How To Make Lips Look Bigger Naturally


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Make Lips Look Bigger

Women now-a-days from celebrities are experimenting with many beauty tricks and among one of them is to get fuller lips. Many women dream on having a fuller as well as more sensuous lips and surgery is not the best way to achieve it, as there can be many unpleasant consequences, as well as it can lead to many bad and unsatisfactory results. So here, are some tips you discover on how to make lips bigger naturally and you will be surprised on how plumper and more kissable the lips will become!

Ways To Make Lips Look Bigger

1. Exfoliate:

ExfoliateA proper exfoliation can help to improve the blood circulation, and make the lips swell and appear more fuller, as well as looking young. Always exfoliate the lips once in a week to remove impurities from the lips and give it a light tone. Dark lips tend to look small and when you are exfoliating it becomes fair giving it a brighter look.

a. You can prepare a natural scrub by mixing little amount of sugar and water in a paste. Then, add few drops of some moisturizing oil for better hydration and by applying the mixture on the lips. Then massage in the small circles, wiping it off and proceed with the favorite lip gloss.

This scrub can cause a slight irritation, which will also disappear quickly, leaving your lips looking more fuller naturally.

b. Sugar scrub is considered as an excellent cleanser to remove dirt as well as dead skin from the lips giving it a glowing look. Make sugar powder and in it add few drops of water plus two to three drop of lemon juice. Now gently use this paste for rubbing and removing the impurities from the lips. Scrubbing can make the lip look clean, fuller and pink.

c. You can also wet a smooth cotton cloth in a warm water and rub it on your lip for removing the dirt.

d. You can also use a tooth brush to clean the lips. First take a soft bristle toothbrush, then wet it in some warm water and rub it on your lips softly. You can use a sugar scrub along with the tooth brush for a more deep lip cleaning.

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2. Natural Home Remedies

Natural Home RemediesMake your lip plumpers by using different kinds of essential oils as well as natural home ingredients. The effect may not be long lasting as it is with other chemical methods, but it can give your lips a more fuller and more sensual appearance for couple of hours! Always remember to carry your lip balm mixture with yourself and apply it whenever needed.

a. Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon oil is considered as one of the basic ingredient of many lip plumpers. It can help to stimulate the lips capillaries and enhance the blood flow, making the lips look fuller as well as rosier.

Just add some drops to lip balm, or gloss, and put it whenever you want the lips to appear more attractive. You may feel a slight burning sensation after applying, but it can disappear immediately, leaving the lips freshly scented as well as naturally bigger.

b. Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint works the same way as cinnamon oil, it can help to improve the circulation and brings more blood to the surface of the lips. It can cause lips to swell slightly and has perfect cooling effect.

Add at least one or two drops of peppermint oil to a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and then use it as your lip balm everyday.

c. Cayenne pepper essential oil

Add at least one or two drops of cayenne pepper oil to the lip balm and prepare own fabulous lip gloss at home.

Just mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with one third of tablespoon melted with cocoa butter and 20 drops of almond oil. Later add two drops of cayenne pepper oil and you can achieve a natural glossy lip plumper!

You can also combine a small amount of ground cayenne pepper with a little water and then rub it on the lips when you want them to be plumper.

But be cautious! Do not try to exaggerate with the cayenne pepper and absolutely tiny quantities can increase the lips blood circulation, more larger amounts will burn like hell!

3. Lip Exercises

Lip ExercisesThe exercises that are described below can help you to make your lips bigger, without undergoing any kind of surgical procedures or chemical treatments.

You must be persistent and repeat the exercises on daily basis for at least a month, then proceed it by doing them three times in a week. Exercising will help to tone up the facial muscles, and plump the lips in an absolutely natural way.

a. Whistle

Regularly using lip muscles can give fuller lips. One of the easy way to obtain fuller lips is to choose one of the favorite melodies and whistle it for at least three to five minutes every day, as strong and as loud as possible! You can build up the muscles and achieve more plumper lips.

In case if you don’t know how to whistle then there are more tips for the exercise you can try.

b. Smile and kiss

Try to keep the lips closed and smile as broadly as possible. Then, hold the smile for at least five seconds, then pucker the lips and push them as if you are going to kiss some body. Hold that pose for five seconds, then smile again. Try to contract the lip muscles as much as possible while doing. Try to repeat this for at least 20 times.

c. Move from side to side and rotate

Try to press the lips tightly together and move them towards the right, as far as possible. Then hold this stretch for about five seconds, then draw the lips to the left. Try to repeat this movement 15 times.

Remember to Keep the mouth closed and stretch the lips out to a kiss. Then rotate it slowly clockwise for two times, then repeat in the motion in an opposite direction. Then do a sequence of 10 repetitions.

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4. Massages

MassagesMassages are also considered as a great lip exercise to increase the circulation of blood and improve the texture of the muscles of the lips. Here are some different techniques for massaging and making the lips look much bigger.

a. You can massage ice cubes to relax the lip muscles and make them look more redder and fuller. Add ice cubes to a cloth and keep it on your lips for 10 minutes everyday.

b. Aloe vera lip massage can prove to be helpful in making the lips look fuller. The presence of antioxidants in the aloe gel can help to treat fine lines, making the lips more attractive. This gel has a power to remove dirt and provide proper moisture by giving a bigger and softer looking lips.

c. You can apply lemon juice to your lips and gently massage it to remove the dead skin flakes, oils and dirt. Add drops of water to the lemon for making a solution to dilute. This is also one of the best treatment to get bigger as well as fuller lips naturally.

5. Moisturizing

MoisturizingMoisturizing the lips is an important step to get bigger or fuller lips. Lack of moisture to the lips can make it appear dry, rough as well as small. Hence, use lip moisturizers and lip balms can help to keep the lips hydrated as well as soft. Moisture in the lips can make it look bigger and brighter.

a. You can apply olive oil to provide vitamin E to the lip skin. Vitamin E can help to provide moisture to the skin, making it more soft as well as smooth.

b. Honey is also considered as an excellent skin moisturizer. Apply some honey to the lips for about 20 minutes everyday. This can make the lips to absorb water from honey and make it look fuller.

c. Place the milk cream on your lip for the nourishment of the skin of the lips and make it moisturized. Milk cream is also an effective remedy to get rid of a dry as well as rough lips.

Tips To Make Lips Bigger:

Make Lips Biggera. Try to avoid biting as well as licking the lips to prevent it from drying or give bad lip shape.
b. Keep the lips moisturized to make soft and big.
c. Fuller looking lips can also be achieved by proper cleaning. Hence always remember to clean as well as moisturize the lips once in a week.
d. Lip massage is great form of exercise to get bigger and fuller lips naturally.
e. Daily washing the lips with warm water can help to remove the impurities from the lips.
f. Last for a proper makeup it is important to make lips appear more bigger and beautiful.

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