10 Latest Mehndi Designs For Dussehra- Doll Up Your Hands


The Indian festival unites the people from corners of the country. One of the biggest and most celebrated festivals of India is Dussehra. Being Dussehra a festival of colours and Durga Pooja, women are seen with bright outfits and accessories.

The young ladies and girls love to decorate their hands with mehndi. Mehndi is the symbol of festival celebrations for Indian women. Mehndi is designed with the themes of festival and creative designs. If you are bored wearing the same designs for every festival, then you can check out the trending designs for this Navaratri.

We have included the traditional and attractive mehndi designs for Dussehra. Match up your trendy Dussehra outfits adorning your hands with mehndi.

Mehndi Designs for Dusserah- Traditional collection

1. Diya Mehndi Designs


Diya is the symbol of all Indian festivals. You can add this beautiful traditional symbol in your mehndi design. Diya can be the heart of your mehndi design. Make your Dussehra mehndi design attractive with the Diya mehndi design. This also suits your traditional outfit of Navaratri.

2. Peacock Mehndi Design

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Peacock mehndi can be traditions filled designs. The flared feathers of the peacock make it an intricate mehndi design. Your beautiful hands can be wrapped with peacock mehndi design for this Dussehra.

The additional design around the peacock and feathers makes you fall in love with your hands. You can simply extend the mehndi with a peacock feather design. You can jam your hands with the floral designs around the peacock and you will have the most classic mehndi design for Dussehra.

3. The back Hand Mehndi Design

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Women are loving to decorate their backhand with mehndi. As backhand can be well exposed, it is right decorated.

Every fashionable must try the backhand mehndi designs. Backhand mehndi designs for Dussehra can be loaded with traditional detailing. The leaf and floral designs can easily fill the backhand elegantly.

4. Chakra Mehndi Design


Chakra mehndi designs are flawless for any time. The beginners will love to do chakra design it is easy to do. You also get a free hand to create your own design with simple skills. The best part of chakra mehndi designs is, it gives you the traditional hands.

5. Lotus Mehndi Design


How nice you feel looking at a lovely lotus flower? It is pleasant and happy to see bloomed lotus. So, let your hands get that bloomed lotus mehndi design for Dussehra.

On the occasion of Durga Puja, you can make the auspicious lotus part of your mehndi design. This can be the traditional mehndi design for Durga Puja.

6. Swan Mehndi Design


Swan mehndi design is alluring and ultimate traditional design for Dussehra. If you want to turn your plain hands beautiful with elegant mehndi designs, then you can try designing the swans.

You can have a double swan design that makes your hand look intricate and traditional. The single swan on your hand looks classy and simple. You can look at the swan mehndi design which is attached the above.

7. Bangle mehndi design


Bangle mehndi designs are super delightful and well embellished. It looks not less than the real bracelets. The art of making the routine design extremely attractive is all about the mehndi designs. You can wear the broaden bangle designs or the sleek stylish designs for Dussehra.

Bangle mehndi designs can be made with plenty of pretty variations. The overflowing design till your forearms shows your enthusiasm for celebrating the festival. You can be a beautiful traditional Indian woman with fashionable mehndi designs.

8. Finger Mehndi Designs


Finger mehndi designs for Dusserah for every stylish girl. The young girls love to decorate their fingers with unique designs. Finger mehndi designs are fantastic and make the hands look elegant.

You can wear the finger mehndi designs for a stylish look of your whole hand. The mehndi designs can be simple but fashionable when you just cover your fingers. You will love the lovely flow of finger mehndi designs for Dussehra.

9. Pendant Mehndi Design


The chic mehndi designs are also pretty on hands for Dussehra. The simple design can make your hand look fantastic. You can make diamond pendant mehndi designs and enhance the beauty of the simple design with the chains.

You can also make a bracelet design with the pendant. The heart shaped and floral pendant on a backhand with some alluring attachments is all lovely for Navaratri. Your hands look beautifully adorned and just ready to rock.

10. Colourful Mehndi Design


Women who rock the floor in Garba and dhandia events can colour their hands with colourful mehndi. The colourful mehndi designs will brighten your hands with blend of colours.

You can wear the glitter mehndi designs and add the sequins to make the mehndi colourful. You can even make the simple designs look well adorned and attractive with the colourful the embellishments.

Let the festive happiness be reflected in your mehndi. The mehndi designs for Dussehra are traditionally captivating. A beautiful traditional dress, flawless makeup and attractive accessories are still incomplete with mehndi design during Navaratri.

Go traditional and bright with these Dussehra mehndi designs.

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