Reasons why you should let go and move on


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Life can be a bit confusing until you figure out something for yourself. Until you figure out what you have and what you needed, you will not get the difference between a contented life and a life with just routine. Well, so many times in life certain things or certain people could have been your priority and now things have changed. They or those things are not anymore your concern. At least that’s what you would want to do, but you wouldn’t be able to do because of the apprehension or because you still have love towards that thing or that person. It is fine to feel inadequate at these times. But always remember that everyone in this world is temporary, even your partner! It might surprise you as to how something that important a few months back can end up meaning nothing at all now.

Let us tell you that just because it was important in the past, doesn’t mean it is important even now! Life evolves, things change and you should know that with all that even you end up changing. You are one of those people who will eventually have to move on, break your hesitations and think of yourself for once. If you have always been stuck up in the past, you need to let go and move on. Consciously staying in the past was different and cannot be achieved by everyone. If you are stuck in the past and you are not able to let go of people, job, family, bad memories, it is now time for you to raise above, pick up your life and march forward. If you have been feeling a little lost, this article is what you need right now. Here are some tips to get over yourself and reasons why you should move on in life.

Top Advices on How to Move on in Life

1The negativity lingers

The negativity lingers

Do you know that any relationship ends up having a negative spell if it ends in an ugly manner. This doesn’t have to be with just your boyfriend, husband or your partner. This is something that is common and can happen with any relationship. Even between friends or your love for something. When that happens, the negativity is huge. There is a lot of negative energy in the room, or in the way you interact with them. This doesn’t happen on purpose and you can’t control it. The amount of time you spend with the person or the thing will reflect the negativity and spread it in your life as well. Everything post that will look sad, annoying and negative. So always be surrounded with people who love you and whom you love. Let go and move on from the negative thing that might potentially ruin your day or days. It is fine to let go.

2You grow apart

You grow apart

Every relationship has an expiration period. Yes, this might sound cruel to you, but that is the truth. Even when you have a good relationship with your partner, a small trigger can break you apart. But if you can manage and get things back together, then good. If you cannot, then accept the fact and move on. How much ever you try to fix something that looks unfixable, the sad truth stays. People don’t think before they talk or they don’t think before their actions. Over time, you will start managing yourself without those people or without your loved things. So, instead of brooding over something that is over, you can very much try and see a clearer and a bigger picture of your life.

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3Your priorities have changed

Your priorities have changed

Life enfolds so many packages and all these packages are precious. But, would you choose to spend all your time with your boyfriend or finish the deadline in the office? Anybody who values work, their career and their commitment would choose the latter even if the former is more important in terms of life. But, let’s face the fact that everyone grows and even you have grown and your priorities have changed in life. Sometimes, you end up not realizing that you have changed and your goals have changed. The row of problems that happens between you and the person will tell you the harsh truth. If a person doesn’t understand the importance of your priorities, he/she will never be able to understand the real you.

4You will miss the happy things

You will miss the happy things

The other things in life that are even the smallest and cutest will be missed. You will never get back something, so instead of being stuck in the past, you should wash that and walk to the present. Who knows what all you are missing. If you had loved your previous job and you are stuck in the past, you will not be able to see how good people in the current office are. You would be able to see the potential of the company. You would not be able to see that you have more prospects in life in this company and your future will look brighter and better.

5Life gets complicated

Life gets complicated

With all these things, your life is definitely going to be a roller coaster. You will not be able to forgive yourself, you will not come to terms with your decisions, you will doubt your guts and you may never want to move forward. Why get stuck up in a churn of dirty junk when you can blossom in the present and think about a future?

Letting go and moving forward is difficult whether it is life, work or love. We understand that. But, what stands more important is the fact that the act of letting go will make you a bigger person and definitely a better human being. So, just try letting go once and see how baggage and burden free you feel.

-Pavithra Ravi

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