Secrets to make your first kiss outstanding


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first kiss outstanding

Been dating for a while now? Then, you can anytime expect to have your first and memorable kiss, which is definitely a make or break situation. Yes, first kisses are supposed to be remembered as the most romantic ones and not as the most embarrassing or awkward one. You need to know that, the kiss will be passionate and full of sparks if you know what to do. To help you with that, we are listing a few secrets that every girl should keep in mind to make the first kiss memorable, outstanding and wonderful.

Top Secrets To Make Your First Kiss Perfect

1Plan it ahead

Plan it ahead

People may tell you that kisses are spontaneous; they happen out of the blue. For some it may, but most of the times, it is how you make the setting. The setting is what sparks the mood. The silence, music and a romantic night are the setting, which will want you to kiss your guy. So, if you know something like that is going to happen, plan your kiss ahead of time. Your first kiss should definitely be slow and steady, so choose a place where you can spend some quality time before you jump up and kiss your guy. House or probably a place where you can speak, get to know each other more, laugh, eat is the best place to start off. Planning ahead helps you fix the place, time, and helps you in making sure that there is no disturbance. A kiss can be interrupted even in a split second. So be very wise in choosing a place without external disturbance. External places are good too, like a park, in a car or in the beach while it rains. Remember that you should plan but not over plan, because sometimes over planning can also ruin moments!

2Create the sexual attention

Create the sexual attention

You should at first know if your guy is ready to kiss you back. It would turn out to be a disaster if he doesn’t kiss you back or doesn’t reciprocate the way you imagined. So, know if he is ready for a kiss and then proceed. The best way to create sexual tension is to sit close to him and talk to him about the wonderful dates you have gone on. Sitting closer to the guy will pass on your sexual vibes to him. Also, remember to speak in a soft tone. Soft tone is a complete turn on for the guys and they love it. Once you create the sexual tension around him, things will automatically fall in place.

3Avoid distractions and choose the perfect place

Avoid distractions and choose the perfect place

Like it was already mentioned, it is very important to avoid all possible distractions that may you be your way while having your first moment. Set the mood, create the location and turn off everything that you think can cause you disturbance. You mobiles should be on silent, the TV shouldn’t be blaring, make sure no one is at home. Yes, these tiniest details are also important because even a small nudge can break the moment. Isolate yourself from the world and make your guy fall for you and your looks. Nothing else should be in his mind too. Choosing location is also equally important. If you play all your cards perfectly well, your first kiss wouldn’t end within 20 seconds or so. It will definitely go longer if you can take care of the rest of the things. Make sure you are not around anyone and go for it.

4Be clean and smell good

Be clean and smell good

First kisses can be ruined simply by bad breath. A breath mint can always help you and keep you from smelling like a rotten pig. You can also go for scented lipsticks which can do the trick. If you are planning for a kiss after a garlic infused dinner, make sure you do either of the above options to avoid bad breath. Keeping your lips irresistible and moist is also a good way to start off. A first kiss necessarily wouldn’t have to stop with just kiss. It could lead to a make out session. So, use appropriate cologne, wax and be neat! Hygiene does play an important role in getting physical.

5Don’t go too fast

Don’t go too fast

Don’t make it look like you have been waiting just for this moment. Yes, the kiss has to be passionate but taking it slow is the key to making it passionate. Don’t get aggressive while kissing him. Start slow and use different types of kissing. One type of kissing may bore the guy. Use your tongue and try kissing in different ways. For starters, feel your lips on his and take deep breaths. That sure is a turn on for men.

6Where should the hands be?

Where should the hands be

Most people get confused with this. Not many know where the hands should be! It is quite simple actually. If you really want to be passionate about the kissing, try clenching your fingers in his hair and pull him further. Men really love that and feel that you are getting involved in the kiss. You can also use your hands to hold his back or to spice it up, hold him on his lower back. That will do the trick even without you trying more.

7How long

How long

Confused about the number of seconds your lips should be glued? Well, first kisses don’t really have a time frame. It depends on the chemistry you both hit. If everything goes well, your first kiss should last longer and a perfect kiss is a series of well timed kisses. If he kisses you and moves his head back, it just means that he is making sure you are fine with the kiss. If you want to kiss more, go ahead with the second time and maybe this time around, you can initiate. Men definitely like that!

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