Tips On How To Wear a Corset


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Tips On Wearing Corset

If you want a literal explanation, then basically corset means a garment which was worn to train and hold the torso into a desired shape for medical and aesthetic purpose. It was supposed to have been worn by both men and women, but for many years, it has become an integral part of women’s wardrobe.

From the mark of the 20th century, the corset has been referred by the fashion industry to mimic the look of traditional corsets as corset tops or modern corsets. They have no or very little effect on the shape of the wearer’s body.

A corset top or a bustier when worn correctly is a beautiful and elegant addition to many outfits. It can accentuate your curves and womanly charms, and can be quite comfortable when you get the basics down. It is a great sexy fashion accessory which also supports posture correction. It is a versatile lingerie that can be worn under t-shirts, tops or dresses. The best secret is to know how to select the right one.

Corsets are also perfect to wear with vintage dresses, or vintage inspired clothing. By wearing corset under a vintage dress it will give you a perfect 50’s inspired look or ‘The Great Gatsby’ look. Here are a few tips on wearing corset, with your T-shirt, tops or even dresses.

Tips On Wearing A Corset

Well now-a-days you can find a lot different types of corsets. Which you can wear with your different type of dresses, tops, T-shirts, etc.

1Find the right one

Find the right one

As a first time buyer, the suggestion is it is best to buy in the shop. You will know and can judge the size, shape and material of the corset. You can research the style and determine the corset that will suit you the best.

Generally there are two main types of styles, underbust and overbust corsets. In an overbust corset, it will cover the chest and can be good for those with small and medium bust. Well-endowed women might find it difficult to get an overbust corset that can accommodate them. An overbust corsets lift can provide a great cleavage for those who have small bust. If you are accentuated enough or more curvaceous then an underbust corset can be ideal for you. Basically they fall below the bust line and clinch all the soft parts under the rib cage. Evaluate your pair of corsets with a plan and buy accordingly.

Selecting a proper colour and material is the very next step. It is best to pick up a neutral corset as your first one. Black is always best to keep. There is always something that might go with black. It is also important to find a suitable material. Cottons are best to wear on summers in our country, also seek for something that doesn’t cause any rash or itching in the skin because if you are wearing directly on the skin then with extreme sweat, there can be some skin problem with the fabric. But if you are wearing them outside, then you can try many eye-catching look corsets like leather or vinyl.

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2Get the right fit

Get the right fit

Corsets are mostly good steel boned kind, it usually doesn’t come within any standard sizes of small, medium and large. They run generally by waist measurement, so take your waist measurement and subtract it with two to four inches. Remember that corsets are meant to stay open in the back, If you can easily close your corset back then you can try to go down the size. Also remember that corsets must be tight, but you must be able to breathe.

3Plan your outfit

Plan your outfit

Corsets are the last thing that comes to mind. But remember that they are the first thing you should think wearing before anything. Remember to wear a camisole in between the corset and your skin. Corsets are tight because of this, it can cause rash and camisoles can protect on rubbing, which also helps in keeping your corset clean much longer. Select your corset when you will select your attire.

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4Lace it right

Lace it right

Corset lacing is nothing like sports shoe lacing. Before wearing it you need to have a check that it is laced properly. The most common way it is done is lacing from bottom to top and the tie for the laces being at the smallest point of the waist. There are many other ways to tie up the lace. You might need to change the settings, if you are wearing the corset under the dress. So that the knot won’t show.

While buying the corset check whether it is pre-laced or not or if have bought it online, check the lace. In both the cases, if corset was bought or came pre-laced you might not have to worry much. But if it is not laced or laced incorrectly, then you might want to learn how to lace it. Just remember that laces meeting at the centre of the back is very important.

5Wear properly

Wear properly

While wearing a corset remember to stand in front of the mirror, if you are doing it alone. If you have a friend who is helping you then it is also a great. Just remember to follow all the instruction on how to wear a corset in internet.

With these few tips and tricks you will look great in every dress and everyone will envy your sense of dressing.

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