6 Coolest Glow in Dark Tattoo Designs to Rock


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Getting tattooed is the trendy way to express or set an identity. The demand and craze for tattoo is growing. That is how the tattoo designers and makers are making up with innovative ideas.

One kind of tattoo that is stealing youngsters hearts is glow in dark tattoo and it is temporary. Glow in dark tattoos are invisible to naked eye and shine bright under black lights. So, it is one of the kind that is unique.

The glow in black light tattoo designs for women are here for you. Some of the designs and ideas of glow in tattoos are feminine, beautiful and sweet. So, you can have a look at the designs and gain some more extra information to decide to wear glow in blacklight tattoos or not.

Is glow in dark tattoo safe?

Phosphorous is included in glow in dark tattoos which creates the glow in black lights. The inclusion of Phosphorous can be irritant for few people. Ink that is used for glow in dark tattoos may show reactions for few people. It maybe irritant but rarely severe or serious. It is completely based on the skin type and sensitivity.

Glow in Dark Tattoo Designs for Women

1. Zodiac Sign

Zodiac-Sign for Dark Tattoo
Image source: weheartit.com

Zodiac sign glow in dark tattoo is a wonderful idea which appears stunning. The design of zodiac sign is made with dots as shown in the image. You can also have the flowers and leaves to make a zodiac sign design attractive. You get it tattooed on your arms, hands or at ankles to do the magic of shining bright. When you have a zodiac sign tattoo, you wait to show it off and the shining is too beautiful to hide.

2. Floral Crown

Floral Crown Dark Light Tattoo
Image source: yourtango.com

Do you want something feminine to shine bright? Then get a floral crown of glow in dark tattoo. The tattoo can be in small size. The small floral crown tattoo also comes with lovely colours. Take a chance to make your expression shine and glow. You can fix the floral crown glow in tattoo and take a chance to expose it off under black light.

3. Flowers and Leaves

Flowers and leaves : Dark Tattoo Design
Image source: tattoodo.com

Flowers and leaves express your love for nature. The floral designs are also feminine enough. You can say it is a girly idea to have a floral design tattoo. Let your girly tattoo have some glow with bright colours. When it comes under light, it beautifully shines on you with glow in dark tattoo effect. It is definitely a beauty enhancing idea.

4. Galaxy in a Bottle

Galaxy in a bottle:Tattoo Designs
Image source: lostateminor.com

Galaxy tattoos are in trend. This may not look feminine but a fantastic idea of galaxy in a bottle. This beautiful tattoo throws and creates amazing thoughts when it lights up. The moon, stars and planets comes with colours when the galaxy in a bottle tattoo goes in dark light.

5. Star

Star Dark Tattoo Design
Image source: parryz.com

The star looks pretty from every direct on you. It is a cool idea to have a star glow in dark tattoo. This unique body art comes in various designs but star tattoo is one of the most preferred one. You can go for star glow in dark tattoo which looks like a shining star in dark sky.

6. Feather

Feather Dark Tattoo Design
Image source: weheartit.com

Again feather is a feminine idea that many women are loving in body art form. The elegance in delicate feather is amazing when it shines in darkness. The lovely feather with colourful brightness under dark space is extremely beautiful. Feather is one of the most preferred tattoo as it is classy and stylish. It look more beautiful with the glow in dark tattoo effect.

Side effects of glow in dark tattoo

The side of effects of glow in dark tattoo are rare. As phosphorus is a toxic chemical, it may show some side effects. You must take care of the tattoo as instructed by your tattoo designer. You can still be aware of the rare but possible side effects-

  • Pain
  • Burning sensations
  • Skin rashes

How long do glow in dark tattoo lasts?

As it is a trending style of tattoo, it is still not observed the lasting time of glow in dark tattoos. But we can say that it depends on the body area to get tattooed. If you are wearing in on the area which is more exposed to sun then, the glow in dark tattoo may not lasts longer than normal. Hand is the most sun exposed body part. So, glow in dark tattoo may not lasts longer on hands.

Feel the glow wearing a dark tattoo. You will fall in love with the body art newly when it lights up every time. The glow in dark tattoo designs for women are feminine and fashionable. You can get into the dark space and glow up with the glow in dark tattoo.

Glowing with some body art is wonderful!

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