Best Eye Makeup Tips For College Goers

Eye Makeup Tips

When you are in college, you hit the milestone of being called as a grown up. College is also the first time we began experimenting things. Basically, college students are known to be the beginners in the field of makeup. So, when you are taking any baby steps towards the makeup application, the very first milestone you will come across is, of eye makeup. Previously, swiping some kohl used to be more than enough. But as a beginner, what makeup world offer sometimes seems to be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, making mistakes is just the part of the learning process, and they can also be easily avoided. So, here are some simple eye makeup tips for the college goers or the beginners, that can take you from just being a starter to the star of your college.

Simple And Easy Eye Makeup Tips

1. Eyeliner Tips
2. Mascara Tips
3. Eyeshadow Tips

1Eyeliner Tips for college students

Eyeliner Tips for college students

Getting your liner right is just one of the most important step of eye makeup category. So here, are some of the eye makeup techniques that must be followed by the college students.

  • In the beginning try to use a makeup remover, so that your eyelids can be oil or grease-free, as well as ensure a smudge-proof application with the liner.
  • To get the perfect wing while using a liner, try to keep the eyes open, and look straight into the mirror, and then line the outer corners of your eyes.
  • Be sure to apply the eyeliner close to your lash line as much as possible so that it does not appear to be the part of the natural lash line.
  • Just to achieve a smoky eye, try to go for pencil liner as it is believed to be softer as well as creamier. Just apply it on your eyelids and then smudge with the finger so that it can look more natural and also gorgeous.
  • As you grow, you might want to use eyeliner more. You do not have to stop using your eyeliner, rather, you can opt for more type of subtle colors, such as brown or even grey, and then apply a lot of mascara to complement your look.

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2Mascara Tips for college students

Mascara Tips for college students

When we are talking about eye makeup tips, how can I miss about mascara? So here, are some important tips to apply proper mascara.

  • The first thing is to start applying mascara, from the roots of the lashes and not from the tips. This technique can give you volume as well as does not even weigh down the eyelashes.
  • If you want to prevent the lashes from looking any clumpy, try to coat on the layers of your mascara, depending on your desired volume.
  • To make the mascara last longer, try to avoid pumping of the wand while pulling the mascara out. Instead, try to swirl around. This does not dry out the mascara.
  • If you are in any case using an eyelash curler, then apply after the application of mascara, ensure that the mascara on the eyes is semi-wet and not completely dry.
  • While you apply the mascara on the lower lashes, always remember to place the tissue paper right under the lashes to prevent the smudging of the makeup.

3Eyeshadow Tips for college students

Eyeshadow Tips for college students
  • Always invest in a good quality of makeup brushes. They can last for years as well as ensure on better blending. The flat brushes are mostly for depositing the eyeshadow and fluffy brushes are mostly for blending.
  • If you want your eyeshadow color to stand out, then try to use a white pencil on the eyelids, before applying any eyeshadow. This technique can make the colors pop out.
  • While you are creating smoky eyes, remember to use creamy eye pencils as they are the base for much stronger as well as intense effect. If you are planning to go for brown smoky eye, try to opt for a brown pencil as the base.

4Some more best eye makeup tips for college students

makeup tips for college students
  • Always use blotting paper to remove, excess eye shadow without disturbing your eyeliner.
  • The basic technique of applying the eye shadow is just to start with an eye primer or an eye base and then apply it over the eye area, that is, up to the brow bone.
  • One of the great eye makeup tip, is that to curl the lashes instantly by blow-drying the curler right before you try to curl the lashes. But be sure that it is not too hot.
  • To avoid the eye shadow to fall off, first finish the eye makeup and then you must proceed to the base. This can ensure the makeup to look fresh.
  • Try to focus on at least one feature at a time. When you wear loud eye makeup, try to keep the lip subtle or nude.
  • Try to highlight the inner corners of your eyes by using the light eye shadow color on your eyes as this can make the eyes look brighter.
  • Try to fill the brows as well as define it by using the concealer or even a foundation on your outer corners of your brows. This can help in defining the brows.

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5How to Remove Eye Makeup

How to Remove Eye Makeup
  • Remember to remove the makeup before you wash the face.
  • First, take a cotton ball and then wet it with the remover.
  • Then start working with one eye at a time.
  • First, start with the upper lid of the eye by just swiping the cotton ball, a couple of times. But remember to use minimum pressure or in other words be gentle.
  • If maximum gunk has come off, then try to use another cotton ball to remove all the remains of the upper eyelid makeup.
  • Repeat the same process with your other eye.
  • Try to use a freshly soaked cotton ball in the eye makeup remover to get a final cleansing.
  • Now try to move to the lashes as well as the kohl part.
  • Always be careful while doing it as too much of a makeup remover can burn the eyes or cause irritation.
  • Use a cotton swab or an ear bud to reach to the innermost corner of the eyes.
  • Use as much the remover and the cotton is required to remove all the makeup thoroughly from the eyes.
  • Now remove the rest of the eye makeup from the face.
  • To wash your face, use a gentle cleanser .
  • Dab some toner to close the pores.
  • To pamper your skin, use adequate moisturizer.
  • Dab some under eye cream to provide relief to the eyes.


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