Reasons why your best friend should be your travel buddy?


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Everyone is all gaga about solo travel. Yes, trust me solo travel is a great way to bring out the best from you. But if you are a people person and you want someone by your side, then solo travel could be a boring idea for you. That is why your friend would be the best person for a travel. Yes, while this might sound too cliche, lets face it that when we are with our friends, we are our best self. We love the noise, the happiness, the joy of being yourself and of course you don’t have to fake it in front of them. Whether you choose a big gang or just one best friend, it doesn’t really make a difference. You can definitely have your privacy when you travel with your best friend and the best thing is that there are no judgments involved at all. That sure is the special part of your travel because when there are people around you to judge, then you would be conscious, right? But a best friend knows in and out of you and you wouldn’t be more comfortable than that.

Well, so in this article, we are going to tell you why you should definitely try traveling with your best buddy. This will enthrall you and will definitely start you geared up. Now all you have to do is pick a date and start planning with your bestie. On that note, here are some reasons why your best friend should travel with you.

Top Reasons Why Your Best Friend Can Be Your Travel Friend

1It saves money

It saves money

If you have always wanted to go to a common place, but haven’t been there yet, this is your chance to go for it. The advantage is that you end up spending less than you spend on solo trips. You might want to save some money and spend it on other things, right? That is what you should do also. But, in solo trips, you have to careful about where you stay because safety comes first. But, when you are out with your friend, you can even rent a cheap hotel and stay there. That way, you cost gets cut into half and you both can share of the room, the food and the travel as well. That makes two of you happy!

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2Two ideas work better

Two ideas work better

May be you are interested in trekking and underwater diving, but are more comfortable with trekking. But your friend on the other hand has a lot of experience in underwater diving and is hesitant for trekking, you guys can motivate each other and do both the things. If both of you have wanted to do something, then it makes it easier for you. You can share so many memories and stories when you are done with your travel if you have your best friend by your side. You both will definitely be the dream team and no one actually can beat you to the fun!

3Safety is not an issue

Safety is not an issue

Whether the best friend is a boy or girl, you don’t have to worry so much about safety as you might have to worry if you go on a solo trip. You might have always wanted to walk down a lonely night at 2 AM and have ice cream. But when you are alone, all you can think of is the stupid, strange people who might attack you in the night. There is no safety problem when you are with a friend, even if she is a woman. You both can definitely manage to do things by yourself and there won’t be a problem with safety.

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4Easier to meet people

Easier to meet people

Imagine this – When you are busy bargaining something to the street vendor, your friend notices a cute guy looking at you and the way you talk. If you are alone, would you be able to notice the guy unless he comes and talks to you? No right? But when you have a friend by your side, she or he will immediately tell you that a cute guy is eyeing on you. Yes, it becomes very easy for you to meet new people when you are two in number. If your friend is a bold, outgoing person, you will have even more fun with her because there is definite room for spontaneity and adventure. That sure does sum up your travel, right?

5Someone to cheer you up

Someone to cheer you up

Not every day is going to be the way you want it to be. If you are taking a long break and traveling for 15 days straight, you wouldn’t be interested to get up and go out every day if you are alone and all by yourself. But if you have a friend with you, she/he will make it easier and encourage you through the process. The same can happen to you. You can also encourage and lift up her/his spirits. Sometimes, you might need a push and there is no one better than a friend who can make it happen.To make you dance, to make you do something wild and cheer you up, a friend is definitely whom you need.

6Picture time

Picture time

Pictures can’t go wrong at all when you have a friend by your side. All you have to do is to flash a mobile and click a selfie. No matter how many times you want, your friend and you can make the perfect couple collage because both of you love doing it. When you are with your partner, he may sometimes be annoying by not being up for pictures. But a friend will never refuse a selfie. You can make memories with your friend by your side.

-Pavithra Ravi

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