How to wear braided hairstyle for all occasions

braided hairstyle

Women think that braids are boring and are not fashionable. Well, that isn’t right at all, because braids are actually fashionable, stylish and very comfortable too. Ladies, if you have been thinking that braids are boring, this article is to change your opinion about it. So, here are some braided hairstyles for special occasionsthat you can wear. Yes, you can wear for a party, a date, an outing or even your child’s recital. All you have to do is to follow whatever we have told. These braided hairstyles are classy, chic and definitely elevate your look.

Top Braids You Can Wear for all Occasions

1Kinky twist hairstyles

Kinky twist hairstyles

If you have a hair that is thick, curly and uncontrollably difficult to do any kind of hairstyle, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. There are definitely a lot of ways to get your hairstyle done. Kinky twist hairstyles are the best that are hassle free, you can do it on any kind of hair and definitely the look of your face and age doesn’t have to even be a priority in this. You can always wear a kinky, twisted hairstyle to a meeting, a casual outing, a function of any kind. These new styles just bring out the best from you and give you a whole new makeover.

If you are ready and want to invest in something worthwhile, then try the high ponytail twisted hairstyle, sided fringe up-do, side ponytail, side part braids, oversized twisted bun, bob twists, snake braid twists, open twists, etc. The best thing about a kinky twist hairstyle is that it has an easy access to your scalp, it is natural, doesn’t look made up and most of all, it is super stylish. Now, isn’t that just all in one combination? Try it and let us know if you like it!

2Goddess braided hairstyles

Goddess braided hairstyles

Goddess braids are a lot like super magnified twisted cornrow hair styles. You can either use your natural hair to braid your hair closer to scalp or you can also use extensions to braid it. There are of course a lot of options when it comes to goddess braid hairstyles. The whole idea of goddess braids is the fact that they stay for at least 3-4 days intact through the day and night. Of course, some casual goddess braids last as much as a day. This specialty makes it even more convenient for people to braid their hair and keep it for a while. For any women who have a very curly hair or someone who has hair that is tough to make, you can try goddess braid hairstyle since it keeps your hair moist and hydrated.

If you don’t want to do it at home, go to the nearest salon and get one done! Hairstyles like curve goddess braid, straightened goddess braid, goddess braided Mohawk, goddess braid bun, curly styled braid, elevated French goddess braid, crowned goddess braid are sexy, chic and special too. Try one of these hairstyles and you will definitely love your hair style!

3Top knot hairstyles

Top knot hairstyles

Ah, the heat wave is going to kill it during this summer and it is already not looking very great. When the sun peeps out, it is time to call our favorite hairstyle. You just wouldn’t want to wear your usual open hair, hairstyle or take extra efforts because of the heat, sweat and the discomfort. But if you think that you are forced to wear a particular hairstyle for fashion, trend and to look professional despite the heat waves, then you are wrong. Top knot hairstyles are the ‘it’ thing in the market and is seen worn by even men with long hair.

You can of course make your top knot hairstyle look different and pretty. Try the twisted sock bun top knot hairstyle, braided top knot, messy chic top knot hairstyle, conture bun, loose end top knot, side swept top knot hairstyle, bandana top knot hairstyle, blunt bangs top knot hair style and much more are available for women to look fashionable and adapt to the summer too. These hairstyles give your face a change and lifts up your mood instantly when you are no longer sweating. Have an amazing summer with top knot hairstyles!

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4Waterfall braid hairstyles

Waterfall braid hairstyles

Want to jump into the water and get started with styling your hair perfectly? Ha-Ha! Well, the waterfall braid hairstyle is a trending hairstyle among young girls nowadays. This hairstyle gives you a relaxed, Beachy vibe and you will definitely like it if you don’t want to tie your hair or leave it open. These kind of hairstyles are famous if you are attending a wedding, a beach lazy Saturday, if you are taking the ballerina class or even when you are out for a date. Waterfall braids are actually very simple, loose and gives you room to be creative with your hair. You can multi braid your hair, make it into a mix and match kind of hairstyle and give it the style it needs.

Well, hairstyles like double waterfall braid, waterfall braided bun, faux braid waterfall hairstyle, twisted waterfall braid, fishtail waterfall braid, dual textured waterfall braid, halo waterfall braid, chain link waterfall braid, spiral waterfall braid are super chic and special. Just pick one of the most interesting hairstyles and try to create a very beautiful, unique and niche style. You will enjoy styling your hair. You can even try these hairstyles on cute young girls!

Here is an easy tutorial to make a waterfall braid

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