6 Wonderful and Easy Hairstyles For Curly Hair


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hairstyles for curly hair

Having curly hair is a wonderful thing. You could opt for a plenty of easy hairstyles. Ranging from a wrap around the braid to beautiful updos. Natural curly hair gives you a number of ways to play with your hair. They usually look thick and voluminous in nature. In this article, we have brought to you a collection of easy and quick hairstyles for curly hair. Let’s begin with it.

Quick Hairstyles For Curly Hair

1Just A Knot

Just A Knot

For this hairstyle, you need not worry much. This is the simplest of all. Part your hair in two sections (need not to part it from the middle). Take a small section of hair from both the bigger hair sections. Tie a simple knot with it. You need to tie another knot with these strands of hair, but make sure you leave an inch of a distance from the previous knot. Secure the knots with the help of bobby pins.

2Crown Twist

Crown Twist

This is a 3-minute hairstyle. Grab a small strand of hair from one side of your head. Twist the strand towards your back in an upward direction. When you reach to the back, secure the strand with a firm grip. Repeat this step by grabbing another section of a strand from another side of your head.

3Messy Half Bun

Messy Half Bun

For the messy half bun, you need to grab the top section of your hair just good enough to make a bun over your head. Tip this top section high on your head or wherever you want it to be. You need to create a top knot with this section of hair by rolling it around on the top of your head. Secure it firmly with bobby pins.

4Messy Over The Head Bun

Messy Over The Head Bun

Tie your hair in a high ponytail. Now, roll your hair into a bun shape. If you want it to be messy, then loosen it a bit. Secure this over the head bun with bobby pins.

5Low Tuck Updo

Low Tuck Updo

Secure a headband on the top of your hair. If you want to have bangs with this hairstyle pull your hair strands out of the headband. Start this hairstyle from one end of your hair. Take a small section of your hair and start tucking low inside your headband. Wrap this strand around your placed headband. Repeat the same process with other strands of your hair. For a messy look loosen your hair from everywhere.


6Pull-Through Braid

Pull-Through Braid

This will take quite a time than the other listed ones.

* Grab a section from the top section of your hair and secure it in a high ponytail.

top section of your hair* Divide the high ponytail into two sections: upper and lower.

Split the upper* Split the upper section into two halves: upper left section and upper right section.

Pull the lower* Pull the lower dropped section in between these halves. Secure it temporarily with a hair clip above the two sections.

upper left and upper right* Now secure the upper left and upper right strands together using an elastic.

pper hair clipped section* Release the upper hair clipped section and separate in two halves: left and right section. And pull the lower section and split it into two halves.

repeat the process* Now, repeat the process that you did for the first knot. This is the simplest method for creating pull-through braid.

easy hairstylesThat sums up our list of quick and easy hairstyles for curly hair.

Tiru Dehariya