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Brides of India are featured as the traditional models and icons. The modern brides are keeping the Indian traditions along with the trends. Bridal jewelry plays the bigger role for bridal look. As traditions and culture is the pride of India, even fashion takes every chance to promote Indian traditions.

The fashionable bridal jewelry are many. Every type of bridal jewelry adds the ethnicity that an Indian brides looks for. The types of bridal jewelry that are preferred for Indian brides are trending with the latest fashion elements.

Fashion can never take over Indian traditions. To believe this statement, you must look at the types of bridal jewelry.

Types of Jewelry For Modern Indian Brides

All the jewelry types are to set the bridal trend.

1. Antique jewelry

Antique jewelry is designed with vintage inspired motifs and patterns. The brides who want love vintage fashion, will pick this type of jewelry. The antique jewelry pieces make the bride look flawlessly Indian.

There are women who cannot leave the ancient culture. Their unique taste and fondness for antique jewelry pieces is not to forget even being a bride.

The lovely traditional motifs and pendants make antique jewelry is breathtaking. The traditional colours and the touch of fashionable designs make it an eye catching bridal jewelry for Indian brides.

2. Temple jewelry


Temple jewelry is carved and crafted with the gods and goddess motifs. There are some of the bridal jewelry pieces which are auspicious. The temple jewelry is mostly also the auspicious jewelry for Indian brides.

The necklaces and earrings with gods and goddess make it a royal bridal jewelry. This type of bridal jewelry is a must in most of the Indian states. The temple jewelry is alluring and makes a woman look bridal.

The modish brides also cannot wait to try this type of jewelry. That is how the temple jewelry is designed. The embellishments, hangings and giant pendants makes the captivating jewelry.

3. Kundan jewelry


Kundan jewelry is trending as the celebrity bridal jewelry. Most of the Indian celebrities chose kundan jewelry for bridal look. The shining kundans make every jewelry piece a head turner.

This fashionable type of bridal jewelry also soaked in Indian traditions. Kundan jewelry is to go with any traditional bridal attire. The bridal outfits are heavy and royal which demand the matching royalty. So, to keep it all royal and traditional, you can choose kundan jewelry.

Kundan jewelry with colour beads and drops is the latest fashion for brides. There are many such tempting fashionable designs and varieties of bridal kundan jewelry. If looking fashionable with traditional jewelry is your bridal goal, then Kandan jewelry is perfect for you.

4. Gold jewelry

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Gold jewelry and Indian brides are inseparable. You may go for any type of jewelry for your bridal appearance but gold jewelry can win the raise in fashion and tradition. Gold jewelry makes a woman look bridal. The motifs and designs that are crafted on gold jewelry are well elevated.

A bride with gold jewelry is no less than a pretty Indian traditional doll. The description of the gold jewelry flows. This never ending story of gold jewelry for Indian brides calls every bride for the visit. The visit ends up the picking a beautiful jewelry piece. Isnt it?

Some of the Indian states and cultures only prefer gold jewelry. If fashionable gold jewelry is one of the reasons and other reason is, culture to select gold jewelry for Indian brides.

5. Diamond jewelry

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Indian brides may pick any jewelry for wedding but for reception is diamond jewelry. The pleasant evening receptions rock with fashionable shine. Diamonds add the real shine and fashion.

The trendy bridal outfits make you the most fashionable Indian bride. The bridal look that is makes you feel special must also include diamond jewelry.

She is slipped into a modish bridal outfit and hooked the diamond jewelry- then she cant stop feeling princely. Women wait to feel princely and loved, especially being a bride. So, the diamond jewelry makes her feel extremely princely and precious.

6. Pearl jewelry


Pearls are girl’s best friend! Isnt it? This also applies for the girls who become brides. Every bride love to hook the pearl jewelry. The shining pearls and the fashionable designs make her feel bridal.

Pearl jewelry has different shades of western and Indian traditional designs.If you want all your bridal looks to go wit pearl, it would be a lovely idea. You will a bride full of pearls.

When the pearls flow to become a necklace, it will be the most prettiest creation that bride can wear to enhance her beauty. The pearls drops and hangings are the stylish elements of bridal jewelry.

7. Meenakari jewelry


This bridal jewelry types is from Persia with vibrant colours. The most colourful jewelry that a bride can wear. Meenkari jewelry has many variations with gold designs, embellishments like diamonds and kundan stones.

Some of the Meenakari jewelry pieces have the designs on two sides. This is a brilliant idea of reusing the same jewelry piece with different designs and colours. So, there is kind of jewelry that can make you look pretty with two different shades.

The peal drops and colours make it the attractive jewelry. If you are planning for an experimental bridal look, then you must try Meenakari jewlery. The colours of Meenakari jewelry makes it look Indian and traditional.

8. Platinum Jewelry


Brides wishing to accessorize with platinum jewelry is a dream to look classy.

A bride with expressive eyes, royal attitude cant fall short of beautiful jewelry. She must balance it all and then she decides to go with platinum as her accessory. There are many breathtaking designs for platinum jewelry. Many pieces catches your attention with a glance.

It becomes ever lasting special moment when a bride wears platinum jewelry. The precious stones matches her beauty. It is also a versatile jewelry to pair with Indo western and fancy outfits.

You can become a platinum bride with a set of jewelry pieces. The heavenly designs talk about your style. When you are up for jewelry shopping for your wedding, browse for platinum jewelry. You will hook up with your bridal jewelry forever and you will also leave a print of your precious appearance in your special ones heart.

9. Silver jewelry for Indian brides


Silver jewelry is another unique idea that modern brides are loving.

The fondness for silver jewelry is not only for casual appearance but it is also perfect for regal bridal appearance. Every brides who wants to a unique makeover must go for silver jewelry.

The pearl drops and the stones make it breathtaking. The silver shine is pretty and gives you the aptness of contemporary style.

All the types of bridal jewelry are broken into thousands of designs. When your bridal jewelry shopping is unlimited, the designs and types of jewelry is also unlimited. The traditions fitting in styles and fashionable designs is something versatile. All these types of bridal jewelry are super versatile for every royal and traditional bridal look.

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