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Period Cramps

The pain that a woman goes through during periods is not seen. But the periods time is the toughest where women have to get off all their routine. Not only the pain but the uneasiness during periods is immense. The pain during labor and the periods is similar.

Every woman may not have to period cramps. But it is a terrific time for many. Women fall sick and feel everything is sick during periods. First, you must find ways not to take the pain. The right food consumed at the right time can do wonders and save yourself from medicines and pains. There are certain foods that can control the cramps during periods.

Cramps also make it awkward for women when they are unbearable. The women who go through unbearable cramps must have the food that can make everything normal. You may not need to take the pain killers and be a bug that sticks to bed with cramps all day.

Why do we get menstrual cramps?

Woman’s uterus contracts the expel the lining. The hormone that is involved in this process is called prostaglandins. The more of prostaglandins also gives the pain and inflammation during the process. When the prostaglandins level is increased, you get painful cramps.

Food for Period Cramps

There are some of the foods that reduce menstrual cramps. You may need calcium and magnesium like minerals to let your muscles relax. There are some foods that can give you relief from continuous menstrual cramps. The foods that can control your period cramps are of direct consumption.

1. Water


You need to keep yourself hydrated and the best fluid that you can take during periods. Blood bloating is also common during periods and you need to take enough water to avoid bloating. Water in your will not retain when you have plenty of water in periods time. You need to take hot or warm water. Hot or warm liquids can relax your muscles and let the blood flow through.

Keep sipping water for less pain and peace!

2. Bananas


Bananas can save you from the real pain during your periods. The potassium and vitamins in bananas can help your body not retain water. Bloating will not be a problem when you have bananas. The lack potassium can increase the cramps and bloating which is an menstruation. So, make bananas a part of your PMS diet.

Instant energy and relief of pain with bananas!

3. Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate is capable of letting your muscles relax as it is filled with magnesium. You must eat the dark chocolate that contains at least 65% of cocoa. Cocoa beans contain minerals like iron, magnesium and potassium. You can get out of the sickness of periods by eating good quality of dark chocolate. It gives you energy with the good content of minerals. You also get mood swings during periods and dark chocolate can help in controlling your mood swings.

Chocolates can be your saviour but only dark!

4. Green Leafy Vegetables


Any ways green leafy vegetables are a must for your normal and daily diet. Green leafy veggies help you by providing loads of calcium to which controls the period cramps. The diet with green leafy veggies can relieve muscles tension during cramps. You have amazing green leafs like spinach, broccoli and kale. You can add the green leafy veggies to your salad, curries, make smoothies.

Start loving the green leafy vegetables!

5. Pineapple


You need to take something bitter and of bad taste to get rid of pain. But that is not the case with painful period cramps. You can have lovely pineapple pieces and reduce your period cramps. The fruit consists the enzyme that can loosens the muscles during your periods. You can also take in juice form as you need fluids to keep yourself hydrated during periods.

Painless periods when you eat pineapple!

6. Hummus


Hummus is made of wonderful ingredients like chickpea, olive oil, lemon and garlic which are anti inflammatory. The same ingredients can help in relieving the pain of period cramps. You can replace hummus with butter for your healthy breakfast. Butter may give you strong cramps during periods. You will have happy sleep and no mood swings if you consume hummus during your periods.

Hummus can the better pain killer of period cramps!

7. Salmon


You have all inclusive benefits by adding salmon to your diet. Salmon is loaded with vitamins and fatty acids. The fatty acids in the fish are capable of relaxing your muscles. You will instantly feel better as the pain reduces. Adding salmon fish to your diet is much easy. Not only when you are menstruating but salmon is also beneficial for a whole nutritious routine diet.

It is a nutritious and healthy diet with salmon!

8. Herbal Tea


Herbal tea are capable of maintaining good health in many ways. While you are having herbal teas you are taking loads of goodness for overall health. The anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties in herbal tea are the most important during periods. Herbal teas also let you feel light and refreshed during menstrual time.

The teas made out of herbs can improve your mood and pain.

Green tea can aid in water retention during periods. Peppermint tea can help can set your mood swings. So, consume herbal tea for period cramps.

Herbal is healthy and natural!

Other tips to have relief from period cramps

Food is the first remedy to reduce period cramps and next comes other tips. You also need to stay away from certain food items during periods. The ways that can relax the muscles with instant effect. The tips to reduce period cramps for work to gain instant relief and peace.

Hot compress

You must apply hot compress on the abdomen area to have relief from period cramps. Heat that you apply will let the muscles loosen and relax. You may also suffer from back pain during periods and heat compress can also reduce the back pain.

Essential oils

Essentials may give you relief from the pain of period cramps. You need to give a gentle massage at abdomen area with the essential oils. A few drops of essential oils like almond, lavender can deal with the period cramps.


You have specific movements and exercise which can help you to reduce the period cramps. The exercises and yoga with light stretching can give you the immense relief from pain during periods.

Stay away from sugary and salty foods

With sugary and slaty food during periods may cause bloating. Sodium in salty food items can lead to water retention and that lead to bloating and cramps. So, you must get on the diet that excludes the sugar and salty foods

Say not caffeine

Caffeine also raises the blood pressure and heart rate which increases your mood swings and anxiety. It is better you put down the coffee mugs to have happy periods.

You read so much information and ignore it. You must try to follow a few things which let you keep the pain and unpleasant conditions. As you read all the about food and ways to reduce the period cramps, don’t depend on medicines to help you. Your diet can help you well compared to any pain killer. Your diet is the medicine and pain killer for the period cramps.

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