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Summer Accessories

Well, India is never short of being hot at all. But now it is chilling in India and we have to start very soon preparing for a rough hot and sunny summer in a few months. Well, you don’t have to drop your style sense just because it is hot and sunny outside. All you need to do is to find the right kind of accessories that will go with your dress during summer. Probably your closet is packet with cotton clothes, lighter colored dress and a lot of scrunchies. Well, I said scrunchies because every girl is going to tie her hair up and have an up-do hairstyle. Well, you need to enhance your accessory style too because you don’t want your neck, hair to be naked without accessories. So, here are some must have summer accessories for a girl.

Top Summer Accessories Every Girl Should Own

1Trendy cat-eye glasses

Trendy cat eye glasses

With summer round the corner, you need to wear a sunglass no matter what, right? So, you can accessorize yourself with a cat-eyed sunglasses that are amazingly cool and chic. They are one kind of glass that solves the purpose and created the perfect style statement. The best things about these sunglasses are that they go with any western outfit you wear. This is where the style meets attitude and creates a whole new and different look. You will rock the sunglasses if you have the right attitude and if you know how to carry yourself.

2Turquoise colored accessories

Turquoise colored accessories

Turquoise is a beautiful color and if you own a turquoise colored black dress, then you should definitely buy the turquoise colored accessories. Gorgeous dangled earrings, bracelets, chains, rings and toe rings can be matched and beautifully coordinated. You can get it in any size and shape and use it whenever necessary.

3Four finger rings

Four finger rings

You can wear four rings instead of one now! That is the new trend of 2016 and you will love it. This year you are going to find out that it is all about fashion, trend and wearing something that you haven’t tried before. You can wear these rings in four different fingers or all in one finger. You can wear it on your toes or your hand fingers. It doesn’t matter. You can loop the rings and wear it or separate it from others. Since these rings are in fashion, there are themed rings, rings that tell a story and you can even pick and choose your favorite ones. This way you will get to prove your creativity to other people and you can look super chic and live to the ongoing trend too. You don’t have to feel awkward to go bold, wild and ga-ga about the way you style yourself.

4Sling fringe bags

Sling fringe bags

Fringe bags are super fashionable and they are wonderfully made just for you. Since they are in the right size, you can carry it wherever you want. If you don’t have a fringe bag, you are definitely not in style at all. This year is definitely a big yes to fringe bags and is one of the hottest trends of 2016. You can wear it on any kind of dress you want. Opt a t-shirt or a skirt, long dress, short dress, denim clothes, pants or whatever! You will lock the look and the bag will completely go with anything you wear.



Clutches are the ‘it’ thing and never have faded from the accessory clan. They are popular as always and you should have a clutch for every occasion like party, office, family etc. They are super feminine and make you look very good. They are also very casual, so carrying it wouldn’t be a big deal to you. This season’s special clutch is a leopard printed clutch that is totally in style now. Wild printed clutches with fur and shiny look are very fashionable too. You could definitely get a beautiful clutch for less than Rs.1500 if you go for branded ones. So, all you need to do is just go out and shop whatever you like because if not now, you will never be able to buy these beautiful collections!

Here are some fashion trends of 2016 that you should know

6Floral accessories

Floral accessories

When it comes to girls, floral prints are the best looking and the most feminine way of saying about your look. You just need to pick the perfect accessory that is flower printed. It could be a beautiful watch, a headband, a scarf or even a bag! It just has to look pink, floral and girly. It is a fashion forward and makes you look girly girl. If you want a break from looking tomboyish, you wear a beautiful dress, carry a pearl set on your neck and a beautiful floral bag or accessories with floral chains. That would complete your look.

-Pavithra Ravi

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