10 Best Exercises to Reduce Arm Fat


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Arm fat stops you from wearing a variety of dresses. If you are someone who gets conscious about your bulky arms, then you must try to burn that extra fat. You don’t have to hurry and reduce weight. Choose some exercises and add them to your routine. But remember to have a daily habit of practicing these exercises.

Some of the exercises which target the arm fat are listed here. These days, fitness is more specific to body parts with isometric exercises. You need not do some high impact exercises to reduce arm fat. You can specifically reduce arm fat with simple movements and stretches.

You can practice these exercises and maintain your arms fit. We would like to take your forward saying-some of these exercises are simple even for lazy girls. You can perform all of them even being fixed in one place. More focus on arms to reduce arm fat!

How Arm Exercises Help Reduce Arm Fat?

The continuous vigorous movement of your hands activates the muscles where fat is built. This burns the extra fat in your arms. This also helps to tone your hands, arms, and builds up your strength.

To reduce arm weight, you can also go swimming. While swimming, you keep your arms moving to push forward in water. It becomes a joyful exercise that you can do for overall health and fitness.

Another simple exercise I would suggest is, move your hands back and forth when you are walking casually. Even this can reduce the arm weight. It is simply to move your hands to lose weight in arms.

1. Weight Lifting


While you lift weight, you lose arm fat and get toned arms. As you make active movements when lifting weight, it strengthens the muscles. You must try to lift up the object or dumbbell that weighs around 1 kg. This can burn the fat as you are lifting something this heavy.

Steps To Do:

1. Start with standing position and keep your feet wide shoulder apart.
2. Hold a heavy object in both your hands and lift it up facing parallel to the ground.
3. Now bring the weights towards your face sides and then scratch your arms forward facing to the ground.
4. Repeat this movement gently and in a safe way.
5. Do it 10 times to complete 1 set.
6. Increase the number of times of weight lifting over the days of practice.

2. Chair Dips

As you are applying a good amount of pressure on your arms this helps reduce the fat. You are allowing your hands to move and shed the calories. The calories you are losing while practicing this exercise also count from your arms. Chair dips are a simple but effective exercise to lose arm fat in a healthy way.

Steps To Do:

1. Hold a chair or any strong furniture object facing your back to it.
2. You must hold it from behind and stay 4 steps away from the object.
3. Keep your back straight without bending.
4. Bend your elbows for proper support and you will get the right position with this.
5. Now move your whole down towards down to touch the floor in the position.
6. Then come back to the normal position.
7. Repeat it 10 times to complete 1 set of exercise.

3. Push Ups


Here with push ups, you get to bend and set back your straight. This is the needed movement which you generally don’t do until it is an exercise. So, add this exercise which is much similar to a warm up exercise for high impact workout. Do counter push ups at first if you are not used to push up exercise. And look out the steps to do it right and follow them as mentioned here.

Steps To Do:

1. You can use a table for counter push ups.
2. Place your palms on the table and keep your chest away from it.
3. Now bend forward and go back stretching your arms still placing palms on the table.
4. Meanwhile, make sure to keep your back straight without bending.
5. Repeat the above steps for 10-12 times to complete a set.

4. Plank

Plank is another way to reduce the arm fat applying the impactable pressure on. As you will hold the plank position resting your body weight on the hands, it will result in burning the fat in your arms and making your arms stronger. You can also achieve the toned arms performing this exercise.

Steps To Do:

1. Lay down on your stomach placing your elbows on the floor.
2. Stretch and keep your legs straight.
3. Take your legs, thighs off the floor, and go on your toes.
4. Put down your head holding the position.
5. Tuck in your tummy and stay in the same position for 30 seconds.
6. Now relax and again repeat the steps.
7. Do it 3 times and increase the holding time with daily practice.

5. Lateral Arm Raises


You are raising your hands in a way that impacts your arms internally. It seems very difficult to raise the arms holding the weight. But the results are real if you can practice well. With daily practice, you can master the lateral arm raises.

Steps To Do:

1. Take the weights you are aiming to raise in your hands.
2. Stretch your arms on either sides holding the weights.
3. Gradually bring down the weights near to your torso.
4. Again raise it up, holding it on its sides facing your arms in a parallel position to floor.
5. Repeat the above steps for 10 times.
6. You can increase the count with daily practice.

