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Summer is here and so are the vacations. Are you planning on hitting some place nice for a vacation that has the perfect view and the beach side? Well, then this article is perfectly designed for you! You need to know a lot about fashion if you want to look hot sexy and like a perfect Beach babe. You have to make sure that your body is off those claustrophobic clothes and you get comfortable with Beach outfits now. There are many more things related to a beach babe look than just perfecting your body. You need to be ready to look hot, dazzle in your own beauty and definitely start planning for your beach side vacation well in advance. Well, ladies, here we are to give you some awesome tips to achieve Beach babe look, and how to maintain your fashion looks intact for a vacation this summer.

If you want to turn into a big time fashionista, follow our rules to lead you to becoming the next beach babe.

Top Rules to Follow to Look Exotic During Beach Summer Vacation

1Get a suntan

Get a suntan

Remember that to get a nice golden brown body, all you need to do is to get some sun rays on your body. Quickly get your headphones and take your moisturizer when you go out. You can very much give yourself an oil bath or moisturizer bath when you lay under the sun. Of course, there is a hidden advantage here. You will easily acquire vitamin D when you lay down, which will indirectly contribute to your feelings. Yes, vitamin D enhances your feelings and keeps you happy. So, go get out in the sun and enjoy.

2Act like an Egyptian

Act like an Egyptian

Did you know that back then, women didn’t use any oil, moisturizer or even powder for that matter. They all went natural and that is what you could try too. Try going natural and look yourself. Simple – imbibe olden days method of no makeup and lots of natural products instead. Did you know that a slice of lemon can make a lot of difference to your body? Well, yes it makes sure to remove all the unwanted dead skin and makes your skin glow.

3Buy an amazing swimsuit

Buy an amazing swimsuit

Well, Beach body definitely also requires you to own an amazing beach dress or a swimsuit. Make sure you buy something that compliments your body firstly. Ask your mum or your friends for help or suggestion. So, try to pick something comfortable, easy to slip into and something that can give you the sexy hot look. Go swimsuit shopping and check out for different kinds of colors. Don’t go for boring colors like black, red or blue. Try to mix matching the colors or try printed swimsuits. That can make all the difference in the way you look.

4Quality over anything else

Quality over anything else

Whatever you choose related to beaches or beach vacation, make sure you concentrate on quality more than quantity. It is important for you to invest in good quality because unless you look for that you might end up buying some cheap stuff. You could of course compare prices online, but check out in person for better selection. Remember that your swimsuit needs to be stretchy and spandex quality too. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. Yes, you might have to pay a hefty price for this, but who cares. As long as it makes you look hot and sexy, investing in a quality product is never a decision you will regret.

5Go cheap on other swim accessories

swim accessories

You have to be super careful with swimsuit. But you can always buy cheaper accessories that accompany and complete your beach babe look. Shades, hat, wraps and jewelry can be minimal and needn’t be invested upon. You might not even go swimming some days. So, just get dressed and look beautiful. You can always remember to work around your fashion looks. It’s fine to be over prepared and overdressed during beach vacations. This is a one time thing, so don’t go light on your fashion gut.

6Try it

Try it

Yes, it is important for you to try the look you have assembled. Don’t just wait for the vacation to unveil yourself. Wear whatever you want, try the swim suit and walk, sit, lay down and jump. If you are comfortable, then all your efforts are paid off. Even if something is not right, then go ahead and change the way you look or feel. It’s fine to have last minute doubts, changes and alterations. You don’t want to look blah and uncomfortable in a swimsuit on the very day of your vacation. So, do a test trial and ask your people how you look. If everything gives you a green signal, then you are ready to hit the beach!

7Crush your insecurities

Crush your insecurities

Yo, ladies! Firstly, never have any kind of insecurities. Secondly, try not to pay too much heed to your mind voice. Listen to your heart instead. Go with whatever suits you and don’t bother or worry about people. Even if you are a zero size, they are going to say something. So, chuk their opinion and go ahead with confidence. Wear the best of best clothes when you visit the beach, if you aren’t going for swimming. Wear contrasting colors and enjoy!

8Hit it

Hit it

This is the final stage, where you have to hit the beach and enjoy yourself. Just live your vacation. Play beach volleyball, have a drink and enjoy the view, count the stars and click away as many pictures as you can. Take to the social media and let the world know how much you have been enjoying.

-Pavithra Ravi

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