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engagement rings

Do you want to propose to your lover and getting married is your plan? Then, what better can it be than actually presenting her with a beautiful engagement ring, right? So, here we are with some of the best trends in the market for engagement rings.

Best Engagement Rings

1Designer Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage Engagement Ring

Don’t you think that vintage and designer jewelry are the two main buzzwords that comes to everyone’s mind while speaking of engagement or wedding? Well, we would strongly suggest that the resurgence of vintage fashion has been the talk of the town and it is for all its classic and timeless façade. They have the magical ability to make people fall in love over again.

Well, if you are proposing to your girl friend, there could be no other better gift than getting her a beautiful vintage elegant engagement ring. That ring will hold a lot of value throughout her life and will make her feel special every time she looks at it. Designer rings come in a variety of types that you can choose from for your to-be-fiance. Floral accents, colorful diamonds, square bands, mixed metal halos, accent stones in different colors, three stone rings are few examples of the trending ring type that are special in the market.

If you want to go a step ahead and think out of the box, the above types are few of its kind and your to-be-bride is going to love you even more when you flash that sparkly thing at her! It’s all worth the beauty, right?

2Solitaire Diamond Ring Designs

Solitaire Diamond Ring Designs

Wouldn’t it be a classic way to propose a toast with a solitaire engagement ring? Well, if you have been waiting for the right moment and the perfect ring for you to get down to your knees, then buying a solitaire ring is what you should do before you make plans. The elegance and pristine beauty of a solitaire engagement ring makes quite a powerful statement. It is one of the most beautiful kinds of rings that are simple yet always a showstopper amongst ladies.

If you are planning to propose or just gift it to her, you can be assured that stunning ‘solitaire diamond rings’ are sure to win her compliments every single day. The different cuts and shapes like Petite Solitaire ring, French Pave Diamond ring, Classic Halo Diamond ring, Hand Engraved Micropave ring, Twisted Halo Diamond ring and most importantly, heart solitaire rings are the ‘it’ trend now in the jewelry market. Give her one of these and she will be delighted for life.

Well, we all know that Tiffany collection is one of the most famous kinds and its creation over a century ago, swept every woman’s heart. Woman now are more excited about creating their perfect engagement ring from an unrivaled collection of loose diamonds and building their own divine dream classic ring. How do you want to go? The classic way or the unconventional method?

3Diamond rings for women

Diamond rings for women

Every life shared, starts with a question – Will you? Of course, buying rings for any occasion is a joyous moment regardless of the price, shape or even for whom. Who wouldn’t love diamond rings? They are one of the most stunning fashion accessories in the market that never go old by looks and feel. Diamond ring, mainly on women is the most elegant form of achievement or personal milestone of taking your relationship to the next level.

Whether it is a gift, anniversary, marriage proposal, having a baby or getting promoted, diamond rings bring immense joy to the ladies. Expertised in the optimum platinum, 18k and 14k gold, you will be thrilled to find different kinds of styles and designs that just takes you from delicate to show-stopping.

A woman feels exemplified every time she flashes the sparkly ring for its timeless design and breathtaking craftsmanship. It is a personal celebration for every woman when you gift her a diamond ring for any occasion. It’s intricate detailing, style, design, glistening looks are so meaningful and deep for women.

There are a hundred styles of diamond rings like classic solitaires, three stone rings, traditional round cuts, designer cuts and so on and so forth. There is no other gift that can beat diamond rings. So, choose the best and impress your lady with a classic one!

4Chocolate Diamond Ring

Chocolate Diamond Ring

Well, this is a kind of ring that hasn’t been in the market for long, yet has gained its popularity within few days of its arrival in the big jewelry market. Chocolate diamond is nothing but brown diamond, but the name chocolate diamond was coined by ‘Le Vian’ company of Jewelers. Chocolate diamonds are nothing but the brown diamond stones that are like any other colored ones. What stands out is that he chocolate look that the jewelry gives when you wear it is simply out of the world experience.

Knowingly or unknowingly, a large number of people go for colored diamonds for the looks of it, but forget that they are definitely lower in quality than the crystal diamond stones. This is same in the case of brown diamonds as well. If you are going for natural colored brown diamonds, they are going to be a teeny more expensive than those of the colored ones.

There are a lot of trends in the market for Chocolate diamond rings like chocolate diamond with rose gold ring, Chocolate and white diamond rings, Chocolate strawberry gold rings, Blue topaz chocolate rings and so on. Chocolate diamonds are quite rare in the market and are best for you because of the affordability factor. The earthy tones make it relatively easy to wear on a regular basis. Enjoy and cherish!

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