Yogurt Hair Masks For Summer


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Yogurt Hair Masks

Yogurt has always been used as a product for hair care ingredient since ancient times. It is a multi-vitamin rich food, that contains high level of lactic acid and it is quite beneficial to treat the dull as well as damaged hair. So here, are some yogurt hair masks that you can try this summer, to get rid of dry, damaged hair easily.


a. Yogurt has many anti-fungal properties which can help to fight dandruff.
b. Frizzy hair is one of the common problem that is faced by many especially during the summer months. Yogurt can help to soothe as well as calm down the untamed mane.
c. Yogurt is also quite very effective home remedy which can add luster sheen to your dry as well as dull looking hair.
d. Yogurt can help to reduce the hair fall as well as hair loss over time because of the presence of vitamin B5 and D. It can help to nourish the hair follicles and prevent hair loss.
e. Yogurt can help to condition your hair as well as make it more manageable because of its moisturizing properties.

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Yogurt Hair Masks

1. Simple Yogurt Hair pack

Simple Yogurt Hair packIngredients:

a. Curd or Yogurt


a. Stir a thick yogurt into a very smooth paste. Then coat them all over the hair as well as the scalp.
b. If the paste seems to be to watery then, you can wrap your hair in a cotton towel.
c. Try to keep it on for about 30 minutes.
d. Then wash the hair with a regular shampoo followed by the conditioner.

You can notice a smooth as well as moisturizing effect of this pack on your hair.

For best results:

1) Try to use this pack at least once in a week.
2) If the scalp is oily then try not to use any external conditioner.
3) For the dry hair, always use this pack twice in a week.

2. Yogurt And Fenugreek Hair Pack:

Yogurt And Fenugreek Hair PackIngredients:

a. Fenugreek
b. Yogurt


a. Fenugreek can help to improve the hair growth by reducing the hair loss as well as split ends.
b. First finely grind 1/4 cup of fenugreek seeds into a powder.
c. In it add one cup of thick curd. Stir them well to make a very smooth paste.
d. Apply this paste all over the hair (from roots to end) as well as scalp.
e. Leave the paste on for 50 minutes, and then wash them with regular shampoo followed by the conditioner.

For best results:

1) Try to use this pack once in a week.
2) Try to keep this pack at least for two hour before your application.
3) Then apply the paste on the dry hair.

3. Yogurt And Olive Oil Hair Pack

Yogurt And Olive Oil Hair PackIngredients:

a. Yogurt
b. Olive Oil


a. If you are very much suffering from dry flaky scalp or in other words dandruff then you must try this hair mask.
b. First add three tablespoons of olive oil in the bowl of a thick yogurt.
c. Stir them well to mix all the ingredients properly.
d. Use this mixture and massage the scalp in light circular motion for 10 minutes.
e. Apply the remaining paste along with the length of hair till its ends.
f. After a 30 minute of application, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

For better results:

a. Try to use this hair pack twice every week.

4. Yogurt, Lemon Juice And Honey Hair Pack

Yogurt, Lemon Juice And HoneyIngredients:

a. Yogurt
b. Lemon Juice
c. Honey


a. First make a paste of one cup yogurt, one teaspoon of lemon juice as well as one tablespoon of honey.
b. Then apply this paste all over the hair from roots to the end.
c. Tie the hair and then leave the paste on for about 30 minutes.
d. Wash the hair with mild shampoo as well as conditioner.

This hair pack can bring the shine to a dull hair, and make it shiny as well as healthier.

For better results:

a. Use this pack twice a week.

5. Yogurt And Black Gram (Urad Daal) Hair Pack

Yogurt And Black GramIngredients:

a. Black Gram (Urad Daal)
b. Yogurt


a. First soak a half cup of black grams over night.
b. Then grind them to convert into a paste.
c. Add this paste to a half cup of thick yogurt. Then thoroughly mix those ingredients.
d. Then apply the paste on the scalp as well as hair, leave the paste on for about 30 minutes.
e. After that wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

This pack can help to soften the hair strands making them strong as well as beautiful.

For better results:

a. You can use this pack once in every two weeks.

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6. Yogurt Hair Pack For Smooth And Manageable Hair

mooth And Manageable HairIngredients

a. Yogurt
b. Lemon juice
c. Honey


a. Take at least two tablespoons of curd into a bowl and then combine them with few drops of honey as well as lemon juice.
b. Then mix these ingredients together and form a paste.
c. Then apply this pack from the hair roots, that is the scalp to the tips by flipping out the layers of the hair.
d. Then let it sit for about half an hour. Rinse it off thoroughly to get a smooth as well as manageable hair texture.

7. Yogurt Pack To Treat Dandruff

Yogurt Pack To Treat DandruffIngredients

a. Yogurt
b. Powder From Fenugreek Seeds
c. Onion juice


a. First take three tablespoons of yogurt and then mix it with five tablespoons of fenugreek powder add two tablespoons of onion juice.
b. Mix them properly and apply the paste all over the scalp.
c. Then allow the paste to stay onto the scalp for more than an hour and rinse off properly.
d. Try to follow this remedy for at least two times in a week.

8. Yogurt Pack To Treat Hair Fall

Yogurt Pack To Treat Hair FallIngredients

a. Yogurt
b. Curry Leaves
c. Henna Leaves


a. First take handful of henna leaves and then mix them with curry leaves.
b. Now try to grind them together to make a fine powder.
c. Take at least three tablespoon of powder and mix them with three table spoon of yogurt.
d. Then spread the pack to the hair as well as the scalp and then leave the paste for 30 to 45 minutes, rinse off with a mild shampoo.
e. This is one of the good treatment to stop hair fall.

9. Yogurt For Hair To Increase Hair Growth

Yogurt For Hair To Increase Hair GrowthIngredients

a. Yogurt

b. Hibiscus Leaves

c. Coconut Oil


a. First take some hibiscus leaves and then grind them with curd.
b. Then prepare a small ball from the paste and drop them into boiling coconut oil.
c. Let the oil boil for about five to ten minutes. Keep aside to cool down.
d. Then apply the warm oil onto the scalp and leave it for about an hour or two and rinse off.

This can help to manage the hair growth.

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