Easy and amazing hairstyles for summer season

hairstyles for summer

Summer is approaching and we all need a plan. Yes, it’s going to be damn hot and women mainly are going to be irritated with the way it sweats. Well, a lot of us put a bun and move out, but there are nice hairstyles that you can wear when it is hot and sweating outside. You don’t have to necessarily wear only a bun. In this article, we are going to give you various hairstyles and substyles that will help you wear amazing and easy hairstyles for the summer season.

Top Summer Hairstyles for Women

1Twist hair styles for natural hair

Twist hair styles for natural hair

Many women find it difficult to control their natural hair and make a hairstyleout of it. You may think that your hair lacks either the texture or the length to create impressive hair styles for your hair. You may also feel that your hair is always frizzy, curly or brittle from the outside and so making a hairstyle that is creative makes it difficult. Well, we are going to tell you that creating impressive hairstyles with natural hair is not a big deal at all if you know the tricks of hair styling. Whether you have a long hair or a short hair, there are numerous impressive and varied twist hairstyles for natural hair.

Start off with something called chunky flat twist hairstyle and move up to hairstyles like high bun with braids, Marley twist hairstyle, puffy twisted hair style, twisted updo on the crown, looped bang twist hairstyle, long bun hairstyle, two pony twist hairstyle, jumbo Mohawk hairstyle, multiple braided hairstyle, a long ponytail, sided pony tail with multiple braids and so many more. There are still a lot of hairstyles in line for you. All you have to do is pick the perfect one and rock your look!

2Updos for long hair

Updos for long hair

Many a times women tend to forget the whole point of long hair. You can experiment; you can have so much fun and create your own new hairstyles with long hair. Many women try to do something creative but fail in doing so thinking that it will look shabby on long hair. One important and very creative hairstyle for a long hair is generally the updo. A lot of women end up putting a bun and just get to work. But, if you want to look pretty, beautiful and definitely creative, you should take some extra pains to make your hair look attractive. The trendy messy updos are a fad amongst most women now. Not caring how your hair looks is actually in trend and fashion!

Whether you are attending college, office or you are going out, you can wear a low rolled up messy bun, messy updo with center twist, tangled braided crown, upside down braided updo, curly big center bun with side braids, side updo bun, crimped updo bun and many more. The important thing to remember is that all these hairstyles need some extra work. But, once you find your comfort, these hairstyles will look drop-dead gorgeous on long hair!

3Half up half down hair styles

Half up half down hair styles

Feminine and polished way of making your hair is what, hairstyle is all about. If you want a hairstyle that combines both worlds of polished done and wavy sexy long hair, then half up and half down hairstyles are the ‘it’ thing for you. These hairstyles work well for summer since you can do your hair according to the weather outside. Whether you are attending a casual event or a formal event, it fits both the worlds perfectly since it cradles between formal and casual events. So, we are going to get you a list of pretty amazing half up half down hairstyles for young women for this summer.

Give your hair a twirl, if you want to add some dramatic gesture to your hair while still keeping it traditional. A half up half down braided loose lace, twisted half up, half down crown braid, vintage half up, celtic knot, overlapping half up, spiral updo, not so lazy half updo, knotted half down, street style half up-half down hairstyle are some of the perfect ways of carrying your hair. Wear a tank tops, strapped shoes, do your hair and pick up the beach spot and relax, this summer!

4Senegalese twist hair styles

Senegalese twist hair styles

A lot of people have curly crazy hair but most of them nowadays are trying to straighten it or use damaged products to the hair and makes it artificial. If you have a twisted hair already, why make it artificial when you can retain the originality of your hair? Well, for women with curly crazy hair, we now have a hairstyle tip that you can use to make your own real, fashionable and definitely out of all the damaging hair products. The Senegalese twist hairstyles are perfect for any occasion like a office party, an outdoor meeting, a date or even when you want to relax in a restaurant.

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The Senegalese twist hairstyle doesn’t require your hair to be thin, thick, short, long, good textured or poor textured. Any kind, shape and length is fine when it comes to Senegalese twist hairstyle. A simple Senegalese hairstyle, twist, braided, fishtail braid senegalese hairstyle, funky up-dos, dramatic crown twist hairstyle, buns, French braid twist hairstyle and many more have become super famous nowadays among young women with curly hair. You just have to pick out the best hairstyle for your face shape and everything else will fall in place!

5Shaved hair styles for women

Shaved hair styles for women

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you shave one part of your hair? Do you think you can do that? Well, if you can do that and you are ready to get some badass hairstyle, then you should definitely try the shaved hairstyle. A lot of women think that shaved hairstyle suits only the punks or people in the band. Keeping all these stereotypes away, let me tell you that the trend and fashion are changing every second and you should definitely appreciate fashion if you like the change. So, why not get some badass hairstyle done when you can embrace it?

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For long hair, you can go for half shaved hairstyle where one half of your hair is shaved. For medium hair, go for shaved side hairstyle where just a little portion is shaved off. You can try Mohawk if you want to look cool and kicking or just completely shave your hair off and look super natural. There are also designs that are done for these hairstyles. Try the undercut shave with designs, swept bangs with side designs, messy buns with undercut shave, rainbow undercut, zig zag shave and so many more. It is cool; it is trendy and definitely badass!

-Pavithra Ravi

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