How to push yourself to keep a bedroom perfectly clean!


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A messy room is often the hallmark of a typical child or teenager (and, surprisingly, even some adults). A clean bedroom leads to a peaceful mind. Even though you may not care how your room looks like, it still affects you! How would it be thinking of your bedroom and its mess even before you come home? Doesn’t that just affect your mind or the way you will handle things at home. Often, women are irritated to think that there is a cleaning process to be done before hitting the bed. Office stress is doubled when you think you have to manage the kids, cook food, do the laundry and then make the bed because everything is right there on the bed and the bedroom is in such a mess.

If you have been longing to find a solution, spend some time to read this and give your un-diverted attention to your bedroom for an hour on a Sunday noon and tada!, your room is going to be spic and span-neat! Here, these tips will show you how to keep your room clean and what are the ways you can be motivated to clean your bedroom.

Top Facts On How To Keep A Tidy Bedroom

Make a situation

situationIf you are lazy and have not been able to clean your bedroom since so many decades and you are just sleeping in a pile of what is almost like a crap-looking-huddle, then it is easy to go crap-free by making a situation. Call your relative home or call your sister,mother or anyone. This will encourage you to clean the bedroom because you know you have to now clean it because people are visiting you.

Prepare a manual separation

separationYes, this literally means, separate the things you want and the ones you don’t want. Make a list of things you would use and dump the ones that you don’t either in the garbage or pile it in a sack and keep it outside. If you think some things might be useful for later, then you can pile them and put them up on the shelf or cupboard

Find storage place

storage placeFind your storage place. Dressers/dresser drawers, cupboards, shelves, attic, spare room, basement, storage room, place under the bed! So many places can act as your dumping friend and it is always important that you keep these places as your savior. When you are tired of cleaning, you can always dump it, in one of these places to avoid time constrains.

Clean the room

roomIt is always best to clean the room with a broom or even better if you can use a machine to do its work. Using a cleaning machine, saves time and makes it very reliable when you are too tired. Vacuum, scrub, wash and dust the bedroom or whatever to make it look presentable. If your stuff starts accumulating again, just take a few minutes each day to put everything where it belongs. Take a few minutes every night before you go to bed and make sure everything is in its place or neatly put away. You should also make it a habit to make up your bed every morning before you leave the house. It makes life easier for you when you go out of house and live in a dorm.

Try to make a deal with your husband

Make a dealMake a deal with your husband. Take turns in cleaning the bedroom. Say you will give him a great body massage and vice-versa on the days each one come forward to help.

Click pictures-

picturesIf you are obsessed with what goes where, then click pictures of your room. So you can take time to go through the pictures and arrange your house. It is simple, hassle free and doesn’t need much time to think.

Some other tips to have a clean bedroom-

#Try not to make things look multiply out, it makes it look like your room isn’t as big as it is. Clean it at least once a week to keep it from getting too messy.

#Try to reward yourself in some way every time you clean your room. This might be anything from having a cookie to seeing your favorite program on TV. Rewards don’t always have to be big. They are simply and you can choose since you are the one doing the cleaning.

#Take breaks, but don’t make them too long, as you may find it difficult to go back to cleaning.

#Everyone goes about tasks differently. Some people prefer cleaning a bit every day; others like to attack everything in one sitting. Find out what works best for you.

#Remind yourself if your room is clean, you can have friends over more often!

#Look if what you are doing is right. Do not keep on doing it just because you have to.

#Enjoy it with music. Listen to fast numbers which will automatically speed up the work process

After cleaning your room, get some lights. String lights look the best and hang them up and turn them on. Soft lighting brings a comforting place that’s easy to focus on. Don’t make your room too bright, it makes it harder to focus, and harder to keep clean.

-Pavithra Ravi