How to Apply Lipstick for Beginners

apply lipstick for Beginners

Lipsticks are some of the most versatile, but highly underestimated makeup staples around. The Lipsticks are a gift from the makeup gods. It has magical properties often helps to transform your mood. A lot of us stick to lipstick shades that we feel work best for our skin tone. But you don’t like to experiment all the shades out there. If you want to know which is the best for your skin tone, or want courage to play more around the colors then these tips should help you. Here is the perfect guide as to how to apply lipstick for Beginners.

Lip Basics

1The Color Plot

The Color Plot

When it comes to picking a lip shade, your skin tone doesn’t really matter. Most colors look amazing, The key is to identify your undertone. This is the color underneath your skin. To find out what your undertone is, go out in the sun , stick your hand out and look at your veins. If you have blue colored veins, that means your undertone is cool. Then shades of red, pink and orange with blue tangent would enhance your complexion. If you have green colored veins, that means your undertone is warm. Then shades of red, pink and orange with yellow tangent will suit your skin. Whereas if you have blue and green veins, you are of neutral undertone. It means you have hit the jacket. Everything works for you. You can splash on shades of pink, red, even purple irrespective of the tint it has. Now that you have chosen the perfect color shade, it looks amazing on your arm, it’s time to get working on your lips.


2Fuller Lip Tricks

Fuller Lip Tricks

It’s really pretty easy to apply lipstick and done with it, but you can also use it to make your lips look fuller or plumper or if you want to go the other way, to reduce the size of your lips. Here is how you can give the illusion of fuller and plumper lips.

Pat some concealer onto your lips by spreading it over your lip line. This will give you a larger area to outline your lips. This is a crucial step in this process so don’t skip it. Apply a bright shade of lipstick preferably a cream based or a lip gloss in the centre of your lip. Work your way outward from the centre to the corners of your lips. Cream based lipsticks or glosses that have shimmer in them tend to pick up light, making your pout look fuller and super hydrated. Then just line your lips with a lip pencil and cover the extra area outside your lip line where you had initially applied your concealer.

3Thinner Lip Tricks

Thinner Lip Tricks

So, for those of you who want to magically reduce the size of your lips, and make them look proportional, Here is what you can do:

Apply a concealer about one millimeter from your lip line and blend it well so that it doesn’t look like you have done anything. Always use concealer close your skin tone. Now pick a darker lip colour, and a tart applying little below your lip line. Use the brush to do this as it gives the sharper more defined edge. Now start filling in the outlined area. Once you are done with that just pat the area around your lips with the compact powder and you will see a visible reduction in the size of your lips.

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4Removing Lipstick

Removing Lipstick

If you want to remove your lipstick, it can be a little bit painful. You can remove lipstick by using Vaseline, Aquaphor, makeup remover, or a makeup wipe to remove the majority of the lipstick. Then excoriate your lips with a scrub or use a wet toothbrush. Once the lipstick is removed completely keep the lips hydrated to keep them soft and smooth.


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