Body Shape Wear For A Perfect Smooth Tummy

Body Shape Wear

If you have not unlocked the magic of tummy tucker or shape wear yet be ready to rock your world and if you are planning to start wearing a shape wear then you might have heard about the bewitching changes it do to your body. Like it will iron and smooth out every lump in body. Shape wear makes your body look like a three dimensional photoshoped picture. Even most of the celebrities wear shape wear on the red carpet events.

There are an endless array of styles and fabric shape wear available in the market because of its popularity. Sometimes we get confused on what to buy and how to buy and buying online gets crazier and difficult because once bought it becomes difficult to return. Here are some few tips on how to buy a body shape wear for a perfect look.

Tricks To Buy a Body Shape Wear

1For First Timers Shops Are Best

First Timers Shops Are Best

If you are the first timer in buying a shape wear, then the suggestion is to go for shopping in stores. Online shopping is a very bad option. You should be confirmed before buying online otherwise once bought online, it becomes a difficult process to return an intimate wear. As most of the online shopping sites do not accept any return on them.

It is a myth that says that buying a smaller size will give you a flatter tummy. If you buy anything smaller than your size it can cut into your skin or can make you feel uncomfortable in breathing or can even make you feel claustrophobic. Sometimes it can create even more problems at night or if you have eaten more at lunch or dinner. Similarly like it, if you get any size bigger then you won’t be able to get your desired look. Also, the wrinkles can be viewed through the dress. Some shape wear is not mentioned sizes in inches. Instead, they come in like small, medium, large and extra large. If you are not sure of your size, then go with your dress size.

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2Sit Before You Buy

Sit Before You Buy

Before buying a shape wear try it on and if you want to be hundred percent sure then don’t forget to take a sitting test. If you feel any stiffness or uneasy then it is the wrong size.

You need your body shaper wardrobe just like your bra wardrobe. Different kinds of shape wear for every outfit. Body shapers target a set of areas. Some shapers are meant for tummy while others are meant for butts, thighs, etc.

All over bodysuits, looks like a swim suit, which will target almost all sections of the body and also works with short dresses. There is another type of tummy tucker which have only added butt support. There are others which will work for T-shirts and Jeans.

3Think About Loo

Think About Loo

The most important thing every girls overlook while buying a shape wear is the comfortability. If you find it hard to adjust your shape wear after attending a nature’s call then believe me you will hate the shape wears. Sometimes they are very difficult to get into and going through the same process every time will make you feel not worthing it. With this type of problem, it is better to go with only tummy tuckers.

4Do Not Over Eat

Do Not Over Eat

Try to eat less while wearing a tummy tucker. For some people, tummy come out as soon as they have little more to eat. So its better to eat less when you are wearing a body shaper. Otherwise you might end up felling uncomfortable and breathing heavily.

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5How To Get Into A Body Shaper

Get Into A Body Shaper

Here are something you should know while wearing a tummy tucker for the first time. It will feel like a battle in itself. If you are doing it wrong, then you will feel like sweating, scratching and a lot of heavy breathing. It will get stuck into your head or sometimes butt, and you will end up hating it forever. While wearing pull the material together, like you do while wearing pantyhose. Try to fit it around your belly or crotch and roll down your thighs afterwards.

6Cotton-Blend Shape Wear Are The Best

Shape Wear Are The Best

Nylon and spandex are basically used in making shape wears. They are synthetic fabrics, which do not breathe. When in a cold climate, wearing synthetic fabrics is an advantage because you need to retain as much body heat as possible. But in warm climates like we have in India, synthetics will make you prone to sweat and can sometimes cause rashes or allergies. Fortunately, there are many brands who sell summer shape wear, which are lighter in versions, made of cotton for moisture absorption with microfiber for control in odor and they are designed with breath ability.

Now with this easy to breathe shape wear tricks you can rock any look you want. Be it with short dress or jeans and T-shirt or long gowns without feeling uncomfortable.

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