Ayurveda Kayakalpa Treatment For Anti-Aging


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Ayurveda Kayakalpa Treatment

By “Kaya” it means the body and “Kalpa” means the transformation. Ayurveda Kayakalpa treatment is a very specific set of therapies, that is mentioned in the Vedic texts, which can reverse the physical degeneration, that is caused because of age. This treatment can literally transform the old cells to the new again. Kayakalpa is known as the true science of “rejuvenation” to anti aging.

Ayurveda Kayakalpa can help in detoxifying the impurities in your body, and put the deeply nourished rasayanas as well as food back in. The main idea behind all the therapies is just to balance the whole decay of the old cells with the growth of new, young, as well as healthy cells. It is also a reversal of the metabolic activities, that is present in the body. Through Kayakalpa, you can destroy the time, as well as preserve some healthy, youthful, and supple tissues.

This concept can seem very simple, but it is quite a very extraordinary process. Ayurveda Kayakalpa treatment is said to be more than 10,000 years old. During the first stages, the person is sequestered for almost about 90 days. The patient is to be in the “Kuti” a very special built cottage, where light does not enter. During these three months, they mostly remain in darkness, get shielded from the sunlight as well as outside visitors. In there, they begin the complete purification of the body through the Pancha Karma detoxification process. Certain types of herbal pastes are then rubbed on the body to exfoliate, and allowed to dry off, drawing out all toxins. Medicinal plants, sweating, leeches, and vomiting therapies are also being used for the further detoxification of every organ.

After the weeks of cleaning your body of all the built up impurities, it is a high time to re-nourish the tissues at the very deepest levels. Abhyangha massages, shiro dhara, mineral baths, sacred essential oils as well as the precious gems were being used to anoint the body. This time, the immune herb boostingrasayana as well as fresh juices were being administered. These tonics are also full of antioxidants, which help in fighting free radical damage.

After the morning spa therapies are over, the patients spent their majority of the time performing the tapas, reciting mantras, meditating, as well as practicing yogic breath. This time the hibernation not only cleanse the physical body, but also transform the subtle as well as emotional bodies. They release all the stuck emotions, anger as well as grief.

Anti Aging Therapy Of Ayurveda Kayakalpa Treatment

1Abhyangam & Swedam

Abhyangam & Swedam

It is a whole body massage with some specific herbal oils that can nourish as well as revitalize the body tissues and allow the toxins to be removed from your body. This Ayurveda Kayakalpa, Abhyangam have a much deeper and far more reach effects than the ordinary massage, that use the mineral oils as well as the lotions.

This massage is basically performed symmetrically by selected and trained two therapists for one hour and is also usually followed by a medicated steam bath. It is also one of the most rejuvenating treatments of the Ayurveda. Its benefits are that it can increase the tissue strength, rejuvenate the whole body, improve the blood circulation, beautifies your skin, delays the aging process, induces the sound sleep, promote the vitality, pacifies the vata imbalance, reduces the stress and remove the toxins.

Duration : 1 hr 20 mins

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It is a continuous stream of properly medicated warm oil, that is, Tailadhara; herbal decoctions, that is, Kwathadhara; medicated milk, that is Ksheeradhara; buttermilk, that is, Thakradhara water or coconut water, that is, Jaladhara, is poured on the forehead for 30 to 45 minutes in a proper oscillating manner.

This procedure can induce the mental state similar to the trance, which can create profound from the relaxation of the mind and the body. It is also very deeply relaxing as well as revitalizing the central nervous system. Shirodhara can give the best result when it is taken after the Abhyanga. Its benefits are it can treat anxiety, epilepsy, depression, diabetic neuropathy, hypertension, central nervous system, strengthens the sensory organs, hemiplegia paraplegia, insomnia, pre-mature graying of hair and hair loss, paralysis, mental retardation, as well as stress.

Duration : 45 mins



Thakradhara is also another form of Shirodhara, that involves the pouring of butter milk continuously on the forehead or on the whole body in a rhythmic type. It is cooling, deeply moisturising and an effective relaxing therapy. It is done for seven to 21 days. Thakradhara is beneficial in Insomnia, Stress, Fatigue, IBS, Psoriasis, Hair fall, Graying of Hair, Hypertension etc.

Duration : 40 mins – 1 hr 45 mins

4Sarvangadhara (Pizhichil) or Kayaseka


Medicated oil or milk is poured on the body in a continuous stream while gently massaging, for an hour. It is also extremely soothing as well as relaxing. It can act as a free radical scavenger, strengthening, toning, and deeply rejuvenating the whole body. It is applied after the Abhyanga.

It has benefits like it can help in increasing ojus as well as body immunity, anti-aging and rejuvenating, alleviate the burning sensation in your body, ensures proper blood circulation, can help to recover from the paralysis, promote the healing of fractures.

Duration : 1 hr 15 mins

5Patra Pinda Sweda (Elakkizhi)

Patra Pinda Sweda

It is a highly rejuvenating treatment, which includes applying fresh plants with several other herbal ingredients as well as tied into boluses, dipped in the warm medicated oil and then simultaneously massaged all over your body for an hour. It is also applied after Abhyanga.

Some of its benefits are treating chronic back pain, treating loss of a part or the whole limb, joint stiffness as well as swelling, anti-aging & rejuvenating, muscular pain, sciatica, spondylosis, sprains and cramps.

Duration : 1 hr 15 mins

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