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Every woman has her own choice of living her life. A desire to do something is completely your choice. To be anything, you must adopt a particular style or attitude. Then you will achieve what you want to be. To be identified as a bold lady, you have a set of qualities. The same way it is to be elegant. If you are choosing to be elegant then you must never do a few things.

The elegant women are noticed not doing a few things. It is not unnatural to be something. It is just a way of living and growing in your life. You are making your identity with your desired personality, traits and presentation. I feel that elegance is one of the qualities for a woman to be successful.

If you are calling yourself elegant then check if you are doing these things. If yes, then mind not repeat. As it is not a harm to lose yourself with good habits, you must not give it a second thought. Now have a look on what things must never do to be a successful elegant woman.

Elegant Woman Qualities- These Are Never To Do

Just wearing an expensive outfit and accessories is not elegant. Following the trends and styles don’t make a woman elegant.

According to me, mature women are more elegant compared to other women. They just know the rights and wrongs. They also know the way to handle themselves. This way there are many more qualities that a woman should be infused to call herself elegant.

1. They don’t show lack of confidence

They-dont-show-lack-of-confidenceElegant women lead their way with confidence wherever they go. Undoubtedly, confidence is the prime quality for elegant women. I agree that we would be nervous and insecure and confusions inside. But elegant women handle all this though it is a bit difficult. They prepare themselves to talk, walk and behave confident.

Women who know the role of confidence would develop it first before facing anything new or big. The dreams are achieved with strong preparations. Once you gain the confidence, then you will become elegant smoothly.

2. They don’t hurry and worry

They-dont-hurry-and-worryElegant women don’t hurry up and make it uncomfortable for people around. They handle the situation in their own way.

Obviously, you would come across the uncertain and panicking situations. But you cannot hurry up and cause more panic to the atmosphere there. You need to handle it with intelligence. And you are not asked to be instantly intelligent and smart. When you are not able to handle the situation, then you must ask for someone’s help. All your focus is to calm and comfort the situation. You can take a minute of time and think about what is better to do.

Your pleasant mind and comforting nature makes you the most elegant woman. This will be reflected in a few situations naturally.

3. They don’t speak carelessly

They-dont-speak-carelesslySpeech is a right but not to do carelessly. When you are expressing or explaining something, you must mind the situation as well. If you want to be elegant, then you must also make sure of using the right phrases. The phrases that sound vague or odd must not be part of your talking.

If you are seeing any minor carelessness, then correct it. What includes elegant speaking is- mind others feelings and emotions, degrading yourself or sounding too casual. The language you are using matters a lot. Use the right grammar to convey the right message or intention to someone.

For example, if you want someone to move from the way “move”. You are supposed to use “excuse me” instead of the word “move”. Uttering the incomplete and inappropriate phrases becomes a lack of elegance.

4. They don’t try to be perfect

They-dont-try-to-be-perfectPerfection is not everything that you need to be elegant. Striving for perfection, you look unnatural. Carrying yourself up with elegance comes the practiced habit. Adjusting everything for perfection looks repaired or managed from a far view. It is also a kind of pressure that shows off in your actions, behaviour and body language.

Women who try to be perfect out go through tantrums compared to others. When you are creating the self mess then why to be that even. Being happy and comfortable the way you are is important. If you are happy to be and do something, you do it effortlessly at least after a few times. And you don’t feel the pressure or show tantrums.

Being imperfect is perfect too. When you are a combination of imperfections with elegance, kindness and boldness these make you look elegant. Elegant women are also perfect women!

5. They don’t show off their skin

They-dont-show-off-their-skinShowing off skin is not a bad thing but the way you represent yourself is always noticed. Not just because someone is watching you but it also doesn’t make you an elegant woman when you lack the dressing sense or good presentation.

Wearing a swimsuit is not bad. You are happy wearing it and enjoying your time at the beach or pool to the fullest. Touching your body or posing like on a side of the venue, is not a good idea.

Of course! It is an individual wish to look and feel great with their skin. But overdoing it in a wrong place or time is not elegant at any cost.

6. They don’t adjust their outfit in public

They-dont-adjust-their-outfit-in-publicAdjusting the dress makes you clumsy. Though your outfit is pretty and grand, adjusting it too many times is not a good habit. You must do all the outfit adjustment before stepping out. Fix your outfit to stay in place where you don’t have to recheck it several times. This kind of mess affects your state of mind at the moment.

Adjusting your outfit gently one or twice is elegant. Women look elegant when they adjust their saree. But not as much as it becomes noticeable. Anything excess is never good!

Also always remember to wear comfortable clothes. You look elegant even in a casual outfit. When you want to appear elegant pick the suitable dresses, not trendy ones.

