Different fashion staples women should have this summer


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Fashion Staples

Fashion is a broad statement of fun, frolic and most of all, fashion, let’s you experiment with a lot of variations. The happiness of dressing up cannot be beaten by anything else, at least that’s what girls would tell you. When the summer season has peaked out of its closet and is shining brightly on you, you have to remember that this season is all about colors, style, trend and experimentation. While you experiment don’t forget the women fashion staples this summerthat are famous during the season. When I sat fashion staples, I mean everything that comes your way. The changing trends, the seasons and the fashion manga’s will tell you to move and emerge yourself into the new and variety of trends, but I will tell you that you should never forget your basics. No matter how many trends come up, how many people wear it differently; don’t forget your basics at all.

Don’t fear to adorn something that is comfortable and is out of fashion. If you think that your old jacket is out of style, you could be wrong. Your assumption is wrong and your taste for old stuff has faded. There are certain fashion staples that never go out of style. They will easily blend with the current trend and that is what this article is all about. We are going to give you a list of basic fashion accessories and fashion staples that are definitely one of the best ones you can posses. So, don’t think of it as a waste. Nothing that is shiny and glittery and comfortable can be of waste. So, let’s dive into the details directly now.

Top Fashion Staples that Never go out of Style

1Signature jewelry

Signature jewelry

Like how a centre piece is amazingly important in a wedding, that is how signature jewelry also is for a woman. Jewelry is definitely any girl’s first love and you fantasize about different kinds of accessories. A new earring, a statement necklace or a beautiful hand piece would look great. All of these can give you the fun and joy.

Although all these are the usual, they have a statement to make. When you just dazzle with a statement ring or a signature necklace and tone down your other accessories, the attention automatically falls in one piece. So, if you are attending a wedding or a posh dinner party, always consider wearing statement jewelry for such occasions. It only draws easy attention, but also makes you look really pretty and unique. Yes, signature pieces are a little on the expensive side, but they are worth all your money and they will live up to the quality. Never hesitate in buying a signature jewelry if you have to!

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2Shiny white

Shiny white

A lunch date with your friend is not complete if you don’t have a full white dress or a pair of white shorts + tops. White is the new color now and people are loving it for the sophisticated and chic look. You will feel elegant, light and very classy too. Most people don’t carry a white attire because they don’t think they can pull it off. But, if you are not among those kinds of women, then let me tell you that white, this summer can be the new trend.

Go bold with white, impress yourself and people around you! A pair of beautiful white vest with a floral skirt will definitely flatter your friends. Or, go with a white crop top and a blue jeans, white palazzos or even a cocktail dress too. It’s fine to feel special and different once in awhile.

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3A black ripped jeans

A black ripped jeans

Like how white is a color of elegance, black is a color of class and gives you a dignified look. Women or men, when in black look professional, sexy and very hot. Black is something that adds correct balance to your outfit. A bold color that it is, black is usually not worn in summer because black absorbs heat.

But, if you know that you are going out for a closed door party or an event, then wear a black jeans without fail. When worn perfectly, black can be very complimenting and warm on women. You can pair a black ripped jeans with any color tops or with a jacket as well. Go totally posh with a black jeans and a sweater. Pair with strapflats and look different. Black is a color that draws attention with ease. Enjoy the attention ladies!

4Subtle colored heels

Subtle colored heels

Everyone around you would suggest you to buy bright colored heels. I would say, run the opposite direction. Go for subtle and subdued colors like beige, peach, rose or aqua blue. These colors are very rare and when worn with the right kind of dress, it would flatter the hell out of you.

High heels are a sign of power and authority. We all know that high heels are a fad now too and never go out of fashion. Try to wear something that is unique and not worn by everyone. Don’t be the 11th person in the group to wear the same red or black heels. Subdued colored heels go well with flower or casual dresses. If you have a date for the night, try wearing a flattering subtle heels to look more confident and feel feminine too.

5Bright colored bag


A blingy bright bag is always the ‘it’ thing. No one who knows fashion and follows fashion on a regular basis would avoid carrying a sling bag that is bright in color. Plus, this fashion staple is never out of trend. Match your shoes and your bag or match your accessories and your bag. A conspicuous bag works well in the summer season because it adds color to your look and boosts your self confidence as well.

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So, the next time you go out or you are looking for something different, you don’t have to actually think anything different. While everyone else is trying different trends, stick to your basics and easily stand out!

Have fun ladies!

-Pavithra Ravi