10 Wonderful Ideas To Organize A Small Closet

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Small or big house, it takes a few minutes to become untidy. You need to rearrange things again and again. Your tricks of fixing the stuff are failing every time and this is a tough condition on every busy day. You also get annoyed when things are placed in an unorganized manner.

From the closet, you pull one dress but some other dress comes out. You don’t find your partywear outfit when you have to attend the party in 10 minutes. The unorganized closet is clumsy and confusing. It spoils your party mood and gives you a tough time.

It is sad, if you are letting your weekend just go in setting your closet, racks and shelves. You need some smart ideas which will not disturb your setup. All the ideas come out of experience and experiments. So, you are in real need of ideas to organize

and scarve

your closet.

Is Your Closet Well Organized?

1. Place Your Tops and Bottoms

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This is an idea to make your work easier to arrange a closet. Place your tops on one side and bottoms on other side. You can also save your energy and time while fixing an outfit at last movement.

It is a brilliant idea and if you feel it is, implement it soon.

2. Add An Extra Rod

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An extra rod is important in every closet. It saves good place to fix your other stuff. You can add a rod in your closet to place your light weight scarfs, small outfits. They can be easily be missed and again make you run around to find them. If you place them on rod, it is easy to find whenever you need.

3. Use Old Shoe Boxes

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Have you thrown or sold all the old shoes boxes? Those boxes were useful to organize your closet. The old boxes can be used as shelves or racks in your closet. You can use both the boxes and the caps of boxes in your closet.

4. Complete outfit on one hanger

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You may have some of the attires which make a complete outfit. Such outfits can be set on one hanger. This will not confuse you and keep your closet also organized. If you have an outfit with top, jacket and bottom, then place all three on one hanger. Isn’t it easy to pick and dress up even at last minute?

5. Fix Few Things On Door

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The inside of the closet door can be useful for you fix your extra stuff. You can attach a hook hanger to the door and hang up the stuff. This is clever idea when your closet is out of space. You can also hang up your handbags and scarves life like stuff on the hook hangers.

6. Place Rarely Used Stuff On The Top

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You may have some clothes which you are not using for now but still want to preserve. Such stuff can be placed on the top of the closet. This way you can make space for your favourite and daily use clothes. An easy way to keep the wanted ones handy is to eliminate the unwanted stuff.

7. You will need baskets

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Baskets can save space in your closet. As the baskets are wide and deep, you can arrange your stuff properly. You can use baskets to set different kind of clothes. It is also easy to rearrange things when you want to clean your closet.

8. Do Not Fold all Your Clothes

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The folded clothes take more space and it is also difficult to choose one from the bundle. So, you need to hang your clothes than folding them. When you fold the clothes and place them one over one, they may also fall down once you open the closet. Don’t you feel it is better hang your clothes?

9. DIY Honeycomb Drawer

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You may have several small pieces of clothes which must be organized well. DIY honeycomb drawer is the best one for it. You can fold or roll the small clothes like inner wears, handkerchiefs in the honeycomb drawer. It is a easy pick and use for you and you can also rearrange them easily.

10. Dedicated Space For Your Accessories/Cosmetics

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You place your accessories randomly but you better call it misplacing. The accessories get disappeared easily. What if you lose your favourite earrings?

So, learn to place them in a dedicated space. Arrange your accessories and cosmetics in extra space of a closet. They will be no more get misplaced with this easy idea of organizing.

Let your time get saved from organizing your closet again and again. You will find these ideas useful when you can find your outfits easily, when you find your accessories are not misplaced. You will notice that you are not spending your weekends to clean and arrange your closet. A small closet with simple ideas is amazing and all you need is implement the ideas. Keep it small and organized!

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