7. They don’t have an aggressive body language

They-dont-have-an-aggressive-body-languageYou can’t be elegant with aggressive body language. Giving angry signals when not actually required steals the elegance that you were carrying all the while. It seems like overreaction.

Be it in a workplace or in public transport, you may have differences while the day passes. It is common to have differences. And it is also important to speak out when there is a need. There are ways to speak and voice out your opinion. Elegant women choose polite ways over showing off their anger. They also don’t show their aggressiveness or anger in body language.

You need to raise your voice but there is a way to do it. Stay calm and put out your opinion in a healthy manner.

8. They are not desperate for anything

They-are-not-desperate-for-anythingBeing desperate to learn something new is a must have quality. It keeps you enthusiastic and determined. Desperacy for someone’s attention, friendships, relationships is not elegant. Wanting is extremely fine but trying going out of your character for something becomes a negative sign.

Your desperation to have someone’s presence becomes your weakness. This may sound like a philosophy but it is experienced by several people. Experienced people believe that going out of your way can harm you. It disturbs your mental status when they don’t show their interest back. So, elegant women don’t harm or degrade themselves.

9. They don’t sit in an inappropriate manner

They-dont-sit-in-an-inappropriate-mannerElegant women always mind their body posture. You must learn the right body posture. Sitting in a slouchy manner represents your laziness. It shows how carefree about your own body.

Most of the time, I notice women sitting spreading their legs. It is not to restrict yourself from being comfortable. You must feel comfort but also need to check your body posture when you are in public or in groups.

And a few women think sitting and standing in carefree positions is comfort. If comfort is beyond self respect then for any woman, the body posture doesn’t matter at all. Elegance and self respect are very much associated with each other.

Another point to be noted as we are talking about body posture- the right posture gives right support to your body. You can learn a few perfect body postures to give right support to your body which are also elegant.

10. They don’t chase men

They-dont-chase-menFirstly, you don’t have to chase anyone. As it is for elegant women, we must be specific about association with men. Seeking the attention of men and chasing them doesn’t make you elegant. Doing this you are losing focus on self. When you are giving more importance to someone than yourself, it doesn’t look elegant.

You must be kind enough to offer help to someone. Guiding someone with your knowledge or making them feel better also these are strengths. Be it a man, you can be compassionate and there is no reason to object it.

11. They don’t giggle at someone

They-dont-giggle-at-someoneLaughing at funny things and moments is natural. You are just enjoying it at the moment. But giggling too much at someone and that too for no reason doesn’t make you an elegant woman.

People tend to giggle when they are surrounded with friends. This common thing is not so elegant when you do it again and again. It looks childish and immature to giggle at someone. You may enjoy it but note that it is not making you look elegant even though you are in a sophisticated outfit. Act and represent yourself according to your personality.

And then giggling at your friends, you can go close to them and crack a joke. Laugh over it and have fun. You are agreeing with this, then you want to be elegant.

12. They don’t gossip for any reason

They-dont-gossip-for-any-reasonYou never find elegant women gossiping. They are more focused on self growth and life. Consuming time for unnecessary things is not a quality in elegant women. They may discuss different aspects but they don’t involve gossiping.

They also know the best ways to utilize their time. As she is more occupied with her hobbies and responsibilities, she wouldn’t have time for silly talks. If she is involved in a discussion, then it would be something useful. She prioritizes her doings in a day and gossip is not her priority at any cost.

13. They don’t argue unnecessarily

They-dont-argue-unnecessarilyWomen are reputed for arguments but not elegant women again. Reputation for arguments got after picking every small detail and dragging it. The people who fall into this argument category argue endlessly.

Throwing negative vibes with arguments is never a good thing. Being bold and putting your views in front is a healthy way to speak up. Here it is not to overtake someone’s opinion but it is to make it clear about your opinion. Elegant women also don’t bother about winning or losing an argument. All they would do is, value the opposite person’s opinion and also give a strong opinion from her side. Are you someone like this, then you are elegant in some way!

14. They don’t degrade themselves

They-dont-degrade-themselvesElegant women don’t degrade themselves as it is an absolute wrong thing. It is also not that they carry pride or attitude. Self harming and degrading seems the qualities of an immature and weak woman but not a confident and elegant woman.

We wonder looking at a few women. Their elegance and charm leaves you awestruck. But they are elegant as they are happy with themselves. They don’t go through the unnecessary pressure of degrading themselves. Elegant women feel good and happy about their reality. They would be happy with their life in their own way. This also doesn’t trigger negative thoughts like jealousy and anger.

Elegant appearance spreads the positive essence. If you believe that the inner goodness reflects out, then you will know it much better to be elegant. Also mind these things and you will appear, feel finely elegant.

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