Top things your significant other doesn’t tell you


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There are a lot of times in life, you want to say something to your significant other and you shut up because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. Well, it is the same in the case of your significant other is hiding from you. Even he doesn’t tell you or sometimes hides certain things from you because he doesn’t want to start a fight or doesn’t want to spring in something bad in your well going relationship. It happens amongst most couples. Every person has secrets to themselves that are told probably only to their friends. If your boyfriend or your partner is telling you that he is totally transparent and true to you, it is a big lie. Because, as a couple, you should embrace each other and understand that you need to have your own secrets and space in life.

If you are wondering what all he has been hiding from you, we are just going to give a list of things he has probably been not telling you. But again, ladies! This is just a guess list and there could be more or nothing to this list at all. So, don’t depend totally on this list to ask your boyfriend about what he has been hiding. You could use this list as a reference to find out if he is not telling you certain things related to the sub topics we have given. It is totally up to you to consider this important or not. Don’t worry too much about this because, you have to find out or actually indulge in his activities before you come to a conclusion. So, here are some probable things that your significant other might be hiding from you.

Things Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Tell You At All

1He wants you to shut up

He wants you to shut up

Sometimes it so happens that women don’t know when to stop. They don’t know how to put a full stop to a particular topic that your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk. Men are generally not great when it comes to multitasking. So, if your guy is importantly working on something regarding work and you are continuously talking about your friends, he would want you to shut up. But, he doesn’t tell you that because he doesn’t want you to be mad with him.

If you think sometimes he doesn’t pay full attention and looks disturbed when you are talking, he is probably thinking of a better way to shut you up. So, always make sure he is not doing any other work when you talk to him. Ask for his full attention and grab hold of his eyes when you talk something important. Otherwise, most of the times, he will end up thinking how to shut you and not listen to you at all. This could be a girl’s mistake as well. So, it’s always better to take his opinion and full attention into consideration when you are talking something important.

2First impressions are tough for them

First impressions

Men generally make good impressions. This is what the world thinks. That is a big NO. They actually don’t make any impression at all from the inside. They are freaked out about the date as you are and they don’t know what to talk to you as you might have been. But somethings went right and you get to know them better. But even now if they think about it, it pains them and they tend to re-do the first date with better conversation skills and better confidence.

Girls are generally freaked out about first dates because they don’t know how he guy is going to be. But the guys are freaked out because they also don’t know what they are going to be. It is difficult for guys to control their actions and put out the best from within. So, he is probably still terrified about talking what happened on the first date.

3He lies about your relationship

He lies about your relationship

Well, don’t get panicked when we say that he lies often to keep a peaceful relationship. Everybody does that. Trust me EVERYBODY! These white lies are basically lies that keep arguments, confrontations and irritating actions away from your relationship.

A small example can be a lie about your cooking skills. He may tell you that you cook very well while he knows from within that he is convincing you about your cooking skills to not have a silly argument about it. Or, maybe when he says that he likes the color red when he doesn’t actually like it. But says it anyway to cool you down with the idea.

Lies like these are silly, small and petty but they do matter a lot to women. So, guys just figure out that instead of having a long conversation about all this, they might as well lie about it and not have a big talk at all.

4He feels insecure too

He feels insecure too

We all women think that men never feel insecure about their face, structure and themselves. Well, we are wrong. As much as we feel insecure about our dressing style, body, etc, guys also feel the same about theirs.

Women may say it aloud to feel better about it, but men don’t. They often keep it to themselves and don’t say a word about to you or their friends. But if you feel that you can take off the insecurity from your man’s life, you can give him, assuring sweet advices or you can tell him that he looks great which will make him feel better from inside. He may not show it to you, but he will thank you from within.

5It’s not always sex

It’s not always sex

Women mistake guys for wanting sex every time. No, that’s wrong too. This happens because the guys don’t speak about how great the hug was or how good it felt to hold you in his arms.Guys do want compassion, love and small hugs that speak louder than sex. If you have a wrong notion that your guy is looking only for sex, then you are definitely wrong. If he loves you truly, a hug and compassionate words are enough for him to feel masculine and happy.

-Pavithra Ravi

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