Baking Soda Bath For Healthy Body


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Baking Soda Bath

We all deal with different types of skin problems. For example some deals with skin rashes, some acne, or dry skin and much more. We keep on looking for a natural home remedial methods that can easily heal us and can help to make us look beautiful as well as healthy. Sometimes the remedy we are looking for is right in our kitchen, but still, we end up buying chemical products. Just like baking soda bath! Yes, baking soda bath can heal the body in many ways. Here is some of the example:

Mixing Of Baking Soda Bath

In order to make a good baking soda bath, you just need baking soda and water, but you can also add other ingredients too. These methods can also work for whatever the needs are.

1. Baking Soda Only

Baking Soda OnlyBy just sprinkling the baking soda in a warm or hot water, help you to soften the skin as well as promote healing. Baking soda has always been proven that can help with irritation, which is caused because of the yeast infections, episiotomies, hemorrhoids or any other similar ailments.

2. Baking Soda And Sea Salt

Baking Soda And Sea SaltSea salt has always been known as a healing product for centuries. Just combine an equal amount of sea salt as well as baking soda in the bath tub and soak them in warm water – but remember that the water must not be too hot. Twenty to thirty minutes is plenty amount of time to steep the calming as well as soothing water.

3. Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, And Essential Oils

Baking Soda, Epsom Salt And Essential OilsWhen you are blending baking soda as well as Epsom salt, you can detoxify the body in a wonderful manner and it will help to get rid of all the harmful chemicals. For the greatest effect, clean your body well with a rough loofah or with an exfoliating sponge before you go sink in the bath. Add essential oils to the water, as it can help to intensify the effects; just remember to be careful when you are climbing out of the tub, as the oils can be slippery.

4. Baking Soda, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt And Glycerin

Baking Soda, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt And GlycerinTo soothe your aching muscles as well as joints, first combine one cup of sea salt, with one cup of Epsom salt, two cups of baking soda and two tablespoons of glycerin. Then start by putting in a quarter of a cup of this mix in the water. You can also increase the amount if it is necessary. Add essential oils if you want to experience the aromatherapy in the bath.

5. Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, Ginger And Aromatherapy Oils

Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, Ginger Aromatherapy OilsFor a detoxifying pleasure, pour some Epsom salt in a hot bath, under the running water to help it dissolve properly. Then in it add baking soda. Next, in the bath add ginger powder, of about a tablespoon. Remember that ginger can make the skin feel hot, so do not put too much in the beginning. Finally, in it add aromatherapy oils such as the lavender for relaxation or even eucalyptus for even more of detoxing power. Get in the bath and soak! When you are feeling hot, so if you are willing to intensify on the effect, wrap yourself up in the warm towel when you get out of the bath and let the body sweat out more toxins.

What Is Baking Soda?

What Is Baking SodaBaking soda is basically a pure sodium bicarbonate. When it is combined with the moisture and acidic ingredient (e.g., chocolate, yogurt, buttermilk, honey), the chemical reactions can produce bubbles of the carbon dioxide which expand under the oven temperatures, causing the baked goods to expand or even rise.

Health Benefits Of Baking Soda Bath

Health Benefits Of Baking Soda BathHere are some of the health benefits of baking soda.

There are many numerous baking soda health benefits, that can make you fit internally as well as externally. It is also one of the best ideas to tackle different things which you can do with baking soda. It will also allow you to know how useful it is.

1. Have Smoother Skin

Have Smoother SkinDo you have any rough patches on the skin? You can easily get rid of the patches by making baking soda paste. You just need to mix baking soda and water together. Apply the paste on the effected area of the skin which you would like to improve. After few minutes, rinse with some warm water.

2. Rid Of Rashes

Rid Of RashesSome times babies get diaper rash, but adults get rashes when they are wearing clothes which are warm as well as moist for more periods of time. You can easily get rid of rashes by using the baking soda. Just mix baking soda with water thoroughly and apply the paste on the area of the rashes while bathing. Some people opt for dry baking soda to apply on the rashes as well.

3. Relieve Pain And Itching Due To Bites

Relieve Pain Itching Due To BitesBy getting bitten by the insects can always be irritating, it is because of all the discomfort which you will feel until that area completely heals. You can even get rid of uncomfortable feeling by making using baking soda properly. You need to make paste made out of the baking soda as well as water and apply on the area of your irritating skin which is problematic.

4. Cure Sunburn

Cure SunburnIf you have applied baking soda on the skin before, then you might know that it can be very cool. It also explains why it is effective against the sunburn. It can even help to cool down the skin as well as at the same time, make the skin heal much faster.

5. Exfoliate And Whiten Skin

Exfoliate And Whiten SkinDo you know the reasons on why people have a tendency to get the darker skin? It is mostly because they very rarely exfoliate. Sometimes, the soap, as well as water and even with the use of bathing liquids, are just not enough. Exfoliating the skin can be done with the proper use of baking soda which is mix with the lemon if you like to whiten the area. The paste of baking soda is applied to the areas which are more prone to the darkening such as underarms, elbows as well as knees.

6. Soothe Tired Body Parts

Soothe Tired Body PartsIf in case your feet are already tired because of standing the whole day, you know that you can help soothe your tired feet by soaking your feet in baking soda and warm water. Make sure that the water is warm because if not, this will not help relieve your condition. This can also be helpful if your feet are itchy because of wearing shoes for a long period of time.

The things that are mentioned above are the different things that the baking soda can do for the skin. Perhaps you would like to know now what baking soda can do for the hair. Here are just some of the things that you can do with baking soda:

7. Remove Chlorine From Hair

Remove Chlorine From HairA swimming pool will make your hair to have more chlorine and it can be harder to clean the hair. Be sure that you remove chlorine from the hair by using the baking soda. You need to add a little baking soda on the hair to get rid of the discoloration which occurs because of it is being exposed to chlorine of the pool.

8. Clean Hair

Clean HairThere is also a big possibility that you might get to make the hair cleaner than usual. There is also a possibility which you are been using the hair products for a longer period of time and even though usually shampoo the hair, you cannot be completely sure that there will not be any kind of residue left on the hair.

9. Clean Hairbrush

Clean HairbrushWhile it is not exactly for hair, you might always want to be sure that the hairbrush is clean and for that baking soda is one of the great product to clean with.