Top 12 Professional Makeup Techniques


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Makeup Techniques

Do you love applying makeup? Do you want to become a professional makeup artist? These are simple little things, you should follow to be a makeup perfectionist. People always look forward to some makeup techniques even if it is detailed work in order to make their makeup look better. Here are some of the makeup techniques you can follow in your day to day life.

Makeup Techniques

1Look down

Look down

One should always look down into the mirror instead of looking straight into the mirror. Especially when you are doing the crease of your eye. When you are looking down, you are able to see a better idea where that bone is and where you want to apply the colour. If you are applying crease colour straight into the crease and getting that little bit of shade on the lid that isn’t correct. The more common nowadays is the cut crease where you have to look down in a tilted mirror.

You will see where your crease is and you will be able to hold your brush little bit better. Just aim to get the colour right in the crease instead of the eyelid. It makes a big difference on how your overall eyelid ends up. If you find it difficult to apply eyeliner or mascara, you can just look down into the mirror for a perfect application.

2Glowing Lip

Glowing Lip

If you want your lips to look fuller and glossier, here is the tip. The Makeup techniques, here is to apply your favourite lipstick first. Then take a lip gloss and just dab it in the mid of both upper and lower lip instead of blending it. By doing this your lips will shine and look fuller.

3Shampoo Remover

Shampoo Remover

You can use baby shampoo to remove your eye makeup. That’s right! Shampoo in your eyes. Instead of spending huge about on removers, just buy a baby shampoo like Johnson’s baby shampoo. It is clarifying and tear free. So, you can scrub it on your eyes and it will remove even the stubborn smoky eye makeup. It is also great for washing your makeup brushes.

4Primer to Use

Primer to Use

Makeup primers are not just for under your makeup. You can use it over your foundation in order to take away the shine and set the look. Take the little bit primer on your fingertips and pat it on your forehead to say goodbye to the shine.

5Lip Malfunction

Lip Malfunction

Everybody loves a bold lip, but let’s be honest. Nobody is perfect. When you colour outside the lip just uses a Q-tip with some moisturiser on it. It glides along the lip line cleaning everything up and you don’t get any discoloration from using concealer.

6Mascara Magic

Mascara Magic

Do you get more mascara on your face than you do on your eyelashes? Here are the makeup techniques for you.

  • Take a business card or any piece of harder cardboard.
  • This helps to create a barrier between your eyelashes and your skin.
  • Just place the card behind your eyelash
  • Apply the mascara

7Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

For all natural people out there, Aloe Vera gel is a great makeup primer. Yes! You can use it just to refresh your foundation. Put a little gel on a big fluffy brush and buff it into your foundation to fresh it up. It is especially great for people with oily skin.

8Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes

Creating cat eyes is not easy. For this trick, you have to keep your eyes open because how many times you create that perfect cat eye with closed eyes, the minute you open it back up, you end up with the little check mark. What you have to do is look straight into the mirror with your eyes open.

Use a brow pencil to make that little practice marks first. And brow pencil marks are the lot easier to remove if you make a mistake because you measure with your eye open. You can trace over those marks with black eyeliner and get full proof cat eyes every time.

9Peach Corrector

Peach Corrector

Do you have dark circles? Are you using a concealer to hide them, but you are still not able to? Then here is the trick.

  • Take a peach colour corrector first
  • Apply it under your eyes where you have dark circles.
  • After that, apply the concealer with the stick.
  • Blend them evenly and you will be surprised to see how your dark circles have vanished.

10No to Bronzer

No to Bronzer

Many people use a bronzer for contouring. But it is wrong! A bronzer is designed for bronzing. It is designed to get that sunkissed glow. It really goes where the sun would touch. It can be forehead and cheekbones. But contouring is used for creating a shadow i.e underneath your jawline. Your best contour shade should be slightly darker and slightly cooler than your skin tone.

11Long Lasting Lipstick

Long Lasting Lipstick

Do you always feel that you need to apply lipstick throughout the day? Does your lipstick never last whenever you take one sip of the drink or eat anything? So, one trick to make the lipstick last all day is to use a lip liner instead of a lipstick.

  • Take your favourite colour lipliner
  • Line your entire lip with the lip liner
  • Then flip it to the side and start filling it in the lips.

This will last much longer and you don’t have to keep re-applying lipstick throughout the day.

12Matte Finish

Matte Finish

Everyone nowaday loves matte finish lipstick but not everyone has their favourite lip colour in the matte finish. So, all you have to do is take a tissue, place it against your lips. Take a big fluffy brush and loose powder and pat it on your lips and it will turn any sort of lipstick into a matte finish.