Reasons why long distance relationship can be given a try


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Long Distance relationship

Are you in a relationship that needs you to dependent on other means of communication, rather than opting the easier route of meeting physically? Well, then yes, you fall under the category of long distant relationship. Let me tell you guys that Long distance relationship (LDR) is definitely worth giving a try! If you have been constantly put off by your friends or family who advise you that this relationship is not going to work, you can very much shove these details on their face and tell them that you are going to be a strong-willed person and you are going to work this out.

LDR is a lot similar to the olden days when they had a messenger or person to communicate messages from one person to another. Well, back then at least, the technology parameter sucked and people did not have a Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and so many other social networking platforms to communicate. Thanks to new media and its amazing inventions, you can feel a lot closer than ever to your boyfriend/girlfriend with video calling and constantly messaging. It definitely isn’t easy though. I understand that nothing compares to physically be present in front of each other.

But, if your relationship demands you to be away, don’t end it thinking that LDR won’t work. There sure are a few odds against you, but we are going to throw in some light on the positive prospects of LDR and how you can keep your relationship alive and happening. This article will illustrate a list of 6 points on a Long Distance Relationship will work and could be given a chance. Here you go! Dive in and immerse yourself!

Important Reasons A Long Distance Relationship (LDR) will Work

1You won’t get bored

You won't get bored

Let’s face it! Everyday is looking at the same person, waking up to the same person and being in constant physical attention to that one person can make life mundane and tiring. This isn’t your fault at all because humans are designed to lose interest very easily. So, it’s the nature’s fault! You would definitely want some space from each other, isn’t it? But, when it comes to a LDR, all you have is the space, distance and the gap between the two of you.

So, you will possibly never get bored of each other and will genuinely enjoy every single moment spent with your partner over the phone or while talking. This is definitely a blessing in disguise, isn’t it?

2The longing-ness increases

The longing-ness increases

The lovely strategy of LDR will make you want to be together for real. It isn’t the fake kind of longing-ness at all. You may fight, you may argue or you may even have a drastic life changing decisions made. But, at the end of all this, when you feel like meeting him, hugging him or crying to him, the real love and the feel of wanting to be with him will be 100% genuine and true. In fact, if you can endure the hardships of a LDR, then it means that your relationship is definitely in it for the keeps.

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3You work harder towards the relationship

You work harder

Not many people try working harder for the relationship when they are together. When you are together, a sense of lethargic feeling, creeps into your mind. You don’t really care because you know you are going to stay beside him all the time. This can cut the deeper thoughts and feelings of trying to work harder towards the relationship. Your mind might put off the whole ‘happy being’ aside and concentrate on other things.

But in a LDR, you are forced to work harder to build your relationship and try harder to keep it alive every day and every minute. You will of course not be able to meet each other every day and share your favorite moments, so in order to feel at least 50% close, you will try a 150% harder to combat the missing feel. This will definitely keep your relationship strong and happening.

4The romance is intense

The romance is intense

Ah, romance is one of the major aspect that needs concentration in a relationship. You wouldn’t be planning what you are going to do the next day or for the weekend in a LDR. You will have to take baby steps in LDR to be together, to spend quality time and miss each other, together. If you are taking time off for speaking to your partner or just to drop in a hello, you are also making yourself ready for intense romance.

Think about it like this – if you are shunning every other person on the planet to spend a 10 minute quality time with the man who lives thousands of miles away, then aren’t you deeply in love with the man? Isn’t this enough reason why your romance would turn out to be intense and interesting? Think about it!

5The sex is earth shattering

The sex is earth shattering

A lot of people ask me this question when I ask them to give LDR a try! They ask me – what about the sex? Well, let me be very clear to all those confused souls thinking how they are going to cope up with the sexual fantasies. In all its honesty, as a couple, you both have to come up with creative ideas to cope up with sexual feelings. Long distance sex is definitely not all that easy. You have to have a mix of open and dirty mind when it comes to satisfying your needs. Sexting is now a major satisfaction where you can express what you want to do with the other person through messages itself. This reminder that you are very much sexually inclined is very important in LDR. And of course don’t forget, you gave Skype with you! You can get creative by wearing sexy lingerie or indulge a few sex toys into the scene and make Skype sex chats really amusing. Well, you have to make sure that you feed the fire in you and keep it burning until you see each other the next time in person.

6You will have an idea of life

You will have an idea of life

Well, finally it all boils down to where and what you are going to do in future. You will start imagining places to live and get clarity on where you are going to start a life together. You will start planning the future about when you will meet each other, how you will make each other comfortable and so many more things will follow. In a LDR, believe it or not, you both have figured out pretty much everything that hasn’t been figured out by most of the normal couples.

So, we are just telling you that while it could be tough to be away from your loved one, it also isn’t that difficult. So, share with us your experience of LDR and tell us if you would try something if situation puts you in one!

Have a happy day, you!

-Pavithra Ravi

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