Wax Your Way Out In Simple And Easy Tricks

Waxing Tricks Woman Must Know

I know much it pains it causes, to wax for the first time. But, remember that it’s your body and removing or keeping hair in your body is completely your decision. In whatever manner you are comfortable with. Also, if you decide to get rid of your body hair, then there are only two options, shaving or waxing. Waxing works great because mostly it leaves your skin smoother for long and also get rid of more hair. The only disadvantage of waxing is that it hurts, a lot!

Waxing has become quite popular or famous in this few several years. Be it in eyebrows, armpit, upper lip or anywhere else, many of us choose waxing because of it’s long lasting effect. For those who have never tried waxing or have done it once, but had a daunting experience, here are a few waxing tricks woman must know before doing it.

Tips And Tricks In Waxing

1Brazilian wax

Brazilian wax

Thinking of doing a Brazilian wax? But not sure about it? Here’s an idea, the more flexible you are, the more easier Brazilian will be for you. So try taking a yoga class before Brazilian so that you can be more limber. Also, remember that the more flexible you become, the more better the waxer can work on and also if the process goes faster, you might feel painless.

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2Cool the wax

Cool the wax

When you are working with pubic area a little cooler is always better. What you might feel warm by touching with your hand, can be hot for down that area. Some people apply way too hot which can cause casualty like taking the skin off. So while waxing down there take precautionary measures.

3Numbing cream or pain reliever

Numbing cream or pain reliever

If you are taking any pain reliever then you can take then thirty minutes prior to your waxing to help in relieving or minimizing the pain and even you can try numbing cream same thirty minutes prior to waxing. These both processes can help as a pain reliever.



By exfoliating scrub you can get rid of dead skins that mostly helps in trapping hairs. You can allow the hair come to surface, so that the hair can be pulled properly from the root on it’s first try.

5Grow your hair

Grow your hair

Hairs, which are shorter than one-quarter inch can be too short to be pulled from the root. Anything much longer, then you will be pulling the hair without removing from the root, and which also means a lot of pain. If your esthetician doesn’t inform you about the trim don’ be afraid to ask about it.

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6Cold compress for extra sensitive skin

Cold compress for extra sensitive skin

If you are a first timer, then basically you have a sensitive skin. You can ask your esthetician for a cold compress. It can be something like cold water right after wax, or if you are in a upscale or hi-fi salon, then they might have rose water toner available too.

7Stop shaving when started waxing

Stop shaving when started waxing

Shaving can make hair grow back more dense. Once you have started waxing then you have to be committed to it. When the hair starts growing back it won’t grow back that thick, which means further waxing can be less painful. Maybe sometimes the first time of waxing won’t be perfect but, first wax can take off hairs long enough at that point in time during a particular growing cycle and by the time of your fourth wax without shaving all the hair will be growing in the same cycle and pattern, which can also mean you might have a super smooth skin you want.

8Have a realistic expectation

Have a realistic expectation

Unless you visit the salon, it is sometimes becomes difficult to get a perfect full leg or a Brazilian wax. However, at-home strips can be good for face and smaller areas like lip and chin. You can heat the strips with a blow dryer to get an ideal temperature.

9Protect yourself for twenty four hours

Protect yourself for twenty four hours

Sometimes body lotion that consists of alpha hydroxy acids that can tingle and burn, also a tanning bed or direct sun exposure can feel nothing but more irritation. Freshly waxed skin is more likely to burn faster. So try to be extra careful for twenty four hours after waxing.

10Never wax during that time of the month

Never wax during that time of the month

Out body becomes super sensitive five days before the period starts till the end of the period. Try avoiding any waxing at this time of the month. But after the period you will become fine, in fact, some say that woman’s pain tolerance becomes higher after three to four days of her period.

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