Why should you save money?


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Have you ever wondered why you should save money? We live to eat, spend and enjoy life, right? Then why should you save? Well we are here to put some insights on why you should save money and what you will get out of it. While most people think that money is just temporary, we are here to tell you that money is temporary, but materialistic happiness is something that you need to in life. When will you get materialistic happiness? Only when you have the money, can you get that. You need to make sure that you get some kind of motivation to save money, for which you need to set a goal. If you want a carefree life, then saving money is your wise option. From our childhood, our parents have taught us that saving money will help in the future, right?

Saving money comes with a lot of hidden benefits that we don’t really realize until we start saving it. When you start saving money, you will have the need to see money everyday and that increases day by day. If you follow that for 21 days, it will become a habit and you will start to learn about saving more and more. Well, we are going to tell you the same now. Here are some of the benefits you need to know about why you should save money!

Some Reasons Why You Should Save Money

1Reason no.1 – It feels good

It feels good

Doesn’t it make you feel great when you save money and when you know that there is money somewhere in your bank? The feeling will give you the responsibility to save more. This is because you know in your heart that you are going to spend that money for yourself or your family in a very nice manner. It will keep reminding you as to why you are saving and what your purpose is. It doesn’t matter why you are saving it. There should be a purpose of why you save money. It could be big, small or even nothing at all. Well, you can save because you want to see money in the bank account, or for shoes, for a PS3, for vacation or to give it to your parents. But, having a goal will make you save more and more. When you set aside some money for your savings, you know that you are one step closer to what you really want from your life.

Once you spend the money that you saved on something that you wanted for a long time, the happiness you get is impeccable. The most tasty and sweet fruit is the one that you earned all by yourself. So, when you save money for yourself and get something out of it, it will put you on cloud 9!

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2Reason no. 2 – You teach your fellow people

You teach your fellow people

If you start saving for your future or if you save for someone or something, it will start teaching other people around you like your friends, sister, siblings, relatives or even your parents. The best way to teach your little sister or brother is by examples. So, if you teach your brother or sister to save, you should save in the first place. That will help them learn from you. You should tell them how important it is to save and what all you have achieved by saving. That will inspire them and whatever they save should be theirs. It could be Rs.100 or even Rs.50. When children know the importance of money, they will know how to save too. You just have to guide them.

3Reason no.3 – You don’t have to worry about the future


You build a house only when you have money and happiness. If you can save enough money to run a family, then your future is safe and secure. There is a huge relief that can be unloaded from your chest. It could be for anything like even college or career. If you can take care of your studies and spend that money for your education, your parents will be happy that you are responsible. They will know that you can take care of yourself and your sibling. This will give your parents the confidence in you. When you save money, your life will be secure and safe. You wouldn’t have to worry much about your future.

You will not only feel happy, you will also be safe. There are so many people who undergo dark days. When you have such dark days, you have money and family’s support as your back up. When you have both of that, you will have a clearer view on what you should do next.

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4Reason no.4 – You can treat yourself

You can treat yourself

Remember, if you have your money, you will not only feel secure, you will also have the satisfaction of not spending other’s money. When you spend for yourself, you need to be satisfied about that instead of thinking how much you owe your parents or your sister/brother. If you save money, you can buy whatever you want for yourself and the best thing is that you can even surprise your parents. If you want to buy something for your parent’s 25th anniversary, it should be for the money you earned and saved. Think how happy they will feel when they know that you have got them something from what you saved. It doesn’t matter if it is a rose or a car, the love with which you got and the satisfaction that you are ready to lead a life will give them more happiness.

These benefits are definitely worth experiencing. So, save money and feel satisfied and happy about yourself!

-Pavithra Ravi