Weird and bizarre ways of losing weight


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Eating ice cream and cakes can actually make you lose weight. Unbelievable? Well, yes, you saw that right and it is absolutely true. Losing weight or trying to cut down on calories doesn’t have to mean that you go on a hunger pang or a food strike. You don’t have to starve to lose weight. All you have to do is follow our steps on how to stay fit and lose weight by still eating these as a part of your meal. Here are 6 scientific proven bizarre ways of losing weight.

Top Weird Ways to Lose Weight

1Make your breakfast fat filled

breakfast fat filled

Did you know that your leftover brownie or cake as your breakfast can do wonders in helping you lose weight? Feel free to binge on all the calorie added cake or chocolates for your breakfast. According to a study, any kind of treat for breakfast will help you quickly lose your calories. Getting the calorie load before lunch can help you work on it for the entire day and the craving definitely is satisfied. The sweet cravings aren’t there throughout the day and you may skip any kind of sugar content. The mind works in favor of you. So, try to take as much as sugar-ey content before lunch, which will help you in losing weight.

2Take all the ice cream you can

ice cream

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that eating dairy products that includes ice cream mainly can help you lose weight. But remember that you should go with a full fat version of it. It all starts from your mind. If you can get the full fat ice creams, you may end up having just one or two. If you go for the lesser tasty ones, you may end up eating more than you have to. Satisfaction is an important factor that has to be concentrated on. When people don’t eat more, the craving leads you to over eat all at once.

3Taking a nap

Taking a nap

Sometimes, your body is confusing you. If it is sleep, the body interprets it to be hunger. You can see this in infants, especially. When they are sleepy, parents mistake it to hunger and feed them. Though the baby starts eating at first, it eventually sleeps without finishing the food that is being fed. It is not the hunger; it is just the sleep that plays its games. So, when you feel hungry, you may not always be! So, the next you are half hungry, shut your eyes or take a power nap from whatever you are doing. The hormone called Leptin secretes the need for eating. But that is just not it! It is just the lack of sleep and not the lack of food.

4Spice it up

Spice it up

This is an obvious way to lose weight because when you eat spicy food, your body metabolism is elevated, which will turn out to burn your calories. The flavor of spice helps you in the quantity or the portion of the food you take in. Since the food is spicy, you may not eat a lot, but restrict yourself to eating less and drinking more of the water. It is also 40% food and 60% water when you eat spicy food. Fiery food also makes you eat slowly, which helps you bite and chew the food.

5Bend your muscle

Bend your muscle

Pinch, bend or probably give your hand, leg or hip muscle a squeeze. It surely is one of the weirdest ways of losing weight, but the trust Journal of Consumer Research. The study discovered that people who clench their fists or flex their calf muscle, are able to self-control over the craving. So, the next time you feel like taking the last piece of the cake or burger, try to flex your muscle.

6Go for Blue color

Go for Blue color

Colors have their own way of entering your life. May it be the color symbolism or, the color choice they have a weird way of giving out a signal. Well, the same goes for food. No wonder why most of the hotels have their wall colored red. The mere color of red increases your appetite. That is how blue works too, just that it works the opposite way. If you want to not eat much, try eating on a blue plate or add some blueberries in your food so that you don’t feel like eating much. While the color symbolism of blue is being cool, you can also trust us when we say that blue keeps you away from hogging.

-Pavithra Ravi