mustard oil is considered as a very fatty vegetable oil which is been extracted from the mustard seeds. It is very dark yellow in color and also slightly pungent. There are basically three types of mustard oil that depends upon the manner of its extraction. The first type is a fatty vegetable oil, which is being obtained by pressing the mustard seeds. The second type is basically an essential oil that is made by grinding of the seeds, mixing with water and extracting the oil by distillation. In third type the process involves of infusion of the mustard seed extract with vegetable oils such as the soybean oil. All of these three categories of mustard oil have a very pungent nutty taste as well as a very strong aroma. Massaging with Mustard oil can be considered as best tips for good skinif you want to have a gradient skin. Being a very edible oil, mustard which is also known in Hindi as ‘Sarso Ka Tel’, in Telugu ‘Aava Nune’, in Tamil ‘Kadugu Ennai’, in Malayalam ‘Kedugenna’, in Gujarati ‘Rainu Nu Tel’, in Punjabi ‘Rai Da Tel’, in Marathi ‘Mohariche Tel’ and in Bengali ‘Shorsher Tel’. It is also widely used for cooking in the northern, central, eastern as well as north eastern India. But unfortunately, it was being considered an unfit product for consumption by some countries like USA, Canada and European Union as it contains erucic acid which also had adverse effect on the rats. However, later it has been proved that the vegetable fat is less being digested by the rats and that the consumption of this oil have no adverse effects onto the humans. Moreover, this oil is also rich in non-saturated and unsaturated fats, and hence are also beneficial for the heart. So here, are some tips for good skin using mustard oil that you must know and use it.

Tips For Good Skin

Good SkinMustard oil is also very much beneficial for the skin and is also often used in many aroma therapy treatments. However, before applying the oil topically, it is also advisable to do patch test to ensure that you are not allergic. Moreover, the cold pressed mustard oil must be considered for all the topical applications. Here are some of the benefits of this oil for the skin.

1Removes tan and dark spots

Removes tan and dark spots

Mustard oil is also considered as an effective product that can help to remove tan as well as dark spots and give you a natural glowing skin. For this, prepare a face mask by mixing the mustard oil; besan, that is, Bengal gram flour, curd and a few drops of lemon juice. Then apply this paste on the face. Rinse it off with cold water after ten to 15 minutes. You can do this process thrice in a week for better results.

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2Lightens the skin tone

Lightens the skin tone

In order to make the facial skin smooth, you can apply the mixture of mustard oil as well as coconut oil on the face and massage that area into circles for five to six minutes. Then gently wipe the face with a very smooth as well as wet cotton cloth. This can help to stimulate proper blood circulation, thus lightening the skin as well as getting rid of the pimples.

3Natural Sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen

Due to the thick consistency as well as high level of vitamin E, the topical application of this oil can help to protect the skin against the harsh ultraviolet rays and many other pollutants, thus preventing from skin cancer. Vitamin E can also help to prevent aging and wrinkles besides, even acting as a sun shield.

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4Stimulate the sweat glands

Stimulate the sweat glands

Whether it is being consumed or even applied topically, mustard oil can help to stimulate the sweat glands and open up the pores of your skin. Thus, it can help to reduce the body temperature and remove the unwanted toxins, water and salts from the body.

5Treats rashes and infections

Treats rashes and infections

It is because of its anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties, mustard oil is considered as an effective product in treating the rashes and many other skin infections, thus preventing the skin from the dryness, dullness as well as itching. A proper body massage with the mustard oil can help to rejuvenate and clean the skin by increasing the blood circulation. Besides, because of the anti-inflammatory property, it is also an effective way to reduce skin inflammation and facilitate the quick healing of cuts as well as wounds.

6Lip Care

Lip Care

Mustard oil is also an amazing home remedy to heal dry and chapped lips. Before you go to bed, just apply one or even two drops of mustard oil on the belly button and you can see not to have dry or chapped lips. This is also an ancient remedy which can prove to be effective in moisturizing and softening the lips.

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7Other Benefits

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is considered as an all-round tonic for your health as it can benefit all the systems that is operating in your body, it can help to provide strength and boosts immunity. It can also be used along with other oils to massage the infants as it can improve weight, length and the circumference of mid-arm and mid-leg besides providing them strength.