Tips to find motivation to cook for yourself


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Cook Yourself

If you are a single person and you are living far away from home, a lot of the times cooking can be a major problem. Yes, cooking can be easy and simple, if you’re cooking for more people,but when you are alone and you have no idea what to do for the day, it can be an irritating part of your life cooking. To cook for yourself, a person requires a lot of patience. You could easily order it from outside and not care about cooking at home at all. But how long can you actually depend on outside food? You could manage it for a week or maximum 10 days, but after that point you may get really irritated with going outside and eating packaged food. We understand that there’s no motivation for you to cook for just yourself, so we are going to list down some tips to cook for yourselfand also on how to motivate to cook for the whole.

We also understand that it is tempting and very convenient for you to go out and eat, but with the convenience comes the extra cash as well, that you have to pitch in every time you eat outside. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat outside at all. Just think of all the money you will save if you cook for yourself and not buy them outside. When you think of it in the future, you would be satisfied with the decision that you made. A lot of people say that cooking soothes a soul. So try to soothe your soul by cooking whatever you like, however you want and by making it however tasty to fatty or healthy. It’s all about your perspective and your decision.So here’s to the coming days of a shift in you.Let us help you to cook for yourself.

Tips to Cook for Yourself

1Find your motivation

Find your motivation

A lot of times, people don’t find motivation in cooking for just one person. This is because they know that nobody is looking at them and nobody really cares. You may think that it’s just for yourself and taste hardly matters. Well, do you know that cooking for just one person creates a sense of responsibility, commitment and the drive to cook better? Yes, it is proven that cooking for you can bring out the creativity within you and can save a lot of money. Find your motivation and look for what you have always wanted to when it comes to cooking.

In fact, you can have healthy food or go on a food diet to make your cooking process easier. Think of the calories that you are gaining in the process of eating outside. A burger contains 700 calories, a pizza contain1500 calories. So it is not an easy task to reduce all the weight. But if you cook at home, you can make fresh salads and you can eat a lot of these fruits and dishes can be tasty and healthy too. Think about it people, it makes your life easier doesn’t it?

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2Plan ahead

Plan ahead

Make a shopping list and stick to just that because a lot of times people end up spending unnecessary stuff at shopping malls. They don’t buy enough fruits or vegetables since their eyes go towards processed, packaged foods that will make work easier. So don’t do that! Just make a list of whatever you might need and plan ahead of what you want to cook for the day or for the week as well. This makes it easier and you would have a vision of what you’re going to make.

In fact, you should pay attention to all the leftovers that you have in your fridge. Making new items every day can leave a lot of leftovers to work on in the weekends. Try to create your own recipe for the weekend using the leftovers. Your work becomes very professional and creative. After all, you don’t want to waste a lot of food right?

3Cook one main dish

Cook one main dish

Keeping it simple always has an upper advantage. Yes, you need to keep your items simple when you make food. Why? Because, you don’t want to make a lot of special food and miss out on ideas for the rest of your weekend. Let’s say you want to eat multiple things like fries, sandwich, pasta and probably something with curd.

You have to split your menu according to the order of interest. If you think making pasta is easier, try to make pasta and keep your companion dishes simple. Make a sauce with your pasta or a green salad and end it there. The next day you can make a garden sandwich and fries. Split your main dish each day to avoid confusion on what to eat and what to leave.

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4Share your food

Share your food

It is an Indian myth to share food with everybody. Of course, you might have noticed your neighbors asking for some ingredients from your mother or your mother offering awesome cook food to your neighbors. Well it works a lot nicer when you can share food with your neighbors or friends.

If you are living with a roommate, you might as well share your food with him or her. Give him/her a small portion of your cooked food if you think that it might get wasted. There is nothing wrong in sharing food. That way, the comments about your food can be a form of motivation for you to cook better and better.

Cooking is all about being creative and analyzing what you want and what you don’t. Yes, it could be difficult for the first few days, but once you get the hang of it you will love it and you’ll start becoming very creative. There are lots of food forums online and if you go out of recipes you can always search for good easy recipes online as well. If nothing works, simply create your own recipe. When you take a picture of the food that you made and put it on Instagram or send it to your mother, trust me you will feel very proud and mature about yourself. So ladies, start cooking and explore the other side of cooking!

-Pavithra Ravi

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