Women’s Packing List For Motorcycle Trip-More Fun To Have


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You feel everything is set when starting for a trip. The excitement for the trip misleads you saying everything is set and just ready to go. As a woman you can commit or be misled for a trip, especially a motorcycle trip. The long trips on road transport are tougher for women to maintain hygiene and manage the health conditions.

Taking well being, health and skin care as a crucial part for motorcycle trips, we thought of reminding you of the packing list.

Before you are packing your luggage for a motorcycle trip recheck if you have everything listed here. As a woman, I experienced toughest conditions a couple of times during motorcycle trips. So, I learned not to make those mistakes and also realized when to feel read for a trip. Hope you also learn and enjoy your trip thoroughly.

Ladies Packing List for Motorcycle trip

The women who have already have great experience of motorcycle trips. They also learn and do it right the next time. This list would help the new travellers and tourists enthusiasts to be successful at enjoying their trip.

1. Medicines and healthcare kit


Medicines and healthcare needs are a must to recheck before anything else. If you need any medicines to keep your health normal, then don’t forget to pack them at any cost. We advise you to maintain an accessible healthcare kit. Medicines, inhalers, capsules and ointments everything falls into the health category. Be smart and organize all these in a kit. Keep the kit handy to use them all whenever you need.

● A water bottle

You need to stay hydrated to be active and normal throughout the motorcycle trip. Keep your water bottle handy to drink water when your body needs. Make sure your body is not dehydrated.

● First aid

When it is a healthcare kit, how can you miss the first aid box. Make a tiny first aid box with the basic needs like bandaids and surgical spirit.

2. Perfect clothing


Dressing up is not casual for a motorcycle trip. It is more of comfort with some dashing style. Look for the casual but stylish travelling outfits. You need to choose all perfect attires which keep you cozy, free and just going forward on the way. Here we listed a few essential outfits that you must pack for motorcycle trips.

● Matching sweatsuit set

Matching sweat suit is a perfect outfit which is comfortable and chic.The single color is a major trend and will surely be a trendsetter. Its casual co-ord and model-off-duty feel. Always match your top and bottom for a matching sweatsuit set. You can make this look even more chic by adding a statement bag, a nice pair of sneakers and some statement jewelry. By styling it this way you can be comfortable and classy both.

● Leather jackets

A good leather jacket is a must in every wardrobe. Leather jackets will keep you warm and stylish. Leather jackets and travelling go hand in hand for any sort of road trip or ride. This will never go out of style and should always be the first preference for any kind of riding. This will surely get you the vibe of traveling and owning one of these is surely helpful.

● Slouchy Trench coat

Slouchy trench coat is a versatile and classic piece that you’ll use forever. It’s surely an outerwear garment that can be styled in many ways. It’s popular and the way you style it will make you look cool and adding a little bit of accessories will make it even better. It’s perfect when you can accessorize it less and keep it minimal.

If you buy the perfect one you can look cooler with any kind of styling. It is one of the most essential clothing every one needs and you’ll surely agree that you have invested in the right piece of clothing.

● Spare casuals

It is better to take two pairs of casual outfits.The easy outfits are always a need while travelling. You can’t stay with jackets and coats throughout the trip. According to your trip, you can carry the outfits. For a one day trip, you will need only one casual outfit.

● A scarf

A scarf is a girl’s best friend for style and comfort as well. You can pick a blanket scarf to wrap yourself in winters. It is fashionable and keeps you cozy. Borrowing a scarf and basic clothing is not a great idea. So, don’t forget to take a scarf.

3. Toiletries


Toiletries are too many for a girl in routine life itself. If it is travelling, she becomes even more conscious about skin and hair care. Act wise by setting up kits. Do not carry the whole product which is a no use. Make small sachets which are easy to carry and use as well.

● Hygiene kit

Packing a hygiene kit is very important for a woman. It is not only carrying a kit but also carrying health and well being along with you. Have extra sanitary pads and panty liners as well. I don’t suggest using panty liners regularly but for a motorcycle trip, you need them the most.

● Skin cleansers

Choose travel friendly skin cleansers to use on your way. The easy packs and tubes are good to carry while travelling. And also see that all the products are well sealed and packed without leaking and messing your luggage.

● Skin care kit

Don’t elaborate your skin care while travelling. Travel beauty tips differ based on your skin type and condition. Know what your skin needs when you are outdoors for a longer time.

Take what you actually need and the products you are selecting must be useful for you. Make a smart and short skincare kit. For me, a moisturizer, cleansing wipes and lip balm are a must.

● Hair Care kit

If you are going for a motorcycle trip, how can you just let your hair spoil from pollution and dirt. It is also irritating to travel with messy and dirty hair. To avoid all this, you need to carry a dry shampoo to manage the hair dirt. As you can’t water shampoo in between the road trip, you need a dry shampoo.

If you are travelling during humid days, then heat protectant is a must have. The harmful UV rays can cause damage to your hair.

4. Accessories


Accessories are such necessities that you need them for comfortable go than style during travelling. Hair without headband or no proper bag to stuff in some tiny belongings is very annoying. It disturbs your travel mood when you realize that you don’t have what you need right there. Coming to accessories, there is a list that you must collect before leaving for a motorcycle trip.

Sports shoe

Assume that you find a beautiful trekking spot on your way. Then you wouldn’t resist from reaching there when you have good shoes and comfortable clothes. And it is not the same without sports shoes to enjoy trekking. The regular shoes and slippers are not for trekking at all. It is risky and tough to hike up without solid sports shoes. When you are on an adventurous motorcycle trip, good shoes are a must to have.


Forget sunglasses for style as you need them for eye protection. Sunny noons and travelling is part of your trip and so the sunglasses are. When you know that your eyes are not at risk of sun damage, you travel care free.

Hair accessories

Until you are a woman, hair accessories sound very petty. Only a woman knows the importance of hair accessories. Hairbands are for rescue irritation and hairpins are too. Not keeping these things available is like high levels of frustration and a kind of pause that spoils the moment. So, take spare hairbands, pins, clutches and ribbons and all that keep your hair together, just in place while you’re on a happy motorcycle trip.


You already have feet protectors- a pair of sport shoes. So do you think you can live in them all day? It is suffocating to let the foot stay in the shoe for so long. You also need slippers equally. A pair of lightweight slippers along with shoes are not too much to carry.

A sling bag

Sling bags are for every woman who is an avid traveller. I recommend you to go for a crossbody bag for travelling as it is super easy to wear and carry on. A feathery sling bag where you store all your basic needs like mobile, emergency medicines, lip balm is the dearest for you. Especially, when you are travelling, sling bags are a great companion. You know all your belongings are safe in a little bag and the bag is with you!

Some trip safety essentials

Safety comes first when you are going for a trip. You need to feel safe right from home to back to home again. Though we have covered almost everything, it is still incomplete without some of the motorcycle safety essentials. These motorcycle travel essentials are common for men or women. But you must know their importance and it’s good to have a reminder of these things.


If you don’t have a head protector, then don’t move out for a motorcycle trip. You must take it as more than essential. Look for a good woman’s helmet and then start with it.

Digital fitness watch

While you are on a long ride, you feel out of the world. But you need to be all conscious about your health. Check your heart rate, blood pressure which are basic features in a digital watch. Buckle up a digital watch for your health safety.

A headlamp

Relying on a few things is never a mistake. For example, a headlamp for motorcycle trips. To stay focused on the way you are going, bike headlight is not enough. So, getting a headlamp is a wise thing to do for motorcycling.

Tips to for motorcycle trip- Must know and check

Take some tips that are more important than just deciding the destination for the trip. You need to mind these tips and then feel all set to go. When you follow it all, you go fearless, confident and end the trip with loads of joy.

1. Make a list of your needs

Assume, you packed everything and missed one important thing. This is enough to turn off your enthusiasm in half way. That is the reason, it is always best to make a list and refer to it before leaving your place. A list of all your needs make sure that you don’t miss any of them.

2. Pack it be handy

Packing all the required things is an achievement even before completing the trip. Also it is needed to keep them handy. When you need something for an emergency and not finding it quickly- imagine. Then what is the use of stuffing all so carefully. So, keep it handy and safe the things you may need any time in between the trip.

3. Carry lightweight and comfortable luggage

We include one by one everything that may come in use. Also we tend to take some unnecessary things. One thing is enough and too many spare options add weight to your luggage. You can’t manage so easily with heavy weight luggages during motorcycle trips. It becomes difficult to carry from here to there. I suggest splitting the belongings and that too less as much as possible.

4. Include multi purpose things

Multi purpose skin care kit and clothing are the smart options you must choose. Carrying everything for a separate purpose is nothing but too much luggage. And really don’t if you will really use them all or not. You may also miss some other very crucial things adding casual things. First fit in the most important things like medicines and toiletries first.

Once you are up for travelling, you must check every corner of comfort and safety. First, be sure about your health and safety. Then it obviously follows with a packing list which is all covered here. As the woman’s packing list for motorcycles is too big to remember, we made an easy checklist for you. Hope this helps you and make your trip successful!

You go, girl!

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