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Smaller Room

There are some secret tips that are to be done to make your smaller room look bigger. Yes, some rooms are extremely small that need to be given more attention and detailing than usual. If you are living in a house that look small and you want to make a good first time impression when guests come over, you have to make few adjustments to the house. These adjustments don’t necessarily mean that you have to change the way your house looks. It just means that there are certain things that you need to do to space out things at your place. If you actually have a smaller entrance, it makes the walk in closet even prettier and cute. You could change the small room into a guest look with the right kind of colors and elements. So, here are some of the tips and tricks we are going to offer to make your small Room Look bigger.

Don’t worry at all, you wouldn’t have to take a hammer and destroy anything. Everything is doable and simple that involves minimum change in your house. So, let’s get started in making your smaller room look better and bigger than usual.

Tips to Make Smaller Room Look Big

1Avoid curtains

Avoid curtains

You can choose to skip curtains if possible or if you want to hang them for privacy issues, then you can make sure to keep it open in the day time. This is because when you allow natural light to come inside your room, the dark corners will disappear and make the room look bigger than usual. The combination of the small room and more light will create space and make it look spacious. If you still want the curtains closed all the time, you can always go for a curtain that is hanged from high and makes it flow. When the curtain flows and is hanged for high, the eye movement is from up to down, which will avoid your guests from seeing how big or small the room is. The best thing about curtains is the color which you can be creative with. The colors can preferably be the same as the wall color or you can buy the ones in sheer material which will create the beautiful illusion of a larger breathing space.

2Mirror your wall

Mirror your wall

If you place a large mirror on the wall, it creates more space in your room. Yes, this is because the mirror reflects both artificial and natural lighting and so it makes the room brighter and of course even wider by looks. When you buy a mirror, you can choose different sizes, shapes and make it more antique looking too. The beauty of your mirror can take away the focus from the smaller room sometimes. It all depends on how you choose to make your room look. Having a guest room with the beautiful vintage kind of mirror will make your room look adorable and definitely worth staying for your guests.

3Don’t dump a lot in the room

Don’t dump a lot in the room

It is highly important that you make your room spacious and available for your guests. They will definitely come with suitcase and bags. So, don’t keep your room stacked up with clutter all the time. Try to room, whatever is unnecessary from the room. You can avoid cot and just place a double bed on the floor which will make it home-styled. You can have a mirror and a holding basket where they can keep their accessories and their perfumes. Remove extra table from the room and let the room breathe some air into it. Have just one dustbin in one of the corners and keep in clean. This is enough way to bring space in a smaller room.

4Colors on the wall

Colors on the wall

The Colors are extremely important when it comes to smaller rooms because the brighter the colors, the smaller it tends to look. So, always make sure that you color it with neutral colors like cream, white, light yellow or pale blues. If you have a relaxing color, the room will also be cool and cozy. You can’t do anything about the flooring, but you can make it better by spreading a carpet on the floor which will make it easier for your guests to sit on. You can paint the walls with pastel shades as well like pink, blue, yellow, green, but all of this should be light in color, which makes it easier for the sunlight to reflect on the walls and make it look bigger. When you color the walls, try to incorporate vertical stripes into the design which will give space to the room and make it look bigger.

Here are some home decorating ideas for your house

5Opt for bigger pieces

Opt for bigger pieces

Yes, use the cantaloupe method where you buy big centre pieces or side stands instead of having too many small pieces in the room. The advantage of buying bigger pieces is that the room looks bigger when you have bigger pieces that are just one or two than having many small pieces. Invest on a flower vase or a side stand or even a framed wall art. This will make the room look bigger than usual and you will be able to breath and walk inside the room.

-Pavithra Ravi

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