Nail paint drying techniques


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Nail paint drying

Nail paint can be a fancy thing to wear, but do you just ignore applying nail paint because, it takes a lot of time to dry. What if we can tell you that it will dry in no time? Will it be the same or will be able to look at it from another angle? Well, we all know how curious girls can get. Actually, every girl has gone through this phase of being a restless person. There are 5 quick tips we can give you to dry your nail paint just with things at home! Want to know how, then give this article a read.

5 Quick Techniques To Dry Your Nail Paint

1Cold Water

Cold Water

Did you know cold water can do the trick? No? Well, here you go then. Paint your nails with your favorite color, and put keep your nails under cold water. Allow your nails to dry under the fan for 3minutes. Now you can apply a top coat to it and repeat the process. This tip actually works and makes your nails look brighter than usual.

2Freezer technique

Freezer technique

If you are running out of time, and are in a hurry to leave the place, then you can try the freezer technique. Just stick your nails in the freezer and find that your nail paint has already dried. This technique could be a bit painful, your hand will get really cold. But for the time being you can follow this method.

3Hair dryer

Hair dryer

Everyone knows, that hair dryers help in drying the nails, but apparently no one uses it. You may think it is probably the wrong choice. But trust me, it is one of the simplest and effective technique that can fix your problem, and it keeps you away from smudging your freshly applied nail paint. Set your hair dryer on low, or coolest mode and make sure that your hand is not too close. Be careful with the other hand, as it might spoil the nail paint.

4OPI drip-dry drops

OPI drip dry drops

Once you apply your final coat, drop a drop of an OPI drip dry drop on your nail and place them under the fan. It does not quickly dry your nail paint, but it quickens the process comparatively.

5Baby oil

Baby oil

Yes, it is baby oil and you have read it right. Soak your fingers in baby oil for a couple of minutes after you apply the top coat of nail paint. It not only dries nail paints, but also smoothens your skin.

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