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Husbands Want You

A lot of time, marriage is all about being changes. When you get married, things between you change and when they change, you need to know that there is something that is happening to you and your relationship that can be fixed. Well, yes, happy and close couples after marriage become distant and disinterested with each other. There are certain ways to fix this. You get to see the real him and you get to coexist with this person even if he is flawed, if there are problems between the two of you and even if your beliefs are not the same. You give and you receive in the relationship and change yourself for him. There is a lot of compromise and a lot of likes and dislikes in a marriage. The first two or even until the baby is born, you have all the lovey dovey stuff happening between you two. After a while, everything changes and you don’t feel like you are even a part of the relationship. This happens because may people tend to forget certain things and they take a back step.

Mainly, this happens with women because they go through a lot of emotional and physical change where they have to leave their parent’s house and stay with their in-laws or alone with their husbands. Not all men are cruel and bad. There are some men who want you to know that certain things are a waste of time and energy. Have you ever wondered how your husband doesn’t react much to certain things and he relaxes while you end up shouting and screaming at the situation, him and yourself?

So, here are some things husbands want you to know and remind you about and want you to take light in life.

Top Things Husbands Want to Remind Wives About

1You have to work for the relationship

work for the relationship

Marriage is apparently a work that just doesn’t stop after getting married. The irony of life is that, the problem begins after marriage and you have to always pay attention to what is happening between the two of you. There are a lot of shares, learn and unlearn about and with your partner. The first step to getting your marriage into the right path is to agree and listen to whatever is necessary and ignore whatever is not necessary. You have to work very hard to keep your marriage alive and happening because even if you lose for a bit, the relationship goes into the drain. The key to a successful marriage is for both the people in the relationship to work hard. It is good that you do your things perfectly correct and on time. Do you see couples who have a systematic life fighting every day? No, right? That is because they know that they are not making a mistake anywhere. If you don’t do your chores properly or if you don’t give the much needed attention to your husband, certain things may become disoriented.It isn’t wrong to apologize if it is your mistake!

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2Arguments are just not worth it

Arguments are just not worth it

Remember that when you pick your battles, it has to be done in the most careful way. Yes, you need to select your arguments and then go ahead with it because certain arguments are just not worth it. It is okay to gulp it and move ahead because the end of the day, a fight spoils everything that you have in store for the rest of your evening or day!

3Laugh hard

Laugh hard

Yes, laugh at situations that can’t be solved. If you can’t agree to something, if you can’t demand something from your husband or if you just don’t like something, laugh it out. Make yourself free and laugh things out. If you are not able to laugh at certain situations of yours, you will never through problems, mundane life, thrilling situations and so much more that you have to overcome together.

4Marriage is a roller coaster

Marriage is a roller coaster

You can never define the word marriage because it is going to be a lot of things put together. You are going to enjoy, you are going to be sad, excited, angry, infuriated, feel disgusted, awesome and awful. So, there’s going to be a lot of things that can get unexplainable. Marriage is simply a roller coaster ride that you can’t get off unless you stop the ride (divorce). So, don’t think too much about it. Just live your life and have fun.

5Never compare your husband with someone

compare your husband with someone

Every man is unique in his own way and if you end up doing that, it is going to lead to a disastrous fight. Husbands want you to know this! Period! You are never supposed to compare how you live, your relationship with your husband, the sex life, how much money you have or how much you spend with another man or with another couple. For the positives or for the negatives, never make that happen. Never say ‘Look how much Tina’s husband earns’. Nope! Wrong move. This will create insecurity and you are going to end up with a big sad face. So, just don’t compare. Enjoy what you have, look at how fortunate you are to spend a life with a happy man like your husband.

6If the sex gets boring, say it

If the sex gets boring, say it

Most women don’t even express the fact that the sex is bad and it is getting boring for them. If you don’t express it, how on earth are the men going to know about it. It is always good if you can pin point certain things in the sweetest way to your husband and tell him that the sex isn’t interesting. Yes, it might hurt him at first, but later even he will think about the fact and do something to excite it. If you still think it isn’t working, both of you can try the orthodox method of not having sex for a month and then maybe getting together. You will be back in the saddle sooner than you think and you will enjoy the sex.

-Pavithra Ravi

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