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Interesting Day

You know, sometimes your day can be so mundane and boring that you might not realize how irritating it is to actually do the same work again and again. Well, it is true that a mundane or boring job can shake your entire day and make you a dull person. But, there are some ways by which you can feel better and enthusiastic about. You may wonder how the world around you becomes so boring and colorless, right? When you are stuck in such situations, you should understand that there are some easy and simple things that one, as a human being can do. There is definitely just you and only you who can make things right for yourself. If you are alone, stuck in the world of boredom, you can make it interesting for your own good. What can you actually do?

You can in factvery much try random and small things that give you satisfaction. Yes, satisfaction can be anything – and it definitely differs from person to person. You may want to go to the park and just laze around, you may want to just eat a tub full of ice cream and feel good about yourself. Satisfaction can also be something that you do on purpose. You could consider going to an orphanage and help people out there. So, in this article, I am going to give you a list of things that you can do to put a pin on a boring day and make it more satisfactory and loving. Let’s directly dive into action and see the different things that a person can do on a boring day and make your day interesting.

Different Things to Do on a Boring Day

1Compliment a complete stranger

Compliment a complete stranger

A lot of people don’t try this. But if you are bored and if you think that your day is mundane, you would want to hear something fun and happy from some person. So, why don’t you be that generous person and give someone else the compliment that they might deserve. If you see a girl wearing a nice necklace or a good dress or a perfect haircut, just go to her and tell her that she looks beautiful. It is fine if they don’tcompliment you back.

At least you would be happy that you said something out loud to a complete stranger. It could be awkward at first, butit’s fine to be awkward too and blurt out things that you generally hold back from telling strangers. Whether they respond with a smile ora weird look, you would have felt so much better within yourself. It definitely is a generous effort to compliment a complete stranger. So, it is cool and that will lift up your day and make your day more interesting. But when you do that, pick the right person. Don’t pick a weirdo and then feel sorry for the different things that may follow.

2Mess up your hair

Mess up your hair

Everybody wants to look so perfect when they go to the office that they forget the small things on the way to work. Yes, the small things like the fresh air, the wonderful blow and of course even people watching. The relaxed drive to the office becomes more about the tensed feel, a clouded brain and a boring you. So, just let go of yourself and be free. Open the window, let your hair loose and ask for the wind to blow on your face. If you are having the most boring day ahead, some fresh and amazing weather can make your day and lift up your spirits.

3Do a good deed

Do a good deed

If you want a positive day and if you want to make your day interesting, you could buy some food for the homeless or go with a beggar to the nearby tiffin shop and get her or him something to eat. You will feel so blessed, that you won’t be able to express the feeling you have. Enjoy the smile of a poor person and do a good deed. It needn’t have to be just monetary.

Just help a blind person cross the road, or help an elderly with the bus card. You could probably just let the little children get inside the bus first or just smile at the conductor when he is asking for tickets. Things like this will make you feel worthy of yourself.

4Listen to songs

Listen to songs

If you are driving alone and you are worried that your day is going to be sucky, there is one amazing way to make your day interesting and fun. Listen to one song, loud as hell and sing along. Who cares if there is traffic outside, in the next 10 mins you have a presentation or if you have to submit something to your boss. The 10 mins of your car drive can be worth itif you want to make it fun and lovely. Yes, go for really loud music and sing your heart out. You will feel super relaxed and refreshed.

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5Get wet

Get wet

If you have nothing much to do for the day and you are planning on spending the entire day by yourself, get wet. Yes, if it is pouring outside, go get wet in the rain. Play, dance and feel refreshed. You sure used to do this when you were a kid, right? Then, why be ashamed of it now?

6Binge eat

Binge eat

Eat,eat, eat! A boring day can be made more interesting when you prepare something just for yourself and binge eat. Watch a series and munch on some snacks or sandwiches. It’s fine to binge eat when your day is dead boring.

It all comes down to how you make your day interesting and fun. So, if you are always worried about what you are doing next, sit back, relax and chuk all the feelings. You are you and you should know what makes your day happier!

Have a good day, you!

-Pavithra Ravi

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