Makeup Tips For Summer


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Makeup Tips For Summer

Summer are just full of many wonderful things, the sun and sweat, with which comes melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, as well as super-sticky lipstick. It becomes more and more difficult to keep the makeup in its place properly. So here are some makeup tips for summer that you can try while applying and get a spill free makeup.

Makeup Tips For Summer

1Start With A Base

Start With A Base

a. In the way you care for the skin, is exactly just as important as the makeup you are apply on it.
b. Try to use oil-free moisturizer in morning,and also must opt for an oil-free foundation to match.
c. If you are not sure, on what type of moisturizer that can work best for the skin type, always use a dermatologist’s advise.

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2Invest In Primer

Invest In Primer

You will never regret those few seconds, that takes to apply the primer, that goes on after the moisturizer but before face makeup. It is because primers are a definite way to go this summer. Primers do not feel like heavy, or having an additional layer, and also they can really help to hold makeup in its place.

3Apply Bronzer

Apply Bronzer

Bronzer can help to make your eyes look more brighter. On order to keep the overall results looking fresh as well as natural, applying bronzer on the high points of the face, where the sun mostly hits you, like your forehead, or cheekbones, or chin, or even nose. Remember that powder bronzers are one of the easiest to apply. Remember to look for the one that have varying shades, they can help to blend together for a most authentic-looking result. If you want you can sweep little bronzer on the neck and the earlobes, especially if you are having short hair or if you are wearing pony¬tail.

4Try Keeping It Light

Try Keeping It Light

If you don’t want your makeup to crease or look like a caking then remember that less is more. If possible, use a tinted moisturizer as well as a concealer where you need. Makeup always moves around when it is hot, so one of the best way to avoid it is to wear less of it.

5Try To Skip Shimmer

Try To Skip Shimmer

Everybody loves to have a nice, as well as dewy glow. But remember that there is always a very big difference in between a healthy radiance as well as an over-the-top shine. Always avoid cream foundations or anything that is too much luminous, as in the humidity it can make them extra shiny as well as sweaty-looking if there is too much sparkle on the skin.

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6Go sheer

Go sheer

Rich, and deep colors have their place as well as time, but they can sometimes look heavy in summer. To lighten up the look, try to switch in sheer versions on your lip and eye colors. You can use a lipliner with pre-application if there is a need for extra definition, but try to go for a nude shade that can help to keep that carefree feeling, or even try “invisible” lipliner, which can help to deposit a clear, and waxy film to stop colors from bleeding.

7Give your eye shadow staying power

Give your eye shadow

For a more long-lasting shadow, try to avoid using any eye cream on the lids, and also remember to smooth on an eye primer instead. Eye primer can help to minimize the creasing as well as create a base for the shadow to cling to that it can lasts longer. For the ultimate all-day wearability, you can layer with powder over the cream. It can double up the work for liner, too. You can apply your regular pencil or even cream liner, then try using a small angled brush into pressing the dark shadow over the liner to set it for longer wear.

8Ditch The Powder Blush

Ditch The Powder Blush

Blush can help to add balance as well as healthiness to your look, but if you are still into using the same powdery formula, then your flush might get cakey faster than it take to get to work. Always use a gel or a blush stain, then in it blend a touch of a cream blush on the top. Do you want to increase the wear? Then try to dust a light, invisible setting powder over the top. Just try to be sure to not get it too heavy-handed. You just want to lock your look, and not mattify it.

9Stop The Shine And Add Glow

Shine And Add Glow

To eliminate the unsightly shine in few seconds, nothing can beat the blotting papers. They are cheap as well as easy to get — you just press and then go. If you want to perk up the makeup, then you can blot first, then follow it up with a pressed powder with a hint of the luminescence.


a. Makeup not only melts just because of the heat or sweat, but also because of oil in the skin. Your skin can produce more oil during summer months, so always be sure to grab a oil-preventing cleanser or a blot before you apply makeup.
b. You can use clay mask once every week to reduce the skin’s oil production.
c. Always apply foundation when you need it – and if you can, try to skip it altogether! Especially during summer, do not over-apply.
d. Remember that light, sheer coverage is one of the best – try to choose a tinted moisturizer and also use concealer when you need it.
e. If you are unable to skip the foundation, then remember to use a primer first, and then apply foundation with the fingertips. This can help to warm it up, when you hit the sun, it will never be such a shock.

eyeshadow primerf. Always use an eyeshadow primer – it can help to keep the color vibrant as well as keep it from sliding or even creasing.
g. Cream as well as pressed powder eyeshadows are one of the best because they will move less. Silicone-based can also be considered as a good choice.
h. Try to use a lip stain than a lip gloss or a lipstick, it have better staying power and also looks mostly natural.
i. If you want to wear lipstick, try to apply foundation to the lips first. It can help to create a base and also help it to stay.
j. Always keep a makeup sponge on the bag: you can smooth away any type of creases that develops. Then try to set the makeup with a light dusting powder.

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