15 Latest Designer Kurtis To Reset The Ethnic Modish Look


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When a traditional attire is taking the fashion turn and trends, it is going to be the most fashionable one. If you want to look stunning in ethnic wear, then you must go for the well designed outfits. The super designs and unique cuts make the outfits look well shaped and designed.

Many of the women prefer designer outfits over anything. When the trends talk louder than anything, you cannot stop yourself from taking up the trendy look. That is how designer kurtis are making the fashionable noise.

When you want to keep your fashion sense decent and classy, you can definitely look for well designed ethic wear. Designer kurtis can make your way for decent and modish look. Look out here for the latest designer kurtis.

Designer Kurtis For Next Ethnic Appearance

1. Double Layered Kurti

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Double layered kurtis have become the best version of kurtis. Double layered kurtis modern woman’s new love. It makes you look stylish and can flexible. You can pair the double layered kurti with your cool bottoms like palazzo, cigarette pants.

Some of the funky and asymmetrical variations made it a popular designer kurti. It can be an outfit that goes well for rocking special occasions and festive times.

2. High Low Kurti

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High Low Kurti is the stunning kind of designer kurti that you will find every where for fashionable look. The designer kurtis like High Low made it easy for women to look stunning in traditional appearance.

Many of the ultra posh women and celebrities are slipping into the hi low kurtis. The hi low cut makes the kurti look extra ordinary and totally unique from routine kurti outfits. If you want to attend an event or house party in classy appearance, just go with a High Low designer kurti.

3. Umbrella Shape Kurti

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Umbrella shape kurti are the most seen and worn type of designer kurti. But no wonder that it is still a loved designer kurti. The umbrella designed kurti fits the women into the shape.

The flared out bottom makes it a lovely designer kurti. The complementary designs that are added to the umbrella shaped kurti makes the women look even more prettier.

4. Side Layered Kurti

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The side layered kurtis set the right look of uniqueness. The frills and layers in front of the kurti is already cliche. The side frilled kurti makes the kurti look attractive. You can make a simple but striking appearance wearing a designer side layered kurti.

You can also call it a cowl drape kurti when it is simply layered with single drape. This is the most contemporary side of the kurti outfit. You can also skip wearing the bottom as the kurti does all the styling that is needed for your classy look. And it is not a casual kind of designer kurti as it comes it eccentric design.

5. Kite Shape Kurti

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Kite shape kurti may not sound great but looks pretty. This is a flawless cut that makes the it one of the stylish designer kurtis. It remains the same shape in front and back side of the kurti.

A simple shaped kurti with cool prints can a designer kurti that every woman loves to wear. When you are wanting a designer kurti for officer wear and casual look, you can go with kite shaped kurti. Have a glance at the above kurti to get convinced happily with the style of kit shaped kurti.

6. Dhoti Style Kurti


How about a kurti turning into dhoti style? Is it a strange style for you?

Though it is a strange style, we must say it is a wonderful style. This is a designer kurti where two Indian styles are combined. Dhoti is a style that is inspired from men clothing. Giving dhoti style for a casual kurti itself makes it a designer kurti. And you can see the above image, how a dhoti style kurti looks.

7. Single Shoulder Kurti


Single shoulder kurti is not a casual wear kurti but an ultimate party wear special designed one. It is looks and makes you feel fashion soaked.

When you feel cold shoulder and off shoulder are old enough to call fashionable, then you can give a try for a one shoulder kurti. This designer kurti gives you a full fashionable feel being half covered. You will know how fashionable it is to feel complete with an incomplete design when you wear a one shoulder kurti.

8. Triple Slit Kurti

When the slits are doing the better styling, you better choose the slit kurtis. Anyways, the simple cuts give the kurti the most routine look. Then, it doesn’t make the difference with casual kurtis. So, the talented designers brought this idea of triple layered kurti designers.

Triple slit kurtis are super cool even for casual and office wear. The designer kurti with style and decent look is what many of the women love about triple slit designer kurti. The lovely prints and embroidery designs add more style to a triple slit kurti.

9. Kurti With Wing Sleeves

When you want to wear a different and stylish outfit, you can go for this kind of designer kurti. The wing sleeves are the only stylish attachment for a kurti that makes it a designer outfit.

When the kurti flares out with the wing sleeves, the shape of the kurti looks lovely. You can make a stunning appearance with wing sleeved kurti. You can also call it as batwing kurti which is perfectly named for designer kurti.

10. Kurti With Uneven Cut


Kurti with uneven cut is one of the super trending designer kurti. The cut and the shape of the kurti is not specific but looks equally fashionable like other designer kurtis. The uneven cuts come with layer pattern, ruffles or frills. When a designer comes up with the fashionable creations in the outfits, such unique cuts come into the picture.

The uneven cut doesn’t look messy or out of fashion but it looks extremely nice. This kind of outstanding designer kurti makes you look perfect in a special occasion. It can be a cool party wear outfit that also let you be in decent look.

11. Peplum Style Kurti

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If you love to wear short kurtis, then you must try the peplum top style. This is a modern version of kurti that suits the bottoms like jeans and cropped pants. You look super stylish with this designer short kurti.

It is a way that you can take break from the simple and plain short kurtis. This designer kurti also comes with embroidery designs that makes it a extra special outfit.

12. Shirt Style Kurti

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When you want to look great in a formal outfit, you cannot go with blazers and coats all the time. Making perfect formal appearance with a kurti is easy and attractive. A shirt style kurti with simple prints and designs can beat every formal look.

It makes you stand high in fashion with some simple accessories and your very own style wearing a designer shirt style kurti. You can look up for a clear idea how great you are going to look into shirt style kurti.

13. Jacket Kurti


Jacket style kurtis are trending different designs. The open jacket style kurti is making it a trending designer dress. It is one of the style of Indo- Western outfits. You can make a style statement with a jacket style designer kurti that goes unstoppable.

A jacket style kurti is highly fashionable and grand with embroidery designs. You can check out the above designer jacket style kurtis.

14. Kurti With Knots

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Many drop out the kurtis with knots thinking that it is an outdated idea. Now have a glance at the above attached images. You are going to love the look with elegant knots.

The plain and minimal printed kurtis also look stylish with the knot style. The simple knots and the style of knotting the kurti makes it a trending designer kurti.

15. Kurti With Pockets

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Pockets make it a stylish designer kurti. You can see the classy designer kurtis with pockets. This kind of designer outfits are an amazing option for decent office look.

You can make match the simple pants as bottoms with these designer kurtis. If you want to set your style with updated fashion, then you can pick this designer kurti.

When you start looking for fashionable dresses, you are not going to look fashionable. Your wear and selection makes you fashionable. These designer kurtis give you a better reason to go with Indian traditional outfits before any other style.

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