6. Tricep Stretch


Tricep stretch allows you to stretch your arms which reduces the arm fat. Do it in step by step and then you will be able to become perfect with the exercise. For arm fat to reduce, you must target on the triceps. This exercise creates vibrations in your triceps and burns the fat in your arms eventually.

Steps To Do:

1. Start with a standing position keeping your feet shoulder width apart.
2. Fold your hands and hold your elbows with opposite hands.
3. Take the folded hands over the head and bend towards the right side as much as you can.
4. Go back to the standing position and then on your left side.
5. Do this by changing the side for 10 times on both the sides.
6. If you are not tired yet, the repeat for a few more times and relax.

7. Overhead Press


Before talking about this exercise, we must tell you the measure of practicing it. As it is a very high impact exercise, you better do it under an expert’s supervision. Once you master the exercise then you can do it on your own. Be extra sure of lifting and placing the heavy bar only if you are an expertised practitioner of the exercise.

Steps To Do:

1. Get on the bar in the right position.
2. Stand with the bar holding it on your front shoulders.
3. Open and lift your chest towards the roof.
4. Your upper back must be shaped arch with the above steps.
5. Now take a deep breathe and lift up the bar over your head.
6. Press and bring the bar back close to your chest.
7. Do this for 2-3 times and relax by placing the bar safely.

8. Bend Over


The position you take for this exercise makes your body flexible. Not only for arms, it is also a kind of stretch to your back and legs. But then you also apply the right movement at arms to reduce fat and that too holding the weights. If it is sounding like an efficient exercise to burn the arm fat, then look for the steps to practice it.

Steps To Do:

1. Take the standing position with feet apart from shoulder width.
2. Hold the weight in each hand and bend forward at 90 degrees.
3. Stretch your arms out and bring them back to the side of the torso.
4. Still hold the bending position and repeat the stretch- back movement for 3-4 times.
5. Now gently go back to the standing position and relax.

9. Arm Circles


Circles is self explanatory which says you need to rotate your hands. The hand movement is also the arm movement here. You will feel the stretch which is a process that goes slow to lose weight. The stretch and rotating moves are surely to result in reducing the arm fat.

Steps To Do:

1. Stretch your arms straight on the sides and be held in the position.
2. Free your fingers of two hands and rotate your hands in a clockwise direction.
3. Do it for 10 times and relax for a few seconds.
4. Again take the position and rotate your hands in an anticlockwise direction.
5. Do it for 10 times and relax.
6. You can raise the count after the practice of 2-3 days.

10. Hand Scissors


A simple exercise that you can do anytime standing is hand scissors. There is no particular time to do this exercise. You can even do it as a warm up exercise in the morning.

Performing this exercise you feel like a dance form to lose weight. Moving hands in a cross way can work for your whole arm like forearms and the hands as well. You can have beautiful and well structured arms with this exercise.

Steps To Do:

1. Stand in a straight position.
2. Stretch your arm and move them in a cross way replicating the scissors shape.
3. Keep moving with medium speed as you are a beginner.
4. Repeat doing it for 20 counts.
5. Over the time of practice, you can increase the speed.

Tips To Reduce Arm Fat

Arm fat is common for women with a sum of skinfold thickness which increases from the age 18 to 64 years. After that, it decreases automatically. You can change this common fat accumulation with exercise and the tips.

Avoid unhealthy snacks and drinking adequate water are the must follow tips while you have weight goals. There are other few tips to learn and get habituated to lose arm fat in particular. Here are few tips that you must keep in mind and follow-

1. Anything as workout property

Learn not to give excuses when it comes to fitness. If you don’t have workout equipment like dumbbells and weight lifting properties,then you can use some other heavy weights to continue your exercise. Keep weight loss as an ultimate goal along with healthy diet and lifestyle.

2. Keep raising arms

Not only at exercising but also moving your hands casually in between your work. You can do some easy hand movements at the workplace. When you are walking on the way or ideally sitting, then you can keep moving your hands.

3. Maintain proper diet

Exercise helps for sure but also see that you have a healthy diet. If you are taking too many calories and losing very few calories, then there are less chances of reducing arm fat.

Decreasing the arm fat is possible adjoining the healthy diet. We also gave the tips to be sure about losing the arm fat. If you want to see the change, then you must be on daily practice. Check your weight and monitor the calories count as well. Don’t even miss the minor count as it makes a big difference and that is how you motivate and encourage yourself for fitness.

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