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There are different kinds of earrings that need attention. Gold and silver are not just the types and so we bring to you different kinds of earrings.

Here are Some Different Kinds that are Rare

1Rose gold earrings

Rose gold earrings

Everybody wants to look beautiful when they adorn earrings that are gold plated. But, not many of us know what consists in the earring other than gold. Well, rose gold is a kind of gold, which is also called as the pink gold. The specialty of this type of gold is that it has a very delicate and subtle kind of color which mainly intensifies with age! Now, that is kind of unbelievable, isn’t it? The Russians celebrated rose gold in the 19th century and was known as Russian gold for a while. A lot of women prefer rose gold nowadays for their earrings because they have the specialty of turning colors under different lighting as well.

When it comes to earrings, there are different types of earrings that can be given importance. You can buy the hoops, studs, danglers, hangings and many more. When are planning to buy a rose gold earring, make sure that you view how it looks before you get one. You can always get an opinion from your jeweler or a friend who owns it. Rose gold gets its color because there is an increase in copper alloys while they decrease the silver alloys. That is how the color is consistent and beautiful. Now, isn’t the changing color concept an enough reason to check out some of the stunning earrings?

Here are some different jewelry pieces a woman should have

2Bullet earrings

Bullet earrings

Remember the time bullets were used only for shooting people? Well, nowadays bullets are used to literally shoot women with their beauty! Bullets can be reused nowadays to be made into beautiful earrings and loops that make a very beautiful yet bold statement in the fashion world. Silver, metal, diamonds and even colored stones are added to the used bullets are a re-made to make it wonderfully suitable for the womenfolk. Most of these earrings are in the form of studs only which has the engraving of the bullet’s name and year in the centre, but other forms like hangings and personalized earrings are also made.

The best thing about a bullet earring is that, it can be made at home itself. Yes, all you need to know is just the kind of bullet one has to use, the methods and the making process. You can customize and make personalized bullet earrings for you. But, if you are looking for costly, yet beautiful ones, you can approach the market. Nowadays you get a diamond studded, Coral studded, Swarovski crystal studded and many more choices in the market to make it look worthy enough. The special thing about a bullet earring is that it is classy, sexy and definitely badass!

3Bamboo earrings

Bamboo earrings

Bamboo earrings are a very different kind of earrings that are vintage styled. The bamboo earrings were best known to be worn in the 1980s. The earrings are specially made from bamboos and are mostly handmade cuts. You can get golden coated earrings in bamboo earrings as well, but you just have to make sure to pick up the right size, color and cut for yourself. The gold is just coated on top of the earrings, but are not made out of gold or any other precious stone. Some of these earrings are pretty big in size, which is most common in bamboo earrings. There are not many stud types, while you can find a lot of hanging, danglers and mainly rings in this type of earrings.

There are some earrings that are 14k coated too, but they are on the expensive hand. The specialty of bamboo earrings is that they are custom made and you can buy cute earrings even for your kids or the little ones back at home. There are many designs and some are even letter earrings where the earrings will have a name or a small slogan. Bamboo earrings are not very costly, but they are creative and pretty interesting.

4Cuff earrings

Cuff earrings

Even if you are new into the world of accessories, you wouldn’t have missed the term ‘cuff earrings’. Well, cuff earrings are a growing fashion among young people and are simply an umbrella term for earrings that embrace the side of your ears. A cuff earring is definitely a statement piece that curves around the outside of your ear, which doesn’t require having a hole in your ear. Most of these earrings also come in the form of cuff clip on. You can stick to simple cuff earrings at first and then upgrade the look once you are comfortable with the size, shape, color and the feel of it.

Cuff earrings come in different sizes, shapes and designs. They are available in gold, silver or even mock silver colors. There are different shapes also out of which the most preferred are owl, snake or flower. The best thing about these earrings is that you can keep changing them time to time to match your outfit and your look. They are extremely wearable, fashionable and trendy nowadays. All you need to do is fix on the right shape and size. Cuff earrings are totally worth it girls, so get yours right away!

5Silver earrings

Silver earrings

Silver earrings are the most amazing kind in the accessory world. Well, silver is an interpretation of the highest form of wealth that precedes gold. We are sure you have heard ‘Born with a silver spoon’ statement. If you are picking a silver earring, you should mainly look for the finishing touch, the shape, the color and size. Sterling silver is one of the highest kinds of silver in earring making. Even if the silver earring lacks diamonds, the highest quality of silver is enough for it to speak for itself. The bright and beautiful silver color that shines is enough to make the right statement, even if there is a lack of gemstones in it.

Most of the times, the silver earring is a mix of silver, alloys and copper because pure silver is difficult to work with and silversmiths don’t prefer the same. The difference between a sterling silver and low graded silver is the color itself. Low graded silver give off a darker orangish tint, while sterling silver gives a brighter color. Silver earrings are definitely a must-have accessory for every girl/woman. You can find studs, hoops, oval studs, drop earrings, pearl studded silver dangles and many more. The beauty of silver lies in the beholder itself! So, choose the right one and rock it.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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