Thoughts that run when a woman wears heels


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Thoughts about wearing heels

Wearing heels is almost like a love-hate affair that every woman has. Do you wonder why women love heels? It gives them the much needed confidence, it gives them the extra edge of feeling a step above everything. Every woman jumps at the amazing opportunity of wanting to wear a beautiful heel to work or to a party. Heels are definitely tall and precarious. They are gorgeous and every woman would love to stumble upon every opportunity she gets. Well, that being said, most of the times when a woman wears heels, she curses them. She makes sure she looks good and all, but most of the times, it’s a pain in the ass moment for her (Well, that’s quite literal). There are so many thoughts that run a woman’s mind when she wears heels.

It is a reward and a challenge. It is beauty and the beast. It is painful, yet lovely. One might think all the things I just mentioned are contradictory. Ha-ha! Welcome to the world of women. This is how difficult and confusing heels are for us. The beautiful heels hurt your leg so much that you want to throw it away, but the next day when you look at it, you feel like wearing it forever. Having said all this, let me give you reasons as to why women are so madly in a love-hate relationship with their heels and what are the various thoughts about wearing heelsthat cross in woman’s mind when they wear it.

Random Thoughts a Woman Has About Heels

1‘My legs look – Woah’

‘My legs look – Woah’

Let’s face it! This is the very first thought, every woman has when she tries on her best looking heels. Well, when you try on your heels, the immediate thing you do is go to the mirror and check your legs. Imagine you are wearing an amazing black stiletto and flaunting a short dress, the first thing you notice is your heeled shoes and the way it makes your legs look, isn’t it? A woman should always have a safety pair of heels with her which is not only comforting but also looks sexy and elegant.

It just takes a pair of black stilettos to remind you how wonderful looking you are. All the complexes about having fat thighs or short legs will vanish in seconds when you wear a beautiful looking heels. This is indefinitely the very first thought, every woman has when she wears heels.

2‘Every day is heels-day’

‘Every day is heels-day’

Heels are the biggest blessing in disguise when it comes to feeling special. Well, when you look at your heels, don’t you end up thinking every day should be a heels day to work? You feel special, your heels will make you look taller, you will feel like you are the boss and that’s pretty much everything you need to feel to get through the day.

When you run to catch a cab or when you walk down the stairs, the sound of the heel gives you the authority or power. You will want to wear them every single day, but realize that, if you wear it every single day, your legs will go through a hell trip. You realize that though the heels are wonderful, they hurt your leg and back. But of course, that doesn’t stop you from at least wishing for every day heel day!

3Can my heel hurt the man who hurt me?

Can my heel hurt

This is super funny and you could have been one of them who has imagined this at least once in your life. There are so many ways in which heels can satisfy you. One such way is to actually hurt the man who hurt you. These fantasy scenarios with heels become your daily fun.

Have you imagined squeezing a man’s hand with your heel? Have you felt like stabbing someone evil with your genius heels? No? Is it just me? LOL! I am sure you would have thought of it at least once, maybe you just wouldn’t accept the fact. Your imaginary alter-ego will have you dream about all kinds of sexy-dangerous fantasy situations which could never happen in reality but at least keeps your dream world going.

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4‘Ah, I hate the stairs’

‘Ah, I hate the stairs’

While wearing heels is fun and amazingly interesting, there are certain disadvantages as well. Yes, the first one out of the lot is having to walk up the stairs. Your leg hurts so bad that you wish you took the lift or some other route. The subway could be a bad place to start off with. You have so many stairs in the subway. You will feel the need to sit down and rest your leg.

Sometimes, I feel the need to throw my heels on people’s face or on the subway when they start hurting so bad. Let’s accept that eventually you start to feel tired and your heels tend to wear down slowly when you walk a lot. But, let me break it to you that they do hurt, a loo-ooot! Oblivion

5‘No, No, Do not take it off’

‘No, No, Do not take it off’

The amount of will power you will have is just impeccable and most of all, you will tell yourself to calm down. All these thought immediately went through your mind because your legs would be killing and you wouldn’t want to be that girl who removes heels in the middle of the road. You will look totally like a fool if you pick up your shoes and walk barefoot. I understand that there is a constant urge to remove your heels, but don’t do it! Just don’t!

6‘Let me please take it off’

‘Let me please take it off’

After saying maybe half an hour or one hour, you get so tired and frustrated that the thought of removing your heels is the only thought that tends to stay in your mind. This thought will scream into your head, mind, soul, body and mainly feet. When you remove it and finally get back to normal, the feeling is so much better than an orgasm. But, when you wear it the next day, it’s again totally worth it!

Women complain a lot, yes! They sure make it confusing for the guys and people around when they think and do too many things. I am sure a woman reading this, will totally understand when I say that when you wear heels, it gives you multiple emotions and you need to be a woman to undergo that!

-Pavithra Ravi